Provacan CBD Oil Review (Our Honest Opinion)

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Updated September 8th, 2021

Provacan is one of the biggest CBD brands in the UK right now and part of the Ciitech family (including Impact CBD & Hugg) - they sell a whole range of oils, CBD Creams, CBD vape pens / pods) and capsules, Gummies)

They've been featured in cannabis publications like Green Shoppers & Way of Leaf (We are sure that Provacan/Ciitech own/are linked to these), Marijuana Break and Shopping CBD, and they've been featured in mainstream news publications like London Evening Standard and Business Insider. To put it lightly, these guys are everywhere. So why?

But when it comes to the crunch, how do the Provacan CBD oil products actually stack up against other CBD oils in the UK, and why is Provacan CBD oil so popular with beginners? We put them to the test ourselves for this review, as well as taking into consideration all of the reviews online for Provacan, to create this Provacan review.

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In Summary 

If Provacan are not one of the biggest CBD companies in the UK, they are pretty close. Their marketing efforts have seen them explode in the past year or so (which is why you find them everywhere & featured on top tens across the board). This is absolutely down to the fact that they are backed by a network of international multi-million [insert currency here] pharmaceutical/biotech giants. 

In our experience, the service, delivery and oil were all great. The only real gripe we have is that the Provacan advertise their oils as 'full-spectrum' when we would argue they are 'broad-spectrum' (contain a range of minor cannabinoids and terpenes without THC). Full-spectrum products are considered as superior which may explain this misclassification.  If you wish to purchase full-spectrum from Provacan, their CBD paste is where to go.  

In short, the Provacan products can certainly be trusted and may serve you well. We'd consider them a safe pair of hands compared to a lot of the competition out there. For us, we really think about where we put our money and if we are to be honest, we would sway you away from a giant, and into the arms of smaller UK based producers who give back in a more tangible way.

Who is Provacan?

Provacan is one of the biggest CBD companies in the UK and fall under the Ciitech family. Ciitech are a cannabis biotech company from Isreal whose influence spreads far and wide in the UK's cannabis industry. Provacan was seemingly founded (and currently run) by Clifton Flack (who openly writes for/ owns GreenShopers & the founder of ICAN - Israel Cannabis).

It is clear that Provacan is one part of a network of companies which have some huge multi-national backers and are a major force behind many aspects of the cannabis industry - both politically and economically. We see them a little bit like the 'Coke of Cannabis'.


The Provacan Trustpilot profile

Provacan reviews on Trustpilot

Provacan has 4 and a half stars from 416 reviews on Trustpilot - in fairness that is a pretty great review average, however considering the size of the brand we would consider Provacan to have more than 416 reviews (other much, much smaller brands have over 1000 seemingly legitimate reviews).

10% of their reviews on Trustpilot are rated either bad, poor or average. We like to try and explore common themes in these negative reviews to see if there are any recurring issues rather than a one-off experience- there seems to be a few bad reviews saying the product doesn't work (which is a fairly common gripe across all companies as CBD isn't for everyone), but two others which are interesting: The customer service was either slow or non-existent, the delivery is not very consistent and the bottles are leaky/poor quality. We experienced neither of these things so all good in our book!

That leaves an overwhelming majority of 90% at above average, a very good score compared to most other CBD companies. The positive reviews mention good customer service (so there must be some hit and miss which is understandable) and the effectiveness of their CBD oils.


What does Reddit think of Provacan?

Reddit is a good place to visit if you want to check out honest reviews for a company, and there are plenty of threads on the platform about Provacan CBD oils. There are more than a few (like the one above) who complain that the website seems suspicious. Including the extract below where a consumer asked why the cart says 'Product X' rather than the product selected- it seems the response from Forthealeless (a popular blog which sells health supplements).

Although a few of the most popular threads mention that the website looks dodgy, the overall consensus is that the products are fine and that they are known to be a reputable CBD brand.

Our Honest Provacan review

Provacan offers a huge range of products (including CBD paste & some CBD Cosmetics) but we would like to focus on the oil. Oils are usually where most people start and for those looking for a more general benefit to their well-being. They have a strength range from 300mgs up to 2400mgs - we shall focus on the middle ground of 600mgs.

The 600mgs is £39.99 which is a fairly average price for the strength- you could compare this to Hempen who charge £45 and the Loveburgh 600mgs which is priced at £35.99. Compared to the other two, which use Hemp Oils, Provacan has opted to use Olea Europaea, which is a fancy name for olive oil. This is typical for the classic European CBD oils and means that their CBD oils will be packed full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

When reviewing any product, we look for lab-reports. We found a lab-report for the 600mg on their website but it may or may not be up to date as batches change all the time (just as they may have changed their formula by the time you read this). From what it seems, the oil contains 6% CBD, 0.3% CBG & 0.02% THC and a basically non-existent amount of CBC. The company claims that its products are full-spectrum (which may be down to the mere presence of THC or inclusion of phytochemicals) but we would argue that the products are 'broad-spectrum' as they contain a range of minor phytocannabinoids and phytochemicals but not enough THC.

If you are looking for 'full-spectrum' get their paste. From what it looks like, their paste will be awesome. However the only issue here is that it seems Provacan have recently removed the paste from their website, we'll update this page if they add the product back to their range.

Looking back at the previous extract from Reddit, it seems that Fortheagless also see the lack of THC (we clearly aren't the only one's who have the opinion that the oils are not 'full-spectrum' as advertised).

Honestly, we quite enjoyed the oils. The usual gripe with CBD is that the products taste worse than licking the bottom of a shoe- which is sometimes true. These oils are not the best tasting ever but that could be to do with the fact they are produced with Olive Oil. All of the olive oil CBD oils we have tried are always a little nastier than hemp- maybe its just the fact that the flavours clash.


Provacan CBD VapePod

Provacan CBD VapePod

The CBD VapePod from Provacan is an interesting piece of equipment that has become quite popular here in the UK. Described as an advanced device, the main feature of the VapePod is even and reliable heating, to prevent burning your CBD vape oil. The device uses a porous core design which was developed by Kanabo, a medical cannabis brand. It certainly looks impressive and seems to be popular with vape connoisseurs.


All- around, we thought they were pretty good 🙂

So before we get into our opinion on Provacan CBD products, here is a quick overview of what the consensus is online:


Provacan Discount Codes

Most CBD companies have discount codes for their regular buyers and for those who are part of their mailing list. This is mostly because CBD can be fairly expensive (if you get the real deal) and a lot of companies rely on repeat custom. If you are looking for Provacan Discount codes online then it may be best to avoid random websites claiming to have the discounts, and simply sign up to their newsletter, or follow them on Facebook.

To keep it simple: its better to get provacan discounts from the company itself, rather than anywhere else.

Is Provacan CBD oil good?

We have to admit, the Provacan CBD oils are good quality. They are a trusted brand and we certainly think that you would not be disappointed with using their CBD Oils. They publish lab reports, have detailed information on their website and come from a family of companies who clearly have an abundance of resources & expertise.

The only small gripes we have comes from the fact that the oils are branded as 'full-spectrum' when in our opinion they are not. As a second thought, we like to support the under-dogs who offer a similar standard.

Hopefully, this Provacan review has helped you decide whether or not to purchase CBD products from this brand.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK