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The first we saw Beast Pharm CBD was when it was shared on Eddie Hall’s Instagram page. At first, we thought it was a paid promotion, much like he had done with Asylum CBD a few years back but we were wrong. The company seems to be owned by the beast himself. Seemingly, he has joined Brian Shaw (US-based world strongest man) in owning a CBD brand (CBD Fit). We love Eddie Hall and have followed him since his (late) beginnings, but this is an honest review, so we are going, to be honest. Eddie’s thing is Deadlift, ours is CBD and cannabis.

We are really serious about CBD, and we put a lot of brands to the test; is Beast Pharm a serious CBD brand, or a cash grab? Let’s discuss:

Before even thinking about buying from Beast Pharm, you should out our list of the best CBD Oil UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried)… or keep reading the review.

Who is Beast Pharm

There isn’t too much on their website about who Beast Pharm are but we do know that the brand has been set up under the wing of Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall. If you have somehow found yourself on this blog, and you do not know who Eddie Hall is, then we’re just happy to have you reading this… also go follow Eddie on Instagram. Eddie is one of the most famous and successful British strongmen on planet earth and more recently has taken to being a Youtube star and influencer.

Some of us here have a background in professional sport and weight lifting, so Eddie Hall is beloved and admired here. He is the perfect symbol of hard work, dedication and staying true to yourself. He is seemingly humble and lets his actions do his talking. We really like and respect what he has achieved. For this very reason, the angle on this review divided the room.

There are plenty of sports stars who swear by, and dip their toes into (including James Haskel and Provacan’s Ciitech sibling, Impact CBD, and the boys behind Four Five CBD) selling their own CBD products. It, therefore, did not surprise us to see The Beast launching his own brand. It was actually quite exciting to compare the products to other sports brands like Pure Sport CBD,

Let’s summarise and get into the more in-depth analysis of Beast Pharm CBD.

In Summary


  • Really nice branding and slick design
  • A good range of products and range of flavoured CBD oils
  • Priced well
  • The oil itself is good quality
  • We love Eddie Hall


  • We’re not sure this is a serious CBD company. There are more than a few rookie mistakes and misinformation on the website which show a fatal lack of knowledge. Would you buy weights from a company who doesn’t understand weight lifting? 
  • There is no evident passion for CBD here and we’re not sure that those behind the digital presence know enough about CBD products to help customers. We’d like to see more content, more knowledge and more love put into the products.
  • Oils are mis-advertised as ‘full spectrum’ when they are ‘broad spectrum’
  • No lab reports on the website
  • Zero information about CBD on the website which could be helpful for customers.

The Beast Pharm CBD Oils & Products

Beast Pharm offers a couple of classic CBD products: some oils (some flavoured ones in there too), CBD gummies, CBD capsules and some cosmetic blam. Although the Beast Pharm website says that the products are produced here in the UK, the raw ingredients are sourced from the USA. All starting very good.

We usually look deeply into a company’s CBD oil offering as it is usually the most popular product and the one that a company much get dead on! Let’s start with some positives:

We went for the 10% mint CBD oil and it came pretty quickly without any issues.

The branding itself is really nice; it is sporty and follows the branding on a lot of other beast ventures. In terms of price, the 10% oil is £44.99 and the 20% oil is £84.99 which are both very reasonable for their strengths. They fall just under the normal price you should expect from a quality CBD product. When you compare Beast Pharm CBD to other brands in the same market, they are very well priced.

The oils also have different flavours. Hemp products are well known for not having a great taste so it was nice to have a choice of interesting flavours. We ourselves tried the mint and did not have any problems with the flavour (some taste synthetic and nasty). The quality of the oil can not be faulted and is not too dissimilar to the quality provided by Four Five CBD. In short, for the price you pay, this is a great oil and we like what is inside the bottle.

There are, however, a couple of rookie errors which not only could land Beast Pharm in hot water with a regulatory body but may also shed light on how serious this company is about CBD. We don’t feel there is any love or knowledge of what is being sold.

Firstly, the CBD oils are branded incorrectly as ‘full-spectrum‘ (which means it contains THC plus other Cannabinoids & other active ingredients) yet the oils are advertised as only containing 0.01% THC. This amount of THC is way too low to be classed as full-spectrum and we know of CBD products with more THC which are classed as ‘THC free’. This would mean that these products are ‘Broad Spectrum’ and not full spectrum; this is a very common issue in the CBD industry as many companies mis-advertise their products. Full-spectrum is often considered the more desirable of the two but the way the UK laws are going, true full spectrum products may not be legal for much longer. There are no lab reports published on the website, so it is difficult to see how good these oils actually are.

Secondly, the ingredients state that the bottle contains ‘90% hemp seed oil and 10% CBD oil’. CBD is a compound, not an oil so is not an accurate description of what the bottle contains. Although it is semantics, this would not wash with a regulatory body and exposes a fundamental lack of understanding in the production of the product itself. Secondly, the website also says that the oils use an MCT oil base, rather than hemp seed oil. This is a huge oversight and has us wondering what the oil is actually made from.

MCT oil would make more sense if the main customer base are fitness people, but why include both on the ingredients list?

It is clear that whoever wrote the content on the website, does not know very much about the CBD products at all and it does not inspire any confidence.

If you take Asylum CBD for example, or Four Five CBD (which are targeted towards similar markets) the passion and knowledge is obvious.


What Do Others Say About Eddie Hall’s CBD?

The company seems very, very new so it is hard to find any solid reviews. There is currently no Trustpilot or third party review platform being used.

In conclusion

Our love for Eddie has not changed, but the company here needs some work to compete with some of the other brands we have tried and reviewed. What is needed is some expertise and some real love behind what is being sold. Need help? One of few of our team are chomping at the bit and would love to help out. Get in touch and we can push you in their direction.



Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK