CBDfx gummies review (Our Honest Thoughts)

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Updated October 5th, 2021

We're always trying new CBD products, and CBD gummies are more readily available than ever. If you take a look on Amazon for CBD gummies right now, you'll see one product popping up more than any other - CBDfx gummies. They're quickly becoming the most popular CBD gummies you can buy here in the UK, so we thought it was time for us to provide an in-depth review of them. We've tried them and as always we'll be giving our honest thoughts. Let's get into it:

The best place to grab the oils is on Amazon where you can get the full range, with next day prime delivery.

What are the positives of the CBDfx gummies?

Firstly we should mention that we tried 2 of the gummies from CBDfx, the 'Original' gummies and the Hair Support' gummies. We bought the Original gummies from Amazon and the Hair Support gummies from Boots. We're not sure we really need the Hair Support gummies (good genes) but we're committed to the cause so we bought them!

Let's start with the Original gummies - they are broad-spectrum, which is great to see. Most of the CBD gummies you'll find on Amazon are made from CBD isolate, so to have a broad spectrum option is pretty great. The price was great too - we paid about £8 for the packet and we get 8 gummies in the packet, so at a cost of about £1 per CBD gummy. This might seem a little expensive but each gummy contains 25mg of CBD, which is actually a really awesome dosage.

Also, we liked that the gummies contained no artificial sweeteners and are only sweetened with 2 organic ingredients - cane sugar and Tapioca syrup (no corn syrup).

Lastly, the QR code on the back of the packet actually takes you to a page with lab reports. Hallelujah! So many CBD products don't include this on their products, so we're impressed. Overall, there is lots to like here.

As for the Hair Support gummies from CBDfx, these were much more expensive (6x the price) but had 60 gummies in the jar. These also contained 25mg per gummy (1500mg per jar) and are also broad spectrum, which is great to see. They also contain Biotin, a compound that has proven benefits for hair. They're vegan and taste very similar to the other gummies we tried from CBDfx. Overall, we actually think these are pretty solid.

CBDfx gummies
CBDfx hair support gummies
CBDfx gummies chamomile

What are the negatives of the CBDfx gummies?

Now let's get into the negatives of the CBDfx gummies. The big one for us is the taste - sadly, we really don't like the taste of these, particularly compared to many of the other CBD gummies we consume regularly. You can really taste the hemp, which with an oil we'd be totally fine with. But the point of consuming CBD gummies is to not taste the hemp, and the Mixed Berry flavour of these gummies really doesn't mask the hemp taste. This is not such a problem for CBD enthusiasts like us, but we can imagine a lot of CBD newbies being put off.

Also, the texture is a little weird. We like our CBD gummies to have a bit of bite, but these are pretty darn chewy. It doesn't quite feel right, which is a shame.

We also don't really like how these are made in the USA. That's a very small nitpick but wherever possible, we wanted to support UK brands.

back of the CBDfx gummies packet
back of the CBDfx hair support gummies

Anything else to mention?

Yes, we're a Prime member so we didn't pay anything additional for delivery for the Original gummies, but if you have to pay for delivery then this will make the cost closer to £10 per packet. It's quite a lot of money for only 8 CBD gummies so worth keeping in mind (if you're buying them from Amazon).

In Conclusion (Final review)

Overall, we're actually fans of these CBD gummies from CBDfx. The taste and texture are not great but they pack 25mg of broad spectrum CBD per mouthful. Definitely not a bad option at all. You can buy the Original gummies via Amazon here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/CBDfx-Mixed-Berry-Gummies-Gummy/dp/B08V7LFXW2/

And the Hair Support gummies here - https://www.boots.com/cbdfx-gummies-hair-support-biotin-1500mg-60-gummies-10288968


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