CBD Vape Oil UK (Our Ultimate Guide)

cbd vape oils uk

If you've ever used CBD vape oil before then you'll surely have encountered one big issue -  they're mostly rubbish.

Not really, but it's crucial that you set up your vape rig or pen specifically so as not to destroy the oil by burning it to a crisp.

It's little insider tips like this that'll make a big difference to your CBD vaping experience, so this is exactly why we thought we'd create a large CBD vaping guide. In this guide we'll be answering:


What is the best type of CBD vape oil?

What are the benefits of CBD vape oil?

What are the best flavours of CBD vape oil?

Where can you buy CBD vape oil in the UK?


Ready? Let's get into it:

What is the best type of CBD vape oil?

There are millions, and millions of CBD vape oil products available in the UK but not everything may be what it seems. Before you buy CBD vape oils, there are a few things that you should consider. What if the best Vape oil in the UK, isn't actually a vape oil? Isolated CBD Vape Oils are a waste of time: Most of the time, Vape oils are produced using VG and PG which are infused with CBD. CBD is usually added to a vape product in its isolated form - a white powder which only contains CBD. While it does mean that you get a whole bunch of CBD in your body, all cannabinoids work way better when they are combined with other cannabinoids and natural ingredients found in Cannabis/Hemp. Wherever possible, you should search out 'broad-spectrum' or 'full-spectrum' vape oils - and better, those that use natural cannabis terpenes for flavouring.

CBD Concentrate: CBD concentrates are really interesting - while there are a number of different types which are suitable to be vaped, the one that is most common is a 'distillate'. This is basically a refined syrup which contains all of the goodness from the hemp/cannabis plant. This mixture can be warmed into a vapour which is inhaled using a vape pen, or head-equipment.

This is kind of the way that CBD vape products are going- this is down to the fact that they are often of higher quality than normal vape products, you get the benefits of the other active ingredients and you get a really nice clean cannabis flavour. If you are a fan of cannabis or you've been looking for some CBD flower, you may find that a concentrate pen is a way forward.

Terpene Power: Sit back, relax and vape some natural terpenes. When you vape a distillate (or a crumble or budder), you also enjoy the flavours and benefits of the natural plant terpenes. A lot of the time, the benefits of terpenes are overlooked. They are great for your health and have a wide range of therapeutic benefits which are very well established in aromatherapy. There are a few companies breaking into the 'personal aromatherapy' space by offering vape pens which contain a range of natural terpenes- this even includes terpenes from cannabis. It is important that when you are taking a CBD vape oil that you purchase one with natural plant terpenes because they actually change the way your body uses cannabinoids. If you are going to vape a CBD product, go the whole way and get something as natural as you can.

 We have put together a wide range of tried & trusted CBD vape products below for you to check out.

What are the benefits of CBD vape oil?

If you are here, reading this, you are already part of the wave of coming CBD vape mania. The compound is on the crest of becoming one of the biggest natural health and well-being supplements in the world. The benefits associated with CBD come from the way in which it interacts with the endocannabinoid system - this helps to regulate your bodies normal functionality (eg chemical balance, healthy cell production, sleep patterns etc...) and helps to defend your body against invaders (virus' and bacteria).

Cannabis has been known as a smokable for as far back as history has been recorded. It traveled with merchants from modern-day India who were described as being followed by plooms of smoke. Even the world back then enjoyed the benefits of inhaling cannabis.

These days, technology is much more sophisticated and we understand more about the consumption method. So here are a few of the key benefits of CBD vape oil.

Its Absorbed Very Quickly

One of the main benefits of CBD Vape Oils and Eliqids is due to the fact that the CBD is introduced to the lungs. This means that vaped CBD compounds are extremely bioavailable. You get a big hit very quickly - but then again, it does fade out much quicker than if you were to take oil or extract orally.

If consumed, a CBD oil usually must be absorbed into the body through the digestive system, or through a metabolization process in the Liver; here a lot of the CBD is wasted and not taken into the body. CBD vape oils miss this process completely and huge levels of the active ingredients end up in your bloodstream (where you want them).

Easy to consume

CBD oils are very well known for being difficult to consume. If you are not used to counting the drops then it can become a chore. When you put the oil under your tongue, you need to stand there for a bit or it spills out. The taste of some of the better oils can be a shock. It isn't a user-friendly experience. It makes other methods so much more appealing.

Vape is also a very easy way to get a steady dose of CBD throughout the day, as and when you need it. The vape pens are small, easily concealable and the CBD vape oil can be consumed when you are out and about. If you get a tinge of anxiety or pain, take a minute with your vape.

Most of the time too, people do not know what you are vaping either.

What are the best CBD vape oil flavours?

We're old school when flavours are mentioned. When vaping cannabis, we think that it is best for the oils to be flavoured by natural terpenes. These are what gives cannabis its taste and smell and changes the way our body uses the cannabinoids. They play an overlooked role in the use of cannabis.

If you're not into cannabis flavours (we suggest that you should at least try natural flavouring if you haven't) then you can find a whole range of CBD vape oils which are flavoured in as many ways as you can think of. From strawberry to mint or spices. There will certainly be something out there for you. This makes your consumption of CBD much more enjoyable than an oil or paste. While the benefits are different, vaping is a much more enjoyable way to get your daily dose.

Where can you buy CBD vape oil in the UK?

There are loads of great UK CBD vape oil brands that you can buy from, here are some of our favourites:


CBD Aslylum


Pharma Hemp

Formula Swiss

We've conducted reviews for each of these brands so feel free to read those for more information.

cbd vape oils uk

In Conclusion

CBD vape oil is growing massively in popularity, and it's not hard to see why - it's a great way to consume CBD, plus it looks kinda cool. We've reviews loads of CBD vape companies on our blog, if you'd like to check those reviews out then click the button below.


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