What is CBD a tincture/Oil?  

CBD oil, or cannabidiol,  is by far the most popular and well known CBD product on the market in the UK. CBD is a cannabinoid and is perfectly suited to being bound to a fatty acid molecule which is abundant in certain oils such as Hemp, MCT, Olive or a blend of the three (some even contain melatonin). It can even be made from a range of CBD concentrates

When taken sublingually, CBD is scientifically the most effective way to consume CBD. In all honesty, oils may not be the easiest, most convenient or the best-tasting ways to get your daily dose of Cannabinoids, but in our humble opinion, the simple CBD oil is the best. CBD oil is only really rivalled by CBD Paste (which can be used to make your own CBD oil at home!). 

CBD oil is also the product of choice for CBD beginners.

This page is specifically designed to offer as much information about CBD tinctures as you need and to suggest some oils that we think are worthy of being consumed. We have a wide range of (Honest) Reviews including: Holland & Barrett, CBD Brothers, Access CBDProvacan, Healthspan, Hempura & Blessed CBD

CBD Oils have become popular as a potential natural remedy for a number of ailments – particularly sleep, anxiety and general wellness. 

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Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & Isolate CBD

Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of CBD oil retailers who play on the fact that most people do not know the difference between a full spectrum. Broad Spectrum or an Isolate CBD oil. There are more than a few out there that have branded themselves as producing the ‘best full spectrum CBD oil’, yet in their lab report it clearly shows that they are selling broad spectrum oils. So what is a full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolated CBD oil and why are they different?

Full Spectrum CBD

What constitutes a full spectrum CBD oil wide is under some debate- some say that it is simply the presence of THC that determines its full-spectrum status. But others say that it is down to the presence of a wide range of other minor Cannabinoids. To us- it is a little of both. To us, to ensure that the full-spectrum, we say that it must contain a wide range of cannabinoids including THC. Just to be safe, choose a natural oil which also contains terpenes, flavinoids and amino acids. 

It is the entourage effect that makes some CBD oils more effective than others- this is when all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and other chemicals work together to enhance the effectiveness of the compounds in the body. Why this happens is largely unknown by science, but it is known that something magical happens when all of these compounds work together. You will feel the difference.

Our advice is that if you are going to buy full spectrum CBD, then you should maybe aim for a whole plant oil- that way you can actually ensure that it contains all the cannabinoids found in nature, all of the terpenes, plant matters and amino acids which make all the difference. Check a lab report for THC too – you should expect 0.2% to 0.04% of THC.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum oils, like full-spectrum oils, contain other minor cannabinoids but these do not contain (or a very, very small trace of THC). When you check a lab report you should expect between 0.03% to 0% THC in there. There are some companies who claim their products are ‘full-spectrum’ when they only contain 0.02% THC. These oils would be broad-spectrum. 
Broad spectrum does often contain other chemicals too (like terpenes etc..) but doesn’t always need to. Those that contain terpenes are preferred. 

Isolate CBD

Isolate CBD is subject to a lot of debate. CBD isolate is a product produced using a cheap extract which only contains CBD compounds and nothing else. It is seen as the lowest quality of all CBD oils.

There are many who stand strong against isolate oils advocate for them to be banned. The other camp who wish them to be openly sold seem to be pharmaceutical companies who wish to ringfence the whole plant oils for medical use, or wish to sell the cheap/high profit CBD oil to make the most money possible.

Regardless, CBD isolate oils can be produced and sold really cheaply but are low quality. 

How To Spot A Fake CBD Oils!

As the UK CBD oil market is exploding there are some companies which are taking the button and selling fake CBD tinctures and CBD Isolates online. Either they do not contain the amount of CBD which is on the label, or they do not contain any CBD at all. You will find that there are a lot of Hemp Oil products which are being sold to look like CBD products… which is a complete scam. Most of these can be found on amazon and can be easy to mistake for a CBD product. There are a couple of ways to ensure that you do not get hoodwinked. Don’t get a 2000mg CBD oil for £25 for instance- it’s a fake!

  • Lab Tests- If the company do not publish the lab reports for their oils, do not buy it. For some companies you may need to ask for them but most genuine companies have their reports clear to find on the website. 
  • Reputation- Some of the advice given is to choose a reputable company, such as Holland and Barrett, and do not buy from a company online. Yes, this is true but big companies can mislead you too. Do a lot of research and settle on a brand you know you can trust. Locality is important too- but in places like London or Brighton, most of the shops overpriced average CBD.
  • Look for MGs rather than a percentage- CBD oil companies in the UK tend to hide the fact that their product is fake by only putting on a percentage. It can be confusing and misleading as to how much CBD is actually in the bottle. Look at the exact content of MGs per 10ml of carrier oil. This way you will know exactly how much CBD you are taking. 
  • Make sure there is CBD in the ingredients- CBD can be refered to in a number of different ways, especially on amazon where CBD is not allowed to be sold, companies come up with clever ways to get around this by calling it something different. Whether that is ‘Cannabis Stavia’ or ‘Hemp Extract’, neither specifically mean CBD. Cannabis Stavia simply means the bud of Cannabis and Hemp Extract could mean oil. So An oil that says ‘ 15% Hemp Extract’ could litterally mean pure hemp oil with a lump of unrefined hemp oil… which may have zero CBD in it. Make sure you buy a CBD tincture that mentions the MGs of CBD in the bottle- ensure that the bottle specifically identifies CBD as an ingredient. If in doubt, follow the other three examples above.