CBD Edibles UK

CBD edibles have been a thing since way before CBD oils, pastes or vape oils / CBD Concentrates. Cannabis and food have had an affinity together for those who wish to get high, or for those who simply try to at least enjoy hemp based products, which are not known for being pleasant on the tongue.

While THC edibles are extremely popular across the pond in the UK, CBD edibles is all we currently have here in the UK. It may seem a little boring to try a CBD edible but there is certainly a place for them! Unlike most cannabis edibles, CBD edibles will not get you high but they come with all the wellness benefits of CBD and sometimes have that really enjoyable sweet cannabis flavour. 

You can purchase a whole range of chocolates, CBD gummies and even cannabis flavoured lollipops (which are delightful by the way). Other than that, CBD edibles are much more than sweets – you can get a whole range of other healthy edible CBD products that are perfect for your wellness lifestyle.

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Below we have put together a selection of the best CBD edibles that we can find across the internet. There are thousands out there and it can be fairly hard to work out which ones are best. We have chosen these edibles based on their reputation online and the quality of the products. 

Benefits of eating CBD & Cannabis Edibles products. 

The first recorded use of cannabis was in the form of an edible – ie it was an important food source. There are lots of different opinions on how effective eating cannabis is but for sure, it is a tried and tested method of consuming cannabinoids. 

One of the most common trains of thought is that consuming a CBD oil sublingually (under the tongue) is the most effective way to consume CBD as it is absorbed directly into your blood stream and doesn’t get lost via the metabolism process. The issue with this, is that the oil tastes like you might expect. It is like having a crushed plant in your mouth.

This may be fine, bit it isn’t an enjoyable experience for most, and it may be difficult to slip into a busy daily routine. Plus, it isn’t that satisfying. Although eating CBD is not as efficient as other methods, the CBD is absorbed naturally via the digestive system and into the liver. It means that the onset of effects is much slower but they do last a lot longer. 

If you eat a large amount of CBD edibles just before consuming a meal with fats (could be as healthy as eggs) the CBD will be rapidly absorbed. This is why a lot of edibles are chocolate or CBD gummies. In the cannabis cooking world, canna-butter is the preferred method to infused cannabis into a meal.

So, in short, the benefits are that they taste great, easy to slip into your routine and nobody will know you’re eating cannabis in public. 

CBD & THC Gummies

CBD & THC Gummies may seem like a  bit of a strange one when you think about health. Surely these gooey treats are not particularly healthy for you? They are not always heathy for you which is why it is important to find ones which are healthier than the alternative. There is a wide range of qualities which make CBD gummies better or worse.

What is exciting about these gummies is that they are a treat which can contain a wide range of healthy compounds; including CBD but also THC, Vitamins and minerals. They work ideally for those who like to treat themselves but do not want to have something 100% unhealthy. 

What excites us about CBD gummies is that they are a enjoyable and easy delivery system for CBD. They are also the first step to THC gummies, which are just around the corner. In the US, THC gummies are all the rage because they are sweet and can contain up to 40mgs of THC each. That is a lot of THC. Whether you want to have a nice chilled friday night, or treat yourself to a bag of sweet-treats in the bath. We love the idea of THC gummies and know how popular they will become; if only UK laws caught up and could benefit from the thriving black market which sells these sweets to kids. 

Back on the subject of CBD gummies – the  are easy to consume, easy to dose and taste pretty good. Particularly when you are looking to micro dose, these sweet treats can be an idea healthier alliterative to a bag of haribo… they may set you back a little more. We would not suggest that a CBD gummy is great to eat before bed but you can find CBD edibles that are infused with Melatonin for a great nights sleep. 

Secondly, you can get some really nice gummies for when you’re training. We know that a lot of weight lifters and athletes take a bag of sweets into the guy for between reps (or as a treat after a hard cold session). Why not supplement your usual sugary treats with gummies rich with nutrition 

CBD Chewing Gums

Interestingly, CBD chewing gum is about to become the biggest way to microdose your CBD. Healthy chewing gum options are starting to pick up steam, because why not get your daily dose of something good while chewing away on something.

This is particularly good for those who enjoy some gum, but also those who like sports. Many people chew gum while lifting, running and chilling out. Chewing gum is also proven to relieve stress and optimize relaxation. Add CBD to that mix and you have a fantastic CBD edible without even knowing it. 

CBD Chocolate 

This is one of our favorite CBD edibles on the market. It tastes great, looks great and is a full spectrum CBD treat. The Raw CBD chocolate by almighty foods is by far the best CBD infused chocolate we have come across.

Almighty foods are known for their use of quality ingredients and high quality heath foods. Along that vein, their chocolate is produced to the highest quality before the CBD has been added – this is much more than a ‘CBD fad’ – it is a wholesome, great tasting ECS supercharging treat. You can find their product right here: Almighty Foods Raw CBD Chocolate

CBD Lollipops

One of the more effective CBD edibles is the CBD lollipops. Using the principal of putting your the CBD under your tongue, a CBD lollipops works in the very same way. The slow ebb of CBD flows around your mouth and is absorbed through the cells in the mouth, including those under your tongue. We only know one type of CBD lollipop available in the UK and it is by Cibiday. The CBD lollipop itself actually tastes a little bit like cannabis so if you are not a fan, you may wish to look for an alternative. In saying that, it is quite sweet and has a small dosage of CBD. You Can find it here: CBD Lolipops.