FourFive CBD (Our Honest Review)


After writing about Cannabis and CBD companies for so long, there comes a point when it is easier to slam your head on the desk and just let the fates deal with some of the garbage we come across. Obviously, CBD is the start of the Cannabis industry so lots of clueless business people want to cash in.

Thankfully, FourFive CBD is not one of those companies.

We came across FourFive CBD towards the end of 2019 and they raised an eyebrow. What makes FourFive CBD interesting is their USP: they offer THC free/ 0% THC products and appeal to athletes who are subject to regular drug testings. This has clearly come from the fact that the two owners, George Kruis & Dominic Day, are professional accomplished Rugby players. The company offer a range of CBD oil sprays, flavoured oils, CBD Muscle Balms and capsules (would be really nice to see some sports edibles/gummies).

The products have just been launched with Boots the Pharmacist which inspired us to write a FourFive CBD review and see what we and the people of the internet think of the company.

Before even thinking about buying FourFive CBD, you should out our list of the very best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … or keep reading the review.

In Summary

For our FourFive CBD oil review, we want to be as honest as possible- we don’t have affiliate links so this is not a promotion! In summary, the guys from FourFive CBD are doing a great job. They are producing products that are ideal for their customer base and clearly have a passion for using the products themselves. The design, branding, website are all fantastic and actually a breath of fresh air compared to some of the stuffy competitors. The product doesn’t taste bad at all and it is really easy to use. What I like is that I can put it in my gym bag and not even think about it- some other bottles are either too small and get lost, leak and are a nightmare to take if you’re busy at the gym. 

The gripes we have are really more technical and are quite common. First of all, the measurement and dilutions are confusing for a lot of customers. For instance, the 2000mg is labelled and priced the same as a competitor 20% oil, but  (after some looking around) the bottle is 30mls and the dilution is 6odd%. Personally, we think that they should make is more clear because it can be difficult for customers to work out what they are buying. Secondly, the capsules are branded as ‘full spectrum’- but they aren’t- the information on the website shows that the company knows the difference, so maybe this is an oversight.

We are advocates for whole-plant products where possible because they are much more effective, but the audience that Four Five are serving are getting excellent products that cater to their needs. Quite impressive. 

Our FourFive CBD Review


Perfect Product Design

Firstly, it is clear to see that a lot of thought has been put into the product design and formula. They provide easy to use sprays, capsules and some topical creams and balms. They are perfect for people who don’t want to be buggering about in the mirror. They are ideal to put into your gym bag and use when you’re out and about/ at training. The branding isn’t very cannabis-y so it will appeal to people who would like to be more discrete. To add to that, the spray, capsules, and topicals are the perfect combination for active people- something for your general health, and something for your muscles and joints! Particularly for rugby players, they are constantly aching and broken so the target market has been perfectly catered for.

The oils are produced using MCT oil (hopefully from coconut) which is an amazing clean energy source and is rapidly absorbed by the body- plus suitable for a keto diet which is popular with high-performance sportspeople. If there is any formula that works best for those with an active lifestyle, it would be these ones.

We gave the 500mg orange flavour a try and it wasn’t bad at all! We had read somewhere that it tasted synthetic and bitter, but it was quite pleasant considering it is a CBD oil.

High Quality

The products themselves seem to be of very high quality and are clearly sourced with care. The lab reports are clear to see and they show a wide range of cannabinoids (which is great)- it is obvious that the company wants to be as transparent as they can. They use Co2 extraction methods which is certainly more beneficial than solvent or oil extraction and have oils which contain terpenes and phytochemicals which are naturally produced in the plant, yet are often overlooked.

The oil was nice and light and didn’t taste bitter or off! In all honesty, we didn’t feel much different but the project was a joy to take.

We could be completely off the mark but we suspect that at least the oil products are sourced from a certain big US provider we’d rather not expose (with the dilutions and flavours etc..) – they are a US-based company and are absolutely massive so do produce a quality product.


Confusing Dilutions Strengths: 

One of the biggest gripes we have about the CBD industry right now is the fact that different companies use different measurements which are confusing to customers. For instance, Four Five CBD are selling their 2000mg oil for £107- that seems about right for a 20%/ 2000mgs oil, right?

Well, the bottle is 30ml (rather than the usual 10ml) so the percentage of CBD content is 6.5%. So what you’re really buying is 3 10ml 6.5% (650mgs) CBD oils at £35.80 in one bottle.

In all honesty- if you are going to get this oil we would recommend just getting 3 of the 6% Loveburgh oil– it has a wider range of cannabinoids and contains all of the unsung nutritious parts of the plant that make a huge difference: like Terpenes, waxes and amino acids. It does contain a little bit of THC, but at that level, it is very, very unlikely to show up in a drug test if that is what you’re concerned about. Alternatively you could go for the CBDiablo Deity oil, a true 2000mg/10ml (20%) oil from one of the highest rated brands on our site, which costs even less than the FourFive CBD oil, plus it’s completely THC free if this is a concern for you.

Capsules not Full Spectrum

It is a common issue with CBD companies, but often products are branded as ‘Full Spectrum’ when they quite simply are not. All of the other Four Five CBD oils do have a good spectrum of Cannabinoids, but it seems as though the capsules should only be considered as a ‘broad-spectrum’ CBD product. It only contains CBD compounds (CBD, CBDa, CBDv) and the other cannabinoids are not traceable.

It is a common mistake but it maybe shows a little lack of understanding where the products are concerned. Otherwise, all is spot on!

What does Reddit think of FourFive CBD?

One of the best markers for the quality of a product is what people say on Reddit. The media platform is a notoriously ruthless semi-anonymous message board so people are generally more honest.  We couldn’t find any direct comments or other FourFive CBD oil Reviews from sources who were not selling it, but we did come across an interesting thread about the effectiveness of THC free oils.


We completely agree with this- we are huge advocates for the inclusion of even a small amount of THC in CBD oils. It really, really makes a huge difference.