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Body and Mind Botanicals review

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Updated October 11th 2021

Body and Mind Botanicals are one of those CBD brands that you might not have heard of, but which have slowly built up a loyal following. A number of their products are on Amazon and they seem to be really popular. Their main product is their CBD tea, so we thought we'd conduct a full review of the tea for our readers. Let's get into it:

What do we think of the Body and Mind Botanicals CBD products?

We tried 3 of the Body and Mind Botanicals products - the CBD tea, the 150mg CBD oil and the CBD chocolate orange buttons. Let's look at each product in closer detail:

CBD tea

The big positive for us is with the Body and Mind Botanicals tea is the CBD content. Unlike many teas that we've tried, these little bags are packed with CBD. On the packet it claims that there is 40mg per bag, and although we don't think that is quite right we do definitely feel the CBD with every sip.
We're also super impressed that these bags are lab-tested and that there is loads of information on the packet.
One problem we have with the Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea is that it is really expensive. It works out to over £1 per bag, which is super expensive compared to most other brands. The argument will be that these tea bags contain much more CBD than the tea sold by competitors, however as we mentioned we're not totally sure it is as much as 40mg per bag so we still think this is expensive. 

CBD Chocolate Orange Buttons

We love CBD chocolate, and these Chocolate Orange buttons from Body and Mind Botanicals were pretty great. Each button contains 2.5mg of CBD and you get 10 in each pack, so it's not a huge amount of CBD but they're certainly a nice pick-me-up. They're vegan and made with natural flavourings, plus they're made in the UK! All seriously impressive.
Body and Mind Botanicals Chocolate Orange buttons

150mg CBD oil

The 150mg CBD oil from Body and Mind Botanicals was easily our least favourite product from them. It was cheap (less than £7) but even at that price, we'd expect a bit more. The product was listed as full spectrum but it definitely wasn't, plus we got no lab reports with the bottle to show us if this was the case. The taste was fine but felt a little watery.  Overall, not a massive fan of this CBD oil. 
Body and Mind Botanicals hemp seed oil

What are the third-party reviews like for Body and Mind Botanicals?

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea Amazon reviews

The best place to find reviews for the Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea is on Amazon, where you can see their highest-rated tea is sitting with a 4 star rating. This is pretty impressive, especially compared to other CBD tea brands on there. Overall, customers seem really happy with the product, definitely take a look at the reviews for yourself. 

Anything else to mention?

Yes, we got a nice leaflet along with our order which outlines what makes the Body and Mind Botanicals CBD range so good, and we quite liked it. Usually these leaflets are useless but this one was quite good (pictured).

Body and Mind Botanicals leaflet

In Conclusion

Overall we're very impressed with the Body and Mind Botanicals CBD tea, and we recommend you give it a shot. You can find them on Amazon here.


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