The best CBD paste brands in the UK (4 options)

best cbd paste UK

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Updated July 19th 2021

CBD paste is one for the purists- it is a powerful, true full spectrum CBD product that seems to be reserved for the 'hardcore' or 'veteran' CBD users. You'll find paste sold by some of the best of companies- Including the CBD brothers, Hope CBD, Provacan, Holland & Barrett alongside a few others. In essence it is a condensed cannabis paste made from the Cannabis plant, mainly Hemp. Due to the fact that CBD paste is so concentrated, the CBD percentage in pastes are much higher than other products which means that they are ideal of those who need to take a high concentration (not quite as high as a smokable CBD Concentrate)  The production process leaves a very high-quality rich product which is packed full of Cannabinoids, Flavoids & Terpenes. Unlike other CBD products, the whole plant remains in the cannabis paste rather than being thrown away once the CBD extraction has been completed. Just like CBD isolates you can use this to make your own CBD oil! The Cannabinoid paste is usually made from from raw hemp leaves and flowers after they have been dried and processed. Unlike, CBD oils, CBD paste is almost completely untampered with and is usually exactly how nature intended. If you are looking for a product with the real benefits of CBD, you are looking for a raw hemp extract paste.


We have hand picked the finest CBD pastes & hemp extracts that we can find on the market. Having tried both of these products, we can say that they we agree with the rave reviews online! So, if you want the best raw CBD Pastes from the UK, check out our recommendations below and follow the links to their websites.

CBDiablo el tenedor del diablo CBD paste

This is arguably one of the most popular CBD pastes in the UK - take a look at Reddit and it's a frequent topic of discussion within the popular CBD subreddits.

This is a total love/hate CBD product, because it's really potent (and you can taste the potency). But what's great about this paste is that it's jam-packed with cannabinoids and plant goodness. It's also affordable, plus money goes to charity. Check this CBD paste out.

Use code CBDbibleUK for 10% off your order with CBDiablo.


Amma Life whole plant paste

Amma Life are another popular CBD company based in the UK that have a popular CBD paste within their range. They have 3 options, each is organic and 100% vegan too (as we'd expect). It looks like a broad spectrum paste which we're still pretty fond of despite the lack of THC.

Provacan 2500mg CBD Paste

Everybody reading this will probably know that Provacan are a pretty large CBD company based in the UK, so it'll be no surprise to hear that they've also got a CBD paste within their range. It's lab-tested and is made with totally organic EU hemp.

Dutch Natural Healing CBD paste (10 gram)

The Dutch Natural Healing company have a pretty great range of CBD pastes that you can check out too. Don't be afraid of the prices in Euros, they ship to the UK without any hassle. These pastes have the thick, dark look that we love.

best cbd paste UK

In Conclusion

So overall we're big fans of CBD paste and think it's one of the best ways to get your CBD fix. It's also often much better value than buying an oil or edibles. Check these brands out!

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