Healthspan CBD Oil review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Healthspan CBD oil review

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Updated October 5th, 2021

Healthspan is a UK supplements company, similar to Holland and Barrett (who sell Jacob Hooy CBD Oil). And just like Holland and Barrett, they've also decided to release their own CBD oil. We thought it would be a good idea to review the Healthspan CBD oils, as they've become very popular over the last year. Potentially because they have now even been included on Amazon. As with all of our reviews we'll be taking a look at the Healthspan:


Ready to buy the Healthspan CBD oil? Buy it here directly from their website or buy it here from Boots. Otherwise, let's get into the review:

The best place to grab the oil is on Amazon where you can get the full range, with next day prime delivery.

Who is Healthspan?

We like to start all of our reviews with a brief overview of the brand we're reviewing. Healthspan isn't a CBD brand, but more of a health supplements brand. But actually, there is nothing wrong with this in our eyes - there are plenty of health supplement brands out there creating awesome CBD products (for example, YourZooki and Holland & Barrett), plus it means they have a lot more money and resources to put into producing their CBD products, which is great for us.

Part of the success of Healthspan has been their marketing, and when you read about the founding of the brand it's not hard to see why their marketing has been so good. The brand was founded by Derek Coates in the late 1990s, who previously worked in the marketing department at Unilever. Derek obviously took his experience from working at a large company like Unilever and applied the same principles to his own business.

One other thing we'd like to mention is that Healthspan are members of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association), great to see this.

Now, onto the rest of the review.

What are the Healthspan CBD products like?

Firstly, we should mention that we published a full review of the Healthspan CBD capsules, which gives our full thoughts on a specific product. But for this review, we'll be giving our thoughts more broadly.

Healthspan offers CBD oil in 2 strengths - 2.75% and 5%. For most beginners to CBD oil, these strengths will be absolutely fine but we think that these strengths are actually fairly low for most users. Especially compared to a full-spectrum oil, these oils simply won't be strong enough to notice any significant benefits. The most popular products sold by Healthspan are their CBD drops,  capsules and balm. Healthspan also offer some of their CBD products with peppermint flavouring, which is ideal for anyone who doesn't like the taste of hemp. Although personally, we actually think that the hempy taste of CBD oil actually provides a slight placebo effect which makes the product feel even more effective, so we're generally against flavouring these products.

Healthspan Night Time CBD Oil (260mg)

Some of the CBD products sold by Healthspan are seriously cheap - for example, the Night Time CBD oil is currently on sale for less than £12. This is advertised as a 260mg CBD oil, so that's pretty cheap for an oil with that amount of CBD in it. Looking at the product, we've seen much worse on sale before. It actually doesn't look too bad at all. The oil has been infused with lemon balm and chamomile, so it's intended to be consumed right before bed. Plus, I actually quite enjoyed the taste of this product. It's a nice idea and a little bit of a gimmick, but we're actually quite impressed with this product.

The other 260mg CBD oil from Healthspan (pictured) is also a neat product. It doesn't have the same nice taste as the Night Time CBD oil, but it contains the same amount of CBD and actually we quite enjoy the natural taste.

Healthspan night time CBD oil

Night Time CBD oil from Healthspan

Healthspan 260mg CBD oil

260mg CBD oil from Healthspan

Healthspan CBD capsules (192mg)

If you're not into CBD oil then Healthspan also sell CBD capsules which are made with the same CBD as the oils. We like capsules as a more convenient alternative to CBD oils (definitely good when you're out and about too). Healthspan have 2 options for capsules - High Strength CBD Oil Capsules and Super Strength CBD Oil Capsules. The recommendation from the Healthspan team is that most people who are new to CBD stick with the high strength capsules, but we imagine most of our readers opt for the high strength. These contain 15mg of CBD per capsule. We like to see the lab reports for these capsules clearly visible on the product pages, so top marks to Healthspan there. It's also great to see a 'subscribe and save' option for anyone who plans to buy these capsules on a regular basis.

Overall the Healthspan CBD oil range is not amazing, but not bad by any means either. We've seen much worse and compared to a similar retailer like Holland and Barrett, we'd probably recommend going with these guys.

Healthspan CBD capsules

192mg CBD oil capsules from Healthspan

Healthspan CBD oil capsules 450mg

We also tried the 450mg capsules within the Healthspan CBD oil range, which contain 15mg of CBD per capsule. We liked these especially because they've been fortified with Vitamin D3, so you get an extra dose of goodness with every mouthful. They're also vegan, which is great as often the capsules are made with gelatin. Overall, we liked these quite a bit.

Healthspan CBD oil 450mg

450mg capsules

Healthspan CBD oil reviews Feefo

What are the Healthspan CBD Oil reviews like?

Unlike most of the other companies we review on our site, Healthspan don't use TrustPilot to collect reviews for their CBD products. Instead, they use Feefo (which is still a pretty popular review platform). You can sort their Feefo profile to search specifically for reviews about their CBD products. As you can see from the score above, their CBD products are pretty well rated on Feefo, with an average rating of 4.3/5 stars. A few of the reviewers mention that they may need to increase their CBD dosage to notice benefits, which is something we can understand as 5% is not very strong.

Healthspan CBD oil Reddit review

What does Reddit think of the Healthspan CBD Oil products?

We found some interesting comments about the Healthspan CBD products on Reddit, with a few people recommending the products but also a few people advising others not to use them. Because the CBD community on Reddit is very active, we suspect that the reason people on Reddit might not be recommending Healthspan CBD products is because they deem them to be too low strength.  As you can see from the image above, we found a few users who found the low strength of the Healthspan CBD products to not be sufficient for their needs.

Anything else to mention?

Yes - aftercare isn't something we're too fussed about, but we thought we'd mention it within this review as it was noteworthy.  About a week after we received our order, a large envelope came through our door from Healthspan with a CBD guide enclosed. For a new user, this would probably be quite helpful, however, for us, it was a waste of time and we would have preferred to not receive this (we found no option to opt-out of this). Also, some of the information enclosed within the booklet was a little useless. For example, in a section titled 'Why buy your CBD from Healthspan?' the number 1 reason given was 'no yucky taste'. Really?

Healthspan CBD booklet

The Healthspan CBD oil guide was not that useful

Is Healthspan CBD any good?

Healthspan has been a trusted supplements brand for many years, and has quickly established itself as a trusted CBD brand for UK consumers also.  Healthspan has managed to encourage its existing customer base to try CBD and to stick with, as is evidenced by the fact that over 4000 Healthspan customers receive CBD on subscription (according to the Healthspan website).

Overall it's interesting to see a supplements brand quickly establishing itself as one of the big players in the CBD industry, similar to what Boots and Holland & Barrett have done.

out of 100

Healthspan CBD products are easily among the most popular in the UK right now, and you'll find them stocked in loads of health shops on the high street. They're great for people getting started with CBD, however if you've been taking CBD for a while then you might find the products to be a bit weak for your needs.

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