CBD Balm UK - is it good and where to buy from?

CBD balm UK

So, you love your skin and want to buy something that is ethical, does not contain chemicals and gives you a glow that everybody is complimenting? Well, sadly, you're best avoiding most of the CBD creams and balms you can find on high-street shelves.

Most of the time, the CBD creams are really cheap base creams (that you would usually avoid like the plague), infused with isolated CBD with a heavy price-tag- you may as well buy detol and a wire-brush. Most topical CBD products do not need to comply with the same stringent regulations as edible oils, so the quality is particularly poor in this world.

We are a bunch of people who know quite a bit about CBD and have done some in depth research into the benefits of CBD creams and what makes a naturally produced healthy product for your skin.

If you want the best CBD balm or cream that does not undo the years of maintenance.

What are the benefits of using CBD balm for skincare?

Usually, balms, salves, creams and skin oils are used to help prevent and reduce the inflammation caused by skin conditions.

Whether you suffer from allergies, dry and itchy skin or eczema or psoriasis, CBD skincare could be the net best thing you haven't tried yet. CBD works by supporting the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Often a defficency in the ECS somewhere can cause a wide range of health conditions due to the fact that the body is not working as it should- this could cause excess inflammation, unhealthy cell production, decrease your bodies ability to protect an repair or even prevent healthy hair growth.

A happy ECS can help your body deal with inflammation, promote healthy cell production and life cycles and can increase blood flow to affected areas. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the ECS has a significant impact on the symptoms and appearance of itchy and damaged skin.

To add to that - the ECS is a very important part of achieving homeostasis - in simple terms it helps our body run normally. So, a topical CBD can maintain your healthy skin and keep flair-ups to a minimum.


What types of CBD balm can you buy?

CBD salves

CBD Balm was maybe one of the first topical CBD products to hit the shelves. It is easy to apply and has a very wide range of uses. It can be added to your lips, applied to a sore knee or elbow, and can be safely applied to an irritating skin condition. CBD balm, also known as a CBD salve can be easily made yourself, or you can purchase some from one of the many providers in the UK. On its own, a salve/ balm can be pretty damn good for your skin health but when you add CBD to it, you take advantage of the fact that your skin is absorbing the CBD and stimulating the ECS to reduce inflammation and irritation.

CBD Body Butter

CBD Body Butter is one of my favourite CBD skincare products. For me, the biggest reason why people should take CBD is down its ability to use the ECS to calm and relax you. It is something we all need in these ever changing digital times. It is very important to get some 'you' time. This can come in the form of pampering yourself with beautiful fresh fragrances and a nourishing CBD body butter. Our very favourite product is the Mango CBD body butter from Natureleaf- it is completely organic, lab tested and made with 100% natural ingredients. It is a real treat for your skin. If you are going for a CBD body butter, choose this one.

CBD Cooling Gel

CBD Cooling Gels do exactly what they say on the tin. The are for cooling off those hot joints and painful creaks we get as we get older. Usually, cooling gels are used by athletes/ sports people to help them recover from their training or an injury, or they are used by the older generations to help soothe the pain they feel after movement. The CBD cooling gel is the perfect combination. Not only do you enjoy the cooling sensation for the gel, but the CBD can act to reduce the inflammation, the pain and tenderness by supporting the ECS. CBD cooling gel is a wonderful product!

Where to buy the best CBD Balms & Creams?

There are a range of CBD Balms & creams from high-street stores but we would suggest that you avoid those- those guys know as much about CBD as your foot. A CBD specialist is where you want to go.

We have put together a list of the best CBD creams, balms, cooling gels and moisturizers which have been approved by our team. We want to help you avoid the chemical layden creams which may even cause more inflammation and leave your skin worse off.

Whether you are looking for something to help protects your chapped lips, or something to help reduce itchy or painful skin you will find plenty of options right here!

CBD Guru muscle balm

CBD Guru 

CBD Guru has 2 CBD balms within their range, both of which are intended to help with muscle aches and pains. We're big fans of the tiger balm which has a soothing effect.

Love CBD balm

Love CBD

There are 3 varieties of balm to choose from on the Love CBD website, ranging in size from 10g (100mg of CBD) to 100g (1000mg of CBD). Love CBD are a trusted brand and their balm is great.

Naturecan CBD balm


Naturecan has 3 different balms on their website, including the slightly scary sounding 'Chill Heat' muscle rub. Better watch where you apply that one.

CBD balm UK

In Conclusion

CBD balm can be a fantastic addition to almost any skincare routine, check out the brands we've recommended above and see how it works for you!