Best CBD oil UK – 7 highly rated options to try

The CBD oils that we tested for our CBD Bible best cbd oil UK guide

Published by Harry Blackstone

Updated April 7th, 2024

We’ve included a couple of coupons in this post too, we might get a little kickback if you use one of the coupons. 

Whether you already take CBD oil or if you are completely new to it, you may be aware that there are more than a few choices for CBD oil products in the UK right now.

Sadly, the CBD world is a complete minefield, the CBD oil drops industry is largely unregulated and you may have no idea what you are buying. Don’t worry though – our day job is to provide honest reviews of some of the growing CBD brands in the UK.

If you want to know how we tested the CBD oils that we included in this guide, you can read about our process here.

Now let's get into our top choices for the best CBD oils you can buy in the UK in 2024:

CBDiablo 10% oil
The Long Leaf Day & Night Oils
Blessed CBD 500mg
Love Hemp 3000mg oil
Trip CBD 1000mg
Reakiro 500mg
FourFive 1.75% oil

CBDiablo - 10% CBD oil

We believe that currently, the top spot goes to the 10% CBD Oil by CBDiablo.

What is there left to say about these guys? CBDiablo is a smaller UK company who seem to be rivalling even the most established CBD brands in the UK right now on quality, price and ethics. Their oils are 100% natural, organic and fully lab-tested and are well priced. Their Trustpilot is currently sitting with a near perfect rating too.

They’re also giving back to those suffering from mental health; 20% of their profits are going to support mental health causes to CALMzone a UK based male suicide company (particularly good as many people search out CBD when suffering from anxiety).

CBDiablo 10% cbd oil

The Oil that we have chosen is the 10% CBD oil (Diablo) which is a ‘true’ full spectrum oil that contains a load of goodness. The product itself is great- it has a strong tarry taste which some won’t like, but it is very natural, totally organic and contains all of the plant goodness. The products are very clearly produced with care and the little bag that you get is cute, plus the service is really personal and genuine.

If you’re new to CBD, then their 5% oil (Dina) is also full-spectrum, under £40 and we’d say it’s probably the best CBD oil to get started with in the UK if you’re brand new to CBD. They also have capsule versions of these oils.

Yes, you can get a buy one get one deal with many brands, but those with real quality are worth paying for.


  • Great value for money and lab tested
  • Money goes to support mental health
  • ‘True’ Full-Spectrum whole plant organic oil
  • 900+ reviews on Trustpilot with an ‘Excellent’ rating
  • Use code cbdbibleuk for a nice 15% off!


  • Hempy taste that some might not like
  • Strong brand some may find off putting

View the product here.

The Long Leaf Cold Pressed Day and Night Oils

We rate the CBD oils that The Long Leaf have produced very highly and we think they are very thoughtfully put together. From the branding and design to the contents of the bottle.

The oils here use cold-pressed hemp oil which is different from CO2-extracted distillate-made oils. This means that what is left is naturally full-spectrum, contains the natural set of ‘delicate’ hemp bioactive compounds and is therefore, more effective than most CBD oils with much higher strength. It makes cold-pressed CBD oils some of the best you can find in the UK. The FSA via the novel food process has allowed this type of oil to be sold and considers it safe.

Long Leaf CBD oils

Where the oils shine is the terpene content added to the oil. They have used real ‘live resin’ cannabis-derived terpenes to flavour the oils and to provide day and night effects. The day oil has a grassy-citrusy note to it and profoundly uplifting effects. The indicia was a fruiter flavour and had nice mellowing effects. This is the best cold pressed CBD oil we’ve tried.


  • Full Spectrum Cold Pressed CBD Oil
  • Day & Night Cannabis Derived Terpenes
  • Nice Price
  • Can buy the oils for less than £40
  • Use code bibleboogaloo for a nice 10% off!


  • 600mg & 1200mg options and no stronger oils
View the product here.

Blessed CBD - 500mg CBD oil

We’ve got to give it to them, Blessed CBD have done a good job of producing a great all round 500mg CBD oil.

Usually, Blessed CBD can be found at the top of these types of articles, but often the inclusion is paid for. When having a look around the company comes up time, and time again as the ‘best CBD oil in the UK’ but upon closer inspection, it seems that Blessed is often included based on their prolific marketing scheme. It makes us trust this title less.

Blessed CBD oil 1000mg

But getting past that, the range of oils that Blessed CBD provide are pretty good. This particular 500mg CBD oil is a very nice full spectrum oil of fantastic quality and one of the best we have tried. It is slightly lighter than the oils above, but it is also almost 30% more expensive. You are able to enjoy a similar quality from the two oils above, without the price hike. If the oil wasn’t so overly expensive, then it would certainly be higher on our list.


  • Great Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Lighter taste compared to others
  • Great Reputation Online (many affiliate links but also a good Trustpilot rating)


  • Very expensive for what you get
Learn more and buy this CBD oil from blessed CBD here –

Love Hemp 3000mg/10% CBD oil

Love Hemp is one of the most popular CBD oil brands in the UK and stocks a range of CBD products, but we really like the 3000mg CBD oil from the brand. Each drop of this oil contains 3.3mg of CBD, so it’s very easy to measure out a small dosage. It’s made using organic MCT oil, and contains absolutely nothing artificial. Learn more and buy it here –

Extra strong CBD oil from Love Hemp

Trip CBD Oil - 1000mg - Orange Blossom & Chamomile

Trip is currently one of the biggest and best CBD brands in the UK right now. They don’t just seem to be producing great CBD oils, but their marketing is fantastic too.

We have included their 1000mg CBD oil with orange blossom and chamomile to our list simply down to the fact that it has a lovely taste and has a very calming effect. This is likely down to the CBD and the chamomile together.

Trip 1000mg CBD oil

The oil however seems to be using an isolated CBD formula, which is fine but does mean it is not as effective as the other full spectrum CBD oils on this list. Even the weakest of the best cold pressed CBD oils is preferable. For ease of use and for the fact that it would be a good oil for beginners we are happy to include this oil on the list.


  • Nice flavour and calming effect
  • Effective Organic Product Made With Care


  • A little expensive
  • Mixed Reviews online
 Get the product here.

Reakiro 500mg CBD oil

The Reakiro brand will be familiar to anyone who regularly shops at Holland and Barrett, as the health store stocks a range of products from the Reakiro brand. We’re big fans of the 500mg oil from Reakiro, which contains 2.5mg per drop. It’s full spectrum and tastes very earthy, but we like that and prefer the taste to a flavoured CBD oi. Learn more and buy it here –

Reakiro 500mg CBD oil

FourFive 1.75% CBD oil spray

We came across FourFive CBD towards the end of 2019 and they have gone from strength to strength ever since. They are now certainly one of the biggest brands in the UK and are also stocked in Boots the Pharmacy. It is often seen alongside Blessed CBD.

Four Fives USP is that they offer THC free/ 0% THC products and appeal to athletes who are subject to regular drug tests. This has come from the fact that the two owners, George Kruis & Dominic Day, are professional accomplished Rugby players. The company offer a range of CBD oil sprays, flavoured oils, topicals and capsules.

We love the company, the branding and the oils were pretty good so they are a worthy place in our best CBD oil guide.

FourFive CBD oil spray

How did we test these CBD oils?

We bought a lot of CBD oils to test and try for this guide, and a number of the CBD oils we tried didn’t make the cut for this list. When considering what CBD oils were worthy of a place in this list, we looked at a number of factors, including cannabinoid content, overall quality of product, and price.

Having lab reports to show the amount of CBD in each CBD oil was also crucial for us, and we requested lab reports from every brand that we included in this guide. Here is the cannabinoid report that we received from Blessed CBD:


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK