CBD Concentrates (Our Full Guide)

CBD Concentrates are often used more by advanced users, or those who already enjoy cannabis products. These types of products can be used to infuse other oils with cannabinoids or to be smoked and vaped. They are significantly more potent than any other CBD product as they contain extremely high concentrations of cannabinoids and are more often consumed via the lungs. Have you ever experienced what many people refer to as a ‘CBD high’? You certainly will after a huge hit of CBD Concentrate.  

They range from cannabinoid concentrations of 30% up to 99% and can be used in a whole range of ways – even flavours from the terpene profiles of your favourite strains: from OG Kush, to the Mimosa strain, Tangerine Dream, StarDawg, the famous Wedding Cake Strain, Blue dream or more. 

Those who know a lot about cannabis, in general, will be familiar with the different concentrates that you can find on offer in the UK. They are often associated with those who like very high concentrations of THC or for those who really enjoy the powerful flavour of terpenes. If you really want to feel the effects of Cannabis, then a concentrate is your best bet.

More often than not, you need to have a specially designed vape pen, dab pen or a glass rig to consume concentrates. Otherwise, there are many who place the concentrates under their tongues and take them sublingually. This is a very potent way of consuming CBD and is not always advised for new users but it is great for blasting away some anxiety.

There are two main kinds of concentrates that you can find out in the canna-space: those which are produced with a solvent, and the others which are not. There are plenty more out there to talk about but we are going to be talking about the most popular of the concentrates to cover the ones you’re most likely to come across. 

What Are CBD Concentrates?

Solvent Concentrates

The first of the two types of concentrates are those which are extracted by a solvent. There are three types of solvents but we’d suggest that you only entertain CO2 extraction methods as they are the cleanest. The extraction is when the buds are exposed to the solvent which extracts all of the essential natural chemicals.

The most common form of Concentrate that you will find use solvents – while they are usually considered as a lower quality, there are many out there which are extremely good quality and you may get more bang for your buck. 

There isn’t much difference between the solvent extracts other than the form that they are found in. This is created by a second process after the extraction has been completed.

What is CBD Crumble / CBD Wax?

One of the more well know CBD concentrates in the UK is Crumble / Wax. It is easy to use due to its dry crumbly texture when being vaped via a glass rig. Crumble is a rich extract which can contain up to 80% cannabinoids and is usually heavily flavoured by terpenes. It is a great way to consume CBD if you’re a lover of strong cannabis products. 


CBD Distillate is a thick and oily extract that you can mostly find in an extract. It is also what is used to produce certain CBD oils. Distillate contains a high percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes which can be vaped using a rig or a specially designed vape pen.

Distillates are by far the most popular of the CBD concentrates on the market and can be found very easily. There are varying qualities of distillates and flavours. You can purchase strain-specific products that are derived from real cannabis. 

CBD Sauce / Terp Sauce

CBD Sauce and Terp Sauce are very similar – they are runny extracts of mainly terpenes (but can contain cannabinoids) which are used with a rig or a dab pen. Terp Sauce sauce is used for the flavour, while full CBD sauce should contain a whole bunch of cannabinoids (including terps).

Usually, once the cannabinoids and terpenes have been extracted, the mixture is left to set. The sauce contains the terpene content and diamonds of THCa/ cannabinoids form. This creates Diamonds!

CBD Sauce is well known for being very terpy and flavourful- if you’re a flavour merchant then it may be worth collecting some Sauce for your rig. 

CBD Diamonds

Diamonds and Sauce are pretty much the same things. Often, you find big crystals in the sauce which are particularly potent in either CBDa or traditionally THCa. They form naturally in the sauce. Grab a crystal and hold on tight!

CBD Shatter

The difference between the other concentrates is the texture. CBD Shatter is very much like glass/ honeycomb and has a brittle texture which makes the product easy to break up and use. 

You can consume the shatter by breaking off a chunk and slowly lowering it on to the heated glass on your rig. The glass texture will bubble and vaporise

Non-Solvent Concentrates

Non-solvent concentrates are the concentrates that do not use the extraction methods above. They usually come from the raw plant and often are extracted at home. You can easily buy rosin pressing rigs online for fairly reasonable prices. 


Rosin is simply the pressing of a bug using a pair of hot plates on a press. The but is heated and pressed which means that a rich sticky substance is excreted by the plant. This is usually the lipids, cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals. This is a very clean product and does not contain any plant matter. It is preferred as a clean natural concentrate. 

CBD Vape Concentrate 

You will find that there are a range of concentrates that you can easily vape – or at least put in your vape device. Rather than buying something like a CBD vape oil, it is much better to get yourself a portable vape which uses a concentrate. Most of the CBD vape concentrates are found in cartridges and pens, or Dab pens with a glass bowl. They are much cleaner, tastier and more enjoyable than the PG/VG alternative. 

We would highly recommend a vape concentrate with a natural cannabis terpene profile. There are a whole load of companies who sell these products. 


Buy Cannabis & CBD Concentrates UK

If you’re here to buy the best CBD concentrates in the UK, then you’re in the right place. We mostly do reviews of companies and make honest recommendations on which are the best. There are a few places where you can buy concentrates UK wide but we’d say the best those who deal with vape products and those that are head shops.