What are the best CBD products on Amazon UK? (we tried the top-rated products!)

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Updated October 3rd 2021

The simple answer is, no you probably shouldn't buy the CBD oil on Amazon! But we must admit, the answer these days is a little more complicated.

We're not saying this because we hate Amazon or Ebay, or think that you should buy your CBD oil with a company we like; we're saying this because there is no real way of knowing whether or not many of the CBD oils on Ebay or Amazon are real. That is a sad truth. While the platforms are tried and trusted for a range of other products, they have been less than effective in making sure their platform does not contain fake hemp alternatives.

We have seen recently a bunch of really popular CBD brands that are making their way onto the platform. Interestingly enough they have not been removed so the rules may be changing. Who knows!? They could have simply just fallen through the cracks.

We'll be looking at the following topics:


What to do if you've bought CBD oil from Amazon?
How much does the CBD oil on Amazon cost?
What is the best CBD oil on Amazon UK?

So you just bought CBD oil from Amazon - what do you do?

There are thousands, if not millions of people who have purchased what they think is a CBD oil on Amazon. While there will be a certain percentage who have been lucky and picked what is actually a CBD oil, there are even more who have been conned. The interesting thing about the CBD products on the platform is that the companies are clever enough to make their oils look identical to a CBD oil without stating it anywhere.

The fact is that CBD is not allowed to be sold by an Amazon seller - nor can it be sold on the platform at all. This means that if a reputable company place their products on the platform, they run the risk of being banned permanently. For most of the legitimate companies this is not an option as they know that the rules are only a matter of time - why would you get banned forever for a short win?  It tells you that the products which are being sold in their thousands have somehow been approved by amazon - meaning that they most likely do not contain CBD.

We're going to break down an example to explain some of the tricks they use to dupe you.

'Hemp Extract Vs CBD oil'

If you have checked out Amazon CBD oil lately then you will see a whole load of products which have huge percentage markers on them. All of them say that they contain 5%, 15% or 30% 'Hemp Extract'. So what does this 'hemp extract' mean? Well, it can pretty much mean anything.

There are plenty of legitimate CBD businesses who put hemp extract in their products because the extract contains all of the beneficial phytocannabinoids (including CBD) but this can literally mean an extract from the plant and may not contain CBD at all. The confusion comes when the company claim there is 15% of 'hemp extract' which basically means they have put plant matter into hemp seed oil in differing levels. It certainly does not mean that it contains 15% CBD.

If you would like our advice: do not buy a product that does not specifically detail how much CBD the oil contains. ie '1500mgs of CBD (15%)'.

It is a sad fact that a lot of the companies there lie and are simply selling you 'Hemp Oil' and mocking their packaging up to look like it is a CBD oil. Subtle but seemingly effective.

What are the prices of the CBD oil products on Amazon UK?

The prices of CBD oil on Amazon are often ridiculous. As wonderful as this would be, there is no world where 3000mgs of CBD will cost £20. This is a huge telltale sign that the oil is too good to be true. Hemp oil is very cheap - CBD is fairly expensive. So if you find oil on amazing that is extremely cheap- even if the product claims it is a CBD oil - chances are that it is just hemp oil. Even if it is a CBD oil, then the quality will be extremely poor and you may not even be getting as much CBD as you're paying for.

What CBD oil brands can you buy via Amazon in the UK?

Is the CBD Oil on Amazon Real? Well, that is an interesting one. There are plenty of brands out there that are actually real. For instance, healthspan has a fantastic reputation in the industry and sell real CBD oils. So how can they be selling on amazon when the compound is not allowed to be there?

We always suggest that you do some research into the brand before buying any CBD oil on Amazon. If they are a popular brand who sell real CBD then we suggest that you should go for it! If they are an unknown or still seem suspicious then look elsewhere. We have a whole list of honest reviews where you can learn about some of the most well known and best brands from the UK - including a post where we discuss our favourite of the best CBD oils from the UK.

Here are some of the most popular CBD brands you can buy from via Amazon UK:


The CBDfx gummies are probably the most popular you can buy on Amazon UK right now, and it isn't hard to see why. They're not expensive at all, and each gummy contains 25mg of broad spectrum CBD. We reviewed these gummies in-depth here, but to summarise we didn't think the taste was too great. However, we definitely think they're a solid choice for beginners.

How much are they? Roughly £8 per 200mg bag

Where can you buy them? Here

CBDfx gummies


Healthspan is a massive brand here in the UK, and you'll find a number of their products on Amazon. Everything from capsules to CBD oils are available, and their prices are pretty cheap too. We reviewed the Healthspan CBD oil products here.

How much are they? Starting from £22

Where can you buy them? Here

Healthspan CBD capsules

Body and Mind Botanicals

We hadn't heard of Body and Mind Botanicals until recently when we saw them stocked on Amazon, but they've quickly become one of the most popular brands on the platform. Their CBD tea is especially popular, plus they've got CBD chocolate on Amazon too.

How much is it? Starting at £3.99 for their CBD chocolate

Where can you buy it from? Here.

Body and Mind Botanicals tea bag

FourFive CBD

FourFive CBD is one of the biggest sports CBD brands, so we're not surprised to see them stocked on Amazon UK. You can find some of their non-CBD products on there too such as vitamins. Their muscle rub (pictured) is really popular on Amazon, with more than 75 customer reviews and a 4-star rating.

How much is it? Around £30

Where can you buy it from? Here.

FourFive CBD muscle rub 300mg

Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD was one of the first CBD brands to be stocked on Amazon here in the UK, and they've remained really popular on the platform. You can buy a load of different products from Vitality CBD via Amazon, from their CBD sprays to their muscle balm (pictured).

How much is it? Starting at around £15

Where can you buy it from? Here.

Vitality CBD muscle balm 300mg


Cannaray did a huge marketing campaign here in the UK, and then shortly after you could find their products stocked on Amazon. They quickly became popular, with their CBD gummies being an especially big hit.

How much does it cost? Starting from around £12

Where can you buy it from? Here.

Cannaray 300mg CBD oil Juniper Lime

What is the best CBD oil on Amazon UK?

Based on customer reviews, the best CBD oil on Amazon in the UK is Vitality CBD. Their Vitality 2400mg oral drops CBD spray is currently sitting with a 4 star rating from over 300 customers which is very impressive.


Vitality CBD reviews on Amazon UK

In Conclusion

To quote a Spiderman villain, the world is changing. Nowadays you can actually get some pretty decent CBD oil on Amazon, so check it out!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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