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We recently wrote a review of the brand new CBD company Beast Pharm owned by Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall and it reminded us of another strong man who has launched a CBD business, Brian Shaw. The company in question is CBD Fit and is currently US-based but you can purchase the products in the UK, and they are seemingly fairly popular here too.

We decided to take a closer look at CBD Fit and try to get some products for ourselves: they offer some of the best CBD oils we’ve seen, CBD capsules and asleep tonic which contains melatonin. Unlike Beast Pharm they do not sell muscle rub/ skincare products.

Disclaimer – this is not a paid promotion and we have not yet tried the CBD oils as they would be illegal in the UK. The review is based on what we can see from their online presence and using our experience with CBD products. 

If you’re from the UK then you may not be able to get some of this amazing CBD oil, check out our page for the best CBD Oil UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried)… or keep reading the review. If you’re into vapes, check out this our list of the best CBD Vape Pens.

Who Is CBD Fit?

CBD Fit is a US-based CBD company founded by Sean Rosario (ex Navy Seal), Brian Shaw (Worlds Strongest Man) and Suzanne Gatt (Fitness Supplement Expert). It seems as though it is Sean who is the driving force behind the company, and himself started his journey as a user of CBD to help him recover from physical activity. He saw the value of building an elite team who have industry-leading knowledge and a passion for the products.

Sean as an ex-Navy Seal will know a thing or two about pushing his body to the extreme. He is a decorated member of the Seals and operated in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. We see a lot of CBD and health companies which targets itself to sports and well being, when it is clear the owner cares about neither of these. It’s very refreshing to see the owners embody the business message itself. It brings authenticity and we love that.

The most high profile of the team is Brian Shaw, one of the worlds most successful strong men. We noticed the company a way back when it was first launched from his Instagram profile. At the time, he was one of the first to publically promote CBD. These days, everywhere you look there is some kind of bodybuilder or social media influencer awkwardly holding a bottle of garbage to make a hefty commission. In contrast, shaw seems quite genuine in his passion and use of CBD. While you compare others like Hafþór ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson who has started to soullessly push any old junk, Shaw’s promotion is robust and clearly comes from a genuine love for cannabinoid products.

Other than the owners, the brand itself is amazing. The website is very easy to use, there is a whole load of great information there and the products themselves look slick. All in all, when it comes to CBD companies, this is maybe up there as one of the best we have seen from the US, and the UK.

To us, what really stands out is the section about CBD advertising. One of the main issues with the CBD industry is the trend of making wild and false claims about the benefits of CBD. In the UK, it is currently illegal to make any kind of medical claim (it is nearly never enforced) but you will still find many companies who will tell you anything to buy their snake oil. In our experience, companies with a robust understanding of CBD and confidence in their product do not need to make this kind of assertions. We really respect that CBD fit is not trying to sell the products with claims and marketing; they allow the product to speak for itself.

CBD fit offer a whole range of apparel of really interesting products: from CBD oil, A FitDreams sleep supplement, CBD Capsules (and FitJoint which contains other antiinflammatory ingredients and Fit Gut for gut health), and some hemp protein.

The CBD Fit Products

As a general rule, when we write a review about a product, we like to focus on the CBD oils. Most of the time, the oil is the most popular CBD product but it also sets a watermark for how good the rest of the products will be. For this reason, we will also be looking at the CBD oil first. At the moment, it only seems like there is one oil on offer which is a 250mg tincture. You can purchase the oil in a range of flavours (Dragonfruit & Mint) and in a few different bottle sizes.

To begin with, the lab reports are linked to on the website, and you can search through a whole bunch of the products that CBD fit have. We were very disappointed; only because the products would be illegal in the UK and we won’t be able to try any. These oils are true full-spectrum and contain a really, really nice range of cannabinoids including 0.7% THC. The highest you can legally get in the UK is 0.2% (this may change to 0.01% which is some bull-s***). This oil is going to be very potent and we know that any user will experience the full benefits of the hemp plant.

At first we thought that the 250mg was a fairly low dose, but with the range of cannabinoids in the oil we now know why. The theory of the ‘entourage effect’ means that all the cannabinoids work together. The presence of THC helps the body accept CBD and increases the effectiveness of the product as a whole.  A lot of the oils in the UK test out to below 0.1% THC which gives some perspective on how full spectrum this oil actually is. The most THC we have seen in a product is a CBD paste, which is 0.2%.

We are very impressed, to say the least, and can’t wait to try some in the future.

We also love the other products here because they do not simply rely on CBD. CBD fit sell a range of capsules which utilise other ingredients including turmeric, magnesium, melatonin and more. Each is designed specifically to target inflammation and joint pain, sleep and to promote gut health. More often than not, companies overlook the synergistic benefits of other active ingredients and focus on the benefits of CBD alone. This is the future of CBD and we love to see the thought, love and care that has been put into the development of the CBD fit product range.

What do Others Say?

We actually found it quite hard to find any reviews for CBD fit. This is potential because we are from the UK and there is another company which has the same name blocking up our search results. We are unsure what the legal implications of this are but there is certainly confusion going on here as they seem to have CBDfit products on their Google profile. From the reviews we can find, they are generally all glowing and say great things about the products. While we ourselves cannot try the products, we see that quality is king here and have no concerns about the lack of online reviews.

In Conclusion

In short, we are very impressed by CBD fit from what we can see. There are a few companies who do to need to pretend, and you can really see and feel how genuine they are. If a company has a true passion for CBD and its customer’s health, it shines through. CBD fit is one of those companies.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK