Pure Sport CBD review (Our Honest Thoughts)

Pure Sport CBD Review

Pure Sport CBD are a CBD company based in the UK (in London & Glasgow). We first heard about Pure Sport CBD after seeing a number of positive reviews for them online, so we decided it would be useful for our readers to conduct our own review.


Pure Sport CBD has been featured in our list of the best CBD Oils (<— this is our list of the best we have tried). Check that page out after reading the review.

Now let's get into the review:

Who is Pure Sport CBD?

The company was founded by 2 mates who both developed a passion for CBD after seeing the benefits it provided them when recovering after their sports sessions. As professional athletes in a high contact physical sport, they often picked up injuries and found that CBD was great at helping them deal with these knocks. We love this backstory and think it's great to see 2 people with genuine passion behind a CBD brand (makes a change from a lot of the companies we review!). It's a very similar backstory to the guys at FourFive, who are former rugby players. As always, we'll be taking a close look at their product range, customer service and reviews to see if they're worth your time and money.

Over the years it seems as though the company have onboarded a whole host of investors and influencers- they are set to be one of the biggest companies in Scotland for sure. They offer BSCG rated oils, capsules & CBD muscle balms.

They are among some of the biggest CBD companies we know of based in Glasgow - even maybe bigger than Hope CBD. Let's get into the review:

What are the Pure Sport CBD Oil products like?

The first thing to note about the Pure Sport CBD shop is that there is a handy quiz you can use to find the best product for your needs. For anyone new to CBD, this is a really useful tool that you should definitely use. It's just a series of simple questions which points you to the right product depending on what you need CBD for.

The Pure Sport CBD product range itself is quite extensive and has something for everyone. As always we're most interested in the CBD oils, and these look great. They're broad spectrum which means they contain 0% THC - this is good for athletes and anyone who is regularly drug tested at work or elsewhere. The oils are available in concentrations ranging from 300mg to 2000mg, a really nice range to work within. All oils are lab tested (triple lab tested!) and you can find the lab reports on the product pages, which is essential for us.

If oils aren't your thing, Pure Sport CBD also have capsules and topical CBD products. The capsules are made with the same broad-spectrum CBD oil as the tinctures so we're really happy with those. The topicals (which includes muscle balm and face moisturizer) are obviously slightly different products but are still broad-spectrum and still look great. CBD can actually be absorbed pretty effectively through the skin and has been proven to help improve skin conditions such as acne.


Pure Sport CBD 2000mg CBD oil

Pure Sport CBD Balm

We noted that the Pure Sport CBD balm is one of the most popular products with customers of the company.

The CBD balm comes in two strengths, 500mgs (£29.99) and 1000mgs (£42.99). Each both contain an array of other beneficial ingredients such as Lavender (soothing), Wintergreen, Peppermint (cooling and warming) and Lemongrass.

The benefit of using the Pure Sport CBD balm is that you can apply it directly to muscles and joints to help with pain, inflammation and recovery. The recommended dose three times a day, but we know that topical CBD isn't as potent as a sublingual oil so you could easily take more. The CBD balm is great when used in combination with a CBD oil.

They have been included on our list of the best CBD muscle rubs from the UK.

What are the Pure Sport CBD reviews like?

Pure Sport CBD Trustpilot

Pure Sport CBD use Trustpilot to collect reviews which is great to see, as it's a third party platform where customers are verified. Currently, they're sitting with a 5 star rating from over 700 reviews (at the time of writing)- wow. This is a really impressive score and definitely one of the highest we've seen in the UK. Reviewers mention that the products are high quality and that the customer service is top-notch, which is absolutely in line with everything we've read online about Pure Sport CBD.

We also like to check the negative reviews to see if there are any recurring issues. The negative reviews that we can see are nothing to be concerned about. They are either to be expected (CBD hasn't worked, something went wrong) and the usual unhappy people who seem to take pleasure from writing negative reviews (I haven't had my products, on a bank holiday).

Is Pure Sport CBD a Good Company?

Overall, we think that Pure Sport CBD are a great company. From their online reviews and our experience, there isn't much we can fault. In short, yes, Pure Sport CBD is a good company.

Pure Sport CBD review

In Conclusion

So overall we're really impressed with Pure Sport CBD and think that they are a great company. We think they look like a great choice for CBD products. Definitely check them out!


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