HempHash Review (Our Honest Opinion)

HempHash review

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Updated March 15th, 2021

When we came across HempHash we actually got really excited! It was a great excuse to use up the leftover hemp rolling papers and crack out the old Dynavap from our (Uncle Herb Review). While we usually like to do a review of the CBD oil offering of any brand, we couldn't help ourselves when we saw some CBD flower / CBD Pre-rolls

It is quite hard to find a good place to buy CBD flower as it is not technically legal in the UK (we ourselves have transitioned to CBD vapes using Terpene flavoured Distillates, and CBD Pre-Rolls). The authorities are not likely to know the difference between a CBD flower, and an illegal bud.

We couldn't contain our excitement so we purchased some right away and thought that we would share out thoughts on HempHash. So here we go!

Before even thinking about buying from HempHash, you should out our list of the best CBD Oils from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … or keep reading the review.

Who is Hemp Hash?

HempHash are a CBD company based in Gloucester (took a little bit of digging) and provide a wide range of CBD based products, including CBD flower, oils, pastes, CBD concentrates and cosmetics, capsules). Usually, CBD companies have a fairly fleshed out 'about us' page as trust is essential for selling CBD. There are so many con's out there that it is nice to read a little bit about the company, the people behind it and the culture behind the scenes. HempHash do not have this and there is little about the company we can talk about... in saying that they seem huge and there is such a wealth of information about each product on their website that it is clear these guys know what they are talking about.

What are the HempHash products like?

Rather than trying some CBD oil, we got some CBD flower this time. And we were very pleased. We went for the Harlequin strain (which is a CBD dominant strain anyway) as we suspected this may be of better quality than the generically flavoured flowers. Harlequin is a cross between Columbian Gold, Napali Indica, Thai & Swiss Landrace. It is a 75/25 Sativa dominant strain, with a mid-green colour with slightly orange/brown pistils and herbal notes of pine (Pinene), Citrus (Limonene) and Pepper (Caryophyllene).

We were certainly impressed with the detail given about this product as many CBD flower sellers do not provide so much detail - or lab reports. This strain contains a nice speed of naturally occurring cannabinoids including:

  • 15.191% CBDa
  • 1.751% CBD
  • 0.273 CBC
  • 0.174% THC

The flowers are sold for decorative purposes (boo) so we looked and stared at it for a while. First impressions were that the packaging did not smell of weed, and was nice and discrete. When we opened the packet it smelled great. A tiny gripe was that some of the buds were a little branchy but there was more than enough of the dense bud not to be annoyed but it.

The buds had a wonderful herbal flavour which was nice and natural, and we got a nice light calming buzz. In honesty, fantastic!

What about the HempHash CBD Oil?

The care and consideration given to the selection of CBD oils is brilliant. They offer a range of their own branded oils (which included Sativa/indica oils) and each with a carefully constructed terpene balance. This is a very unique feature and we do not see very many companies putting this amount of thought or offering this kind of oil. It is actually very nice to see.

They also offer a CBD/CBG oil which is very interesting - we have yet to try a CBD/CBG cross oil but from what we have found online, the blend is very popular!

Each of the CBD oil products are produced using CO2 extraction and they have their own lab reports allocated to them and they show a really nice spread of cannabinoids including a small amount of THC. They are branded correctly as full-spectrum too!

From what it looks like, these oils will be fantastic. We are sure that if you purchase from HempHash then you'll be impressed for sure!

What does Reddit think of HempHash?

HempHash Reddit

We often like to take a look at Reddit when reviewing a CBD company, because there is a very active and experienced CBD community on there. Sure enough, we found a bunch of threads about HempHash on Reddit, with many users singing their praises and being really positive about the brand. The thread we found pictured above was full of really positive reviews of HempHash, with users stating for the most part that they had only had really great experiences with the company. You can see that the user above had never had a bad experience with the brand, even after 10 orders.

What are the HempHash third-party reviews like?

We like to search out companies based on the reviews on Trustpilot as it is one of the only semi-regulated review platforms which gives a much more genuine idea of the companies conduct. While writing the review HempHash has 1144 reviews which are mostly very positive. Most of the positive reviews speak about the quality of the products, the excellent service and delivery.

We do also like to have a little read of the negative reviews to see if there are any recurring themes. In honesty, Hemphash has nothing to worry about - there are less than 1% one-star reviews and from the ones we have read they were not serious. Most were little mistakes, delivery issues or difficult customers which every company get. We got a great laugh reading some of the replies from HempHash (particularly the bad review with Mark 'Bob') - it is very entertaining to read them do battle. We'd be inclined to just ignore some of these bad reviews and let the good ones speak for themselves, but power to HempHash for taking the time to fight back.

HempHash Trustpilot reviews
HempHash review

In Conclusion

Surely by this point, you must realise that HempHash are a good choice for CBD flower. If you're based in the UK you need to ensure that you're keeping an eye on the law so you don't get your flower taken off you, but if you're based somewhere in the world where flower can be consumed legally, check them out!

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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