CBD Gummies (The Best In The UK for 2021)

best CBD gummies UK

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Updated 2021

CBD gummies are often overlooked by people who want to start consuming CBD products, but they're actually a great option. If you're not a fan of the hempy taste of CBD oil then gummies are a great alternative - they taste great, they're convenient and it's easy to dose with them (every gummy has the same amount of CBD). We've rounded up a great selection of CBD brands that sell CBD gummies for you to check out, here are our recommendations:

Love Hemp CBD Infused Sweets

One of the easiest places to get CBD gummies from the UK is Love Hemp . They've got a great website that sells all kind of various CBD infused products from water to oils and all kinds of other products including CBD gummies. They come in various flavors including strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and several others and are only 7 calories while having 10mg of CBD in them. They are gelatinous and therefore are safe for people with most food limitations to eat as they contain no dairy, eggs, gluten or peanuts. These delicious treats come in packages of variable quantities ranging from 10, 25 50, 100, 200 and 500 gummies. These delicious low calories snack price anywhere from 9.99 for 10 to 349.99 for 500, basically getting 150 gummies for free at that highest quantity. Love Hemp is positioning itself to be one of the premier places to acquire your CBD gummies fix in the UK, which is great as word of mouth spreads and demand continues to increase for CBD products.

CBD Life Vegan Hemp Gummies

Another excellent place to get your CBD gummies in the UK would be CBD Life UK, which doesn’t sell the chocolates or other edibles but does sell peach flavored CBD gummy rings. These aren’t the average edible though as they contain other vitamins and minerals, even Omega 31, and are much more potent at 25mg of CBD in a single ring. Their confidence in their unique product shows in their pricing and packaging structure as 5 rings are only 9.95, 15 rings are 28.45 and 25 rings are 44.95. There isn’t as much of a discount on these as with the weaker gummies from Hemp Love but that might be made up by the strength of these rings individually.

Paso CBD Gummies (Natural Apple)

We have to give Paso CBD a mention too for producing our favourite CBD gummies that we've tried this year. Not only do the tins they come in look really cool (and you can reuse them of course!), the gummies inside are seriously good. Available in 2 different flavours and without any artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives, each tin contains 12 gummies with 20mg of CBD per gummy. Paso currently have an excellent rating on Reviews.io so check them out.

CBD Wellness Centre (1CBD Gummies)

The CBD Wellness Centre offers an awesome assortment of CBD gummies in the UK, with several pages of CBD gummy products. With gummies ranging in strength from 25mg to 200mg and all kinds of potencies in between. There are gummies that look like familiar products such as brightly colored, two toned gummy worms and a series of bears that look oddly familiar to anyone who had a childhood. They also have various single fruit-flavored packages like watermelon, strawberry and others. In addition to single fruit flavors they also sell CBD gummies with the chill or fire effect, the ones that remind your taste buds of cinnamon or mint while they’re being eaten. CBD Wellness Centre has really embraced the gummies experience an offers an impressive assortment of products of varying price and strength to choose from. We've chosen the 1CBD gummies as our preferred choice from their selection, but they stock a range of great brands.

Eden's Gate Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Perhaps as fine a choice as anywhere else to get CBD gummies in the UK is Eden’s Gate. They guarantee in writing that their CBD infused gummies are THC, GMO and pesticide free. They offer a massive selection of over fifteen gummy products of varying strengths and flavors. With 10mg all the way up to 500mg strength varieties, there are several quantities and styles to choose from. There are the traditionally inspired little bears and then there are worm looking ones with multiple flavors and then there are some with sour coatings and some without, there are tons of options and flavors and intensity levels to choose from on their website.

CBDiablo CBD Cubes

CBDiablo have a great range of gummies available in 4 different flavours, all made with natural ingredients. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, so you get a nice dose with every gummy. Definitely check these guys out.

In Conclusion

CBD gummies are becoming really popular, and more brands are deciding to release their own line of gummies. Hopefully our above guide has helped you figure out a brand you might like to try.