CBD chewing gum UK (best brands)

CBD chewing gum UK

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Updated October 25th, 2021

CBD chewing gum is a relatively new concept, but it's quickly growing in popularity as a method for consuming a consistent dosage of CBD across a period of time without having to fiddle around with an oil. We're in the fortunate position here in the UK where we have a number of CBD chewing gum brands that are actually worth checking out. Before outlining our recommendations we'll give a brief overview of why we think CBD chewing gum is a good idea:

Why would you want to use CBD chewing gum?

We know that CBD is best absorbed by the body when you consume a CBD product sublingually because of the thin skin beneath your tongue. This is because the CBD reaches your bloodstream faster than it would if the CBD were to be swallowed and absorbed by your digestive system. The great thing about CBD chewing gum is that when you chew, the CBD is absorbed into the thin membrane within your mouth very quickly, allowing the CBD to take effect quickly.

What is the best CBD chewing gum to buy in the UK?

Amstergum CBD chewing gum


On a recent trip to the continent, we came across a brand called Amstergum in a cannabis shop. We loved the branding and the idea so took some home. We were hugely surprised to realise that the brand is sold in a couple of places around the UK.

The gums seem small but they are very mighty. They have a very strong minty flavour with a tiny bit of happiness. They are 100% plant-based and vegan so after a while they do start to get gooey but that is to be expected with this kind of product. The packaging is sustainable too.

How much is it? £4 per pack
Where can you buy it from? dutchhempstore.eu

Blockhead 3MG CBD gum

Blockhead 3MG gum

Blockhead is a popular chewing gum brand that has created a CBD gum and added it to their popular range. We're a little confused by their offering - the product page mentions that the gum is full spectrum but also THC free, which doesn't match up. But anyway, this is a popular product and is stocked in loads of shops across the UK. Each piece of gum provides 3mg of CBD. Give it a try!

How much is it? 6 pouches for £25
Where can you buy it from? blockhead.store

Two Wise Chimps CBD gum

Two Wise Chimps

Similar to Blockhead, Two Wise Chimps is a popular chewing gum brand that has introduced a CBD chewing gum product. Each piece of gum provides 5mg of CBD so it's slightly stronger than the Blockhead gum, and it's also sugar-free. We reviewed this gum in detail here, so check that out. Overall we were pretty impressed by this product and would recommend you check it out.

How much is it? £6.95 per pack
Where to buy it from? twowisechimps.co.uk

Nordic oil CBD chewing gum

Nordic Oil CBD Chewing Gum

Nordic Oil are best known for their CBD oil range, but they also have a very popular CBD chewing gum. It's made with full spectrum CBD and provides 5mg of CBD per piece of gum. Made with mint and eucalyptus, the gum will not only provide you with the calming bliss of CBD, it'll also freshen your breath. Definitely check it out.

How much is it? £8 per pack
Where can you buy it from? nordicoil.co.uk

In Conclusion

CBD chewing gum seems like a fad product, but if you're constantly on the go and would prefer a steady release of CBD throughout the day, it can be a great product. Check it out!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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