Best CBD Oil UK (2021 Update)

Note – we try to update this post monthly so you’re always seeing a good mix of businesses featured in this guide. Last updated February 2021.  Previous best brands include Blessed CBD and Provacan, but we’ve included a few others that you might not have heard of before. We also previously had Healthspan and 1CBd in this list but have since updated our guide. We’ve included a couple of coupons in this post too, we might get a little kickback if you use one of the coupons. 

The UK CBD oil market is currently exploding. It is arguably the biggest well-being trend of the last century, and is rightly gaining popularity right across the world. Whether you already take CBD, or if you are completely new to it, you may be aware that there are more than a few choices for CBD products in the UK right now. 

Sadly, the CBD world is a complete minefield, the CBD industry is largely unregulated and you may have no idea what you are buying. Don’t worry though – our day job is to provide honest reviews and analysis of some of the growing brands in the UK.

Our mission is to weed out the cowboys with unsubstantiated claims, poor quality isolated CBD oils and to shine a light on those doing a great job! So here is our list if the Best CBD oils & Best CBD Brands UK!

It’s important to remember – there are loads of amazing CBD companies in the UK at the moment, particularly as the standards of our industry become higher and stricter. So although we’ve selected some companies below, we have reviewed lots of amazing companies across our site. It’s good to try a mix of brands to find what works for you. Please feel free to explore our site and check them all out. 

The best CBD brands in the UK (our top choices)

1. CBDiablo - 10% CBD

Fantastic 10% CBD Oil & Money goes to CALMzone (mental health charity).

We believe that currently, the top spot goes to the 10% CBD Oil by CBDiablo

What is there left to say about these guys? CBDiablo is a small UK company who seem to be rivalling even the most established CBD brands in the UK right now on quality, price and ethics. Their oils are 100% natural, organic and fully lab-tested and are well priced. Their Trustpilot is currently sitting with a near perfect rating too. 

They’re also giving back to those suffering from mental health; 20% of their profits are going to support mental health causes to CALMzone a UK based male suicide company. (CBD has been linked with helping mental health – particularly anxiety)

The Oil that we have chosen is the 10% CBD oil (Diablo) which is a ‘true’ full spectrum oil that contains a load of goodness. The product itself is great- it has a strong tarry taste which some won’t like, but it is very natural, totally organic and contains all of the plant goodness. The products are very clearly produced with care and the little bag that you get is cute, plus the service is really personal and genuine. 

If you’re new to CBD, then their 5% oil (Dina) is also full-spectrum, and a great starting point (you can grab it for around £30). Otherwise they also have a new range of CBD capsules, gummies and more. 


  • Great value for money 
  • Money goes to supporting mental health
  • ‘True’ Full-Spectrum whole plant organic oil with lab reports
  • Use code cbdbibleuk for 10% off your order


  • Strong Hempy taste that some might not like
  • Branding can be seen as alienating for some 

2. Loveburgh - 4.2% CBD

loveburgh 420mg cbd oil product picture

Loveburgh are for sure one of our favourite brands from the UK. While you can see their brand in shops and pharmacies across Scotland, they are lesser known in the rest of the UK (although can be found in lots of European shops).

Loveburgh seem to be a manufacturer/ wholesaler so you cannot buy their products from them direct but from a stockist/ retailer of their brand. Unlike many other wholesale only brands, no matter where you go the oils have a fantastic reputation and are considered as certainly one of the best CBD brands UK wide. 

This loveburgh CBD oil has come in second in our run up of the best from the UK. We are a big fan of the 420mg / 4.2% CBD oil tincture. 

Like many CBD oils, the only down is the taste, but, let’s be honest- we are not taking CBD oil for the taste but for effectiveness. A little bit of a bad taste is 100% worth the benefits you get from this product. We strongly recommend!


  • Very Effective and produced with care
  • Fantastic Branding
  • A CTA Member & a Brand you can trust


  • Very Strong Taste
  • The oil is thick so the bottle/dropper gets messy

3. Blessed - 10% CBD

Great products- maybe a little too pricey.

We’ve got to give it to them, Blessed CBD have done a fantastic job of producing a great all round 10% CBD oil. 

Usually, Blessed CBD can be found at the top of these types of articles, but often the inclusion is paid for. When having a look around the company come up time, and time again as the ‘best CBD oil in the UK’ but upon closer inspection it seems that Blessed is often included based on their prolific marketing scheme. It makes us trust this title less.

But getting past that, the range of oils that Blessed provide are exceptional and we really do hold them highly. This particular 10% CBD oil is a very nice full spectrum oil of fantastic quality and one of the best we have tried. It is slightly lighter than the oils above, but it is also almost 30% more expensive. You are able to enjoy a similar quality from the two oils above, without the price hike. If the oil wasn’t so overly expensive, then it would certainly be higher on our list.


  • Great Full Spectrum CBD oil
  • Lighter taste compared to others
  • Great Reputation Online (many affiliate links but also a good Trustpilot rating)


  • Very expensive for what you get (use code SHOP20 for 10% off if you choose to)

4. The CBD Brothers / Original Alternative

The Original UK CBD Company!

The CBD Brothers (now known as the Original Alternative) are certainly a heavy weight in the UK CBD industry. They are seen as the bench-mark of what a CBD oil should be. They have a number of oils which have been produced using Indica, Sativa & Hybrid strains. We feel that the CBD brothers should certainly be mentioned in any list just on reputation alone.

In the recent years though, the CBD brothers rebranded to ‘The Original Alternative’ and seem to have picked up some bad press which says that the standards have dropped. Regardless, their oil still stands tall among most of the CBD products that can be found online. The only other issue we have found is that the products are fairly pricey for what they are – but you may be surpised!


  • A really nice range of strained CBD oils for the Cannabis enthusiast!
  • Effective Organic Product Made With Care


  • A little expensive
  • Mixed Reviews online

5. Synergetic 2.5% CBD

A new one for us, this is the new 2.5% Synergetic CBD Spray which has been gaining popularity slowly over the last couple of months… it is one of the biggest CBD oils from the UK that nobody has heard of yet! In the coming years, this will be the product you will find in pharmacies, and medical stores. 

First impressions is that the branding and look of the box/ bottle is exceptional. Although we are more interested in what is in the bottle, it is worth noting that the bottles look damn beautiful. 

The MCT base oil is delivered by an atomizer which helps to distribute the oil under your tongue and provide an easy to measure dose- plus the fact that the oil has an MCT base is said to increase the absorption of the oil tenfold. This oil is perfect for those who do not like the taste of hemp oils and for those who struggle with a dropper.

We didn’t get the ‘wow’ factor that other oils give us – this could be down to the light taste or the fact that we tried the 2.5% CBD oil- but a very sold oil and perfect for those who would like a light tasting and easy to use oil. 


  • Very nice light natural taste
  • Easy to use spray
  • Ultra- fast absorption MCT oil
  • THC free 2.5% CBD
  • A CTA member & brand you can trust


  • No Wow factor with this one in regards to the way it made us feel
  • Lower concentrations are fairly low CBD content
  • THC Free (We like our full-spectrum oils)

6. Karma Coast

Awesome vapes and oils

We discovered Karma Coast towards the end of 2020, so relatively recently. We weren’t just impressed by the products on offer, we also had a really positive experience with the team, who were very knowledgeable about everything to do with CBD. We recommend checking out their oils but also their vape pens are fantastic. Plus, these guys are based in the North of England! Awesome to have more CBD companies up there. 

7. Four Five Spray

CBD Designed for Sports!

We came across FourFive CBD towards the end of 2019 and they have gone from strength to strength ever since. They are now certainly one of the biggest brands in the UK and are also stocked in Boots the Pharmacy.

Four Fives USP is that they offer THC free/ 0% THC products and appeal to athletes who are subject to regular drug testings. This has come from the fact that the two owners, George Kruis & Dominic Day, are professional accomplished Rugby players. The company offer a range of CBD oil sprays, flavoured oils, topicals and capsules.

We love the company, the branding and the oils were pretty good so they are a worthy feature on our top ten.


  • Easy to put in your gym bag and travel with
  • Light taste from MCT Oil
  • Well thought out products and brand!
  • Use code FRIENDS20 for 10% off


  • Slightly confusing bottle sizes and concentrations.

8. Provacan - 6% / 600mg CBD Oil

Provacan are another one of those oils that seem to pop up all over the internet on blog posts- from national newspapers to online blogs etc… (often alongside Hempura)…provacan seem to rise to the top. Although they are UK based, Provacan are Israeli and are part of the CiiTECH/ICAN empire. These guys are a heavy hitter in the CBD world. Not only are they the force behind Provacan, but they are also behind Hugg &  CBD Impact which has recently been launched with some famous rugby stars at the helm. Heller big companies.

Anyway, Provacan CBD is actually not bad at all in our opinion- there are mixed reviews online about the quality of the oil but we thought it was ok. The oil we tried was olive oil based and did the job. Provacan are not at the top of our list because we think there should be way more heart than just a money making machine… which this company clearly is. 


  • Fairly priced
  • Does exactly what it should do


  • Claim to sell full-spectrum when the oils are closer to broad-spectrum
  • Seems like a huge company and they don’t seem to give back to their customers

9. Hempura - 5% CBD

Wherever you look, Hempura seem to be everywhere. On plenty of big blogs and they are being promoted at almost every level. We decided to go for the 500mg full spectrum CBD oil and thought that it was not bad at all! The oil was strong tasting, but not too bitter, and we could feel something right away. The only issue we really have is that the branding and website are fairly ugly. Honestly, it looks like it should belong in a Christmas shop- the garish green and gold is way too much for us, but older readers may like it. 

We also look for an extra positive that the company does to give you a reason to choose them- after all, the CBD companies as big as Hempura will be making some serious money. We can’t see anything extra that they do to give back to their customers- they just seem very corporate and lacking any kind of personality… unless that personality is a Christmas tree from the 1980s.


  • Fairly priced
  • Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum Options.


  • (Sorry but) Not fans of the branding
  • Seems like a huge company and they don’t seem to give back to their customers

10. Cannadonia

Cannadonia have a big presence on the west coast of Scotland – particularly thanks to their recent TV advert. The CBD oils that Cannadonia supply have a brilliant brand & design. The 5% has been included on this list simply based on it’s popularity- compared to the other Cannadonia oils, it is this one that pulls in the most sales. We think the popularity is down to the price tag – for its strength it is quite reasonable. It is a perfect middle of the road CBD oil. 


  • Great Branding
  • Light Tasting and Easy to Consume
  • Cost Effective


  • Very Standard with no real Unique Features

11. Holland & Barret

Holland and Barrett’s CBD oil is from the dutch producer, Jacob Hooy. While this is a rather unpopular inclusion, from what we have seen. This oil isn’t actually as bad as many say. It is full spectrum and whole plant at a decent price point. So what you get with Holland & Barrett’s CBD oil is what you pay for. 

There is one huge reason why we would sway you away from this oil though- the 5% Jacob Hooy CBD oil that was tested by the BBC was found to only have 175mg of CBD, and another test shows that it contains an ‘illegal’ level of THC. The level of THC isn’t (to us) as big an issue as the lack of CBD. It is very, very disappointing to see such a big high street brand having products that are not up to scratch. We do not believe that this was done on purpose though…

This is not Holland & Barrett’s fault, it is the fault of Jacob Hooy – it is safe to say that the company need to work on the constancy in quality of their products. Some batches will no doubt be spot on but they need to stop the bad ones slipping through the cracks. 


  • Well priced product
  • Nice whole plant oil 


  • Found in some cases not to have the advertised amount of CBD
  • Found to have more than 3 times the legal THC limit (arguably a selling pound to be honest) 

What is your choice for the Best CBD Brands UK?

One or two of these inclusions are now sponsored to help maintain our website.