Tangie Marijuana Strain

Strain | 70% Sativa Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (19 - 25%) CBD (0.1%)

Terpenes | Terpinolene, Ocimene, Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene.

Tangie Bud

More About Tangie Marijuana

The Tangie strain is the head of the ‘Tangie Family’ which extends far and wide; the influence of this strain can be felt in more than a few of the most beloved strains out there. 

If you like Tangerine Dream (the strains are very similar) or love Forbidden Fruit, Orangeade or Clementine, then you’re going to love their pappy. Strains like Mimosa call Tangie their grand-pappy – the family is a heavy weight. 

The Tangie strain is said to be a cross of California Orange and an unknown skunk strain. While the roots are said to be from the US, Tangie is a very, very popular and common strain in Europe. The strain also has won a whole plethora of awards from the Cannabis Cups. This is a very well loved bud.


What does Tangie Look Like? 

Although it is likely that you will smell the strain before seeing it, the buds are bunchy, fluffy and elongated (classic sativa) with light green leaves and thick orange pistils. 

While the leaves are loose they are smothered in a layer of creamy trichomes which makes the buds particularly sticky and can be a challenge to break apart by hand. You’ll likely need a grinder to get a nice fine grind. 


Aromas & Flavours

Tangie has all the hall marks of a fruity Californian strain – with sweet tangerine rind and a skunk undertone. You may also taste other citrus fruits like lemon and grape. 

Upon breaking the buds apart the lemon-y orange rind is cut but the harsh notes of hash and spice. They create a wonderfully nuanced smell that will be smelled all day long. 

Like many of the most popular tasting strains, the sweet fruits are nicely cut by a hashy spice on the exhale, much like a spiced fruit desert. The tangie orange ligers on your tongue and balances out the spice nicely. A great one for a late morning toke. 


The High

The prominent Sativa genes means that the Tangie strain has a very heady cerebral buzz. Users should expect a heady euphoria which leans towards a focused, creative mindset which is ideal for mundane tasks, painting or being productive. 

Due to the high levels of THC in the strain, it may be advised to take it easy if you’re new to cannabis. You may find that you experience recursive thinking and increased levels of paranoia and anxiety if too much is consumed. Take it easy! 

CBD Tangie

We found that you can get CBD Tangie flower & CBD vapes very easily. A quick google search will help you find some products but we recommend a few places: 

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