Vitality CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Vitality CBD review

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Updated March 20th, 2022

Vitality CBD is one of the biggest CBD brands in the UK – if not the very biggest. Which is very strange because, for us, they would have not been in our top ten biggest if we were asked before researching the brand.

However, a huge study from CBD-Intel found that Vitality CBD are the most well-distributed CBD brand in the country, with more than 4000 retail stockists.

You’ll find their products on the shelves of high-street pharmacies like Boots and Lloyds, and smaller independent health shops, healthy food shops and holistic retailers - they are also stocked on amazon. The brand has thousands of reviews online for their CBD products. We wanted to get our opinion on the brand out there, so we decided to publish this review. We’ll be taking a look at their products, reviews and customer service. Let’s get into the review:

Before even thinking about buying from vitality CBD, you should check our list of the Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … check out our post after reading this review.

The best place to grab the oils is on Amazon where you can get the full range, with next day prime delivery.

Who is Vitality CBD?

Like many of these larger CBD companies in the UK, it's actually quite hard to find out about Vitality CBD and how they were founded. There is no section on their website showing who founded the company or what their history is, all we know is that they're very popular. There is however a short 'Our Story' section on the website that explains how Vitality CBD was founded in 2018 and includes some useful information about the brand.

There is also a huge amount of useful content on the Vitality CBD website - they've got a frequently updated blog with CBD industry news, and they've even got a section where they transcribe episodes of podcasts about CBD. We're thankful to see that there is a lot of knowledge that is extremely useful to consumers there.. That's all great, but ultimately we'd love to learn more about the people behind the company.

vitality cbd blog

In terms of the website, it looks great and is very well laid out. The live chat function works well and you receive an answer to your question quickly. Vitality CBD stock a very wide range of CBD products, the most popular of which include oils, e-liquids and edibles.

What are the Vitality CBD products like?

The range of CBD products from Vitality CBD is very extensive. They seem to cater to a wide range of markets. From cosmetics to sports products and then the pharmacy range. These seem to be the biggest CBD markets there are - those who care for their skin, those who take nutrition very seriously, and then those who are suffering from a range of conditions that may be aided by CBD.

What is really interesting is that Vitality CBD does not simply rely on a different brand to differentiate the products from each other; they have also changed the ingredients. The Active range contains other botanicals which have their own effects to help with Focus, Relaxation or to give energy. We think this is a really nice touch and applaud the ingenuity.

Let's have a look at some of their most popular products in detail:


Vitality CBD Oral Spray 600mg (lemon)


Vitality CBD oral spray 600mg
The 600mg oral spray from Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD offers a wide range of CBD oils (more than 15) but I decided to try one of the most popular products within their range, the 600mg lemon flavoured oral spray. 600mg is a great concentration for a CBD product and we loved that the product came in a 30ml bottle. The taste was actually very pleasant and didn't taste artificial at all. You can choose a dropper version of this CBD oil, but we actually like the convenience of the spray bottle. This product is THC free and made with CBD isolate but although we'd typically prefer a broad spectrum/full spectrum option, we thought this was pretty good.


CBD Skin Cream 100ml Natural scent

Vitality CBD offers a number of different CBD creams, but this is probably their most popular product in the range (and the one that we'd most likely use ourselves). It's a simple product made with all-natural ingredients and 300mg of CBD. The cream has been made with essential oils like Sweet Almond oil, allowing the CBD to be effectively absorbed by the skin. You can actually buy this product on Amazon in the UK if you prefer to use that platform rather than the Vitality CBD website.


Active: CBD Recover Drops 30ml

This is one of the altered CBD oils that we mentioned previously that Vitality CBD offers via their website. We highlighted this product because we like the flavour (lemon), and we also like the compounds that Vitality CBD have used to boost the health properties of the oil. This product is available in 3 different strengths including 500mg, 1000mg or 2000mg of CBD. It has been fortified with turmeric, curcumin and Vitamin D3 for added benefits. Definitely check out this product.


Vitality CBD gummy bears 5mg

Vitality CBD gummy bears

The Vitality CBD gummy bears are a popular product on Amazon and on their website (they're often sold out). You can only buy one size of gummy bear jar from Vitality CBD, which contains 40 bears at 5mg of CBD each. This is a very low dose of CBD and you'd need to eat quite a few of these to feel any benefit, but they taste good and they are well-priced too. We're not surprised to see how popular these are online.

Vitality CBD muscle balm 300mg

Vitality CBD muscle balm 300mg

CBD muscle balm is a great product if you're someone who enjoys applying CBD topically, and the Vitality CBD muscle balm is no exception. Each tub contains 300mg of CBD which is a pretty good concentration, and you can buy the balm from Boots stores (as we did).

CBD tablets (with added vitamins and more)

Vitality CBD capsules

We also tried the CBD tablets from Vitality CBD. These tablets are unique because they don't just contain CBD (10mg per tablet), they also contain other goodness such as Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. This is a great all-in-one type CBD product and worth checking out if you want to get some other goodness alongside your CBD intake. We reviewed these in-depth here.

Vitality CBD oil (300mg)

Vitality CBD oil 300mg

We also tried the 300mg CBD oil from Vitality CBD, which instead of a spray has a dropper. We also liked this product and found it to be easy to use. We also liked that the product came with lots of information (pictured).


In terms of the overall CBD content, we are happy to see that they are using a 0% THC formula and are marketing their products as such. You'd be surprised at how many companies fail to do this. The oils themselves are fairly standard concentrations and come in 30ml bottles. It means that the 1200mg bottle is actually only under 4% in strength. That is perfectly fine but you should be aware that it is completely different to a 1200mg oil in a 10ml bottle. There is often confusion when it comes to the concentration of CBD oils, we actually sometimes prefer these larger bottles as it allows the oil to last longer and the taste to be a bit smoother.

Finally, the price for these products is very fair and actually sits just under the average price range. This could be down to a few things; they are a huge company, potentially are a manufacturer and their main business seems to be wholesale so they may be focusing on the volume of products sold.

In short, the products seem good and trustworthy. We know there is better but you could do a lot worse for sure!

What are the third-party reviews like for Vitality CBD?

We love the fact that Vitality CBD uses Trustpilot to collect reviews on a third-party platform, because we can trust the reviews on there. They've got a fantastic rating on there - 4.7/5 from almost 800 reviews. Many of the reviews mention that the company have great customer service, and that their products are great. It's especially interesting to see loads of great reviews for their cream, which we find surprising considering the popularity of their oils. It seems like the company is receiving at least one review per day which is a nice steady rate.

We're really impressed by their Trustpilot profile and recommend you check it out for yourself.

Vitality CBD Trustpilot reviews

What does Reddit think of Vitality CBD?

Vitality CBD reddit

As you know, we always like to check Reddit for reviews of CBD companies as the CBD community is very active and knowledgeable. We found a number of threads on Reddit talking about Vitality CBD, many of them talking very positively. However for a fair balance we've included a slightly more negative comment from a user above. As you can see, the issue that this user has with Vitality CBD is that they claim to be the number 1 CBD brand in the UK. But to be honest they might actually be, and CBD companies claiming to be the biggest in the UK is nothing new. You can search Reddit for reviews of Vitality CBD for yourself.

Anything else to mention?

We always want to include a mention of things that surprise us when we buy CBD products, so we had to highlight the back of the 600mg Vitality CBD oil spray in this review. As you can see from the picture, it is packed with information about the product and some nice little graphics too. Something about it just really delighted us!

back of the 600mg spray from Vitality CBD

Is Vitality CBD oil any good?

Simply put - yes, Vitality CBD oil is good (especially for beginners). They're not too expensive and offer a variety of different low-strength CBD oils and other CBD products like gummies and balms.


Final thoughts

So although you'll find Vitality CBD products stocked in lots of high street shops, their online presence isn't as widespread as you would expect. Having said that, I don't think it can be denied that Vitality CBD is a good CBD company, and a solid choice if you're looking for a low-strength CBD oil.

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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