Top Best CBD Pre-Rolls We Found Online

If you’re into smoking your CBD, but you don’t fancy a whole bag of bud hanging about (which is technically still illegal) or you’re not so good at rolling up a joint, then something like a CBD Pre-Roll may be an option worth exploring. While the laws on CBD flower (to smoke at least) are still very grey, it can be hard to find a reliable supplier of CBD flower pre-rolls that contain exactly what you expect. It is why you should expect ‘herb blends’ which are 100% legal currently in the UK.

You’re in luck though – our whole life at the moment has been dedicated to doing research into the best CBD products out there so that you avoid the cons. We have taken a deep dive into the world of CBD pre-roll / roll-ups and found what we think are the very best you can buy in the UK.

We have included these companies in no particular order, so each may be just as good as the other. Check them all out and choose which you think is best, and which flavours you fancy!


The Good CBD Pre Roll

The Goods Pre Rolls

We have come across The Goods being sold on a wide variety of platforms in the UK, and are very well known for the pre-ground hemp tea… which is suspiciously smokable (a good thing). They also sell a whole range or CBD pre-rolls. We think that these are the very best of all of the pre-rolls that we tried.

Most often, the CBD pre-rolls on offer across the UK are very poor quality. They either use awful hemp (which is either tasteless, bitter and grassy) or the amount of CBD is negligible. While The Goods Pre Rolls do not contain any hemp, they contain a blend of herbs, terpenes and cannabinoids which are produced to mimic the real thing. On first impressions, what you get it a cool little tube with a safety lock lid that contains a 14% by volume roll-up.

You peel back the seal and the smell of the terpenes hit you right away. The pre-roll is quite large, tightly rolled and you can see that there has been some care taken. The tube is handy to keep for keeping the blunt in if you do not plan to smoke it all at once.

The Goods offer are a range of strain flavours including Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, Zkittlez, Pineapple Express and Blue Dream. We have tried almost all of them and can say that they offer nice and smooth smoke and a flavour that is closer to the strains than others we have tried. A particular favourite is the Banana Kush.

In terms of effects, you can feel the CBD working almost immediately. We experienced a nice and chilled buzz which lasted for about 20 minutes. We also smoked the pre-roll in a couple of short puffs and it seemed that a little bit went a long way. This would be a brilliant alternative to smoking tobacco.

The great thing about these is that they are completely legal and they taste really, really good. You can smoke away and enjoy your CBD without worrying.

Unfortunately, you cannot by this product directly from the goods so you will need to go through a retailer: check out The Goods Pre-Rolls Here.


Hemp Elf

For all the years we have written about CBD, Hemp Elf has always been very high on our list as CBD flower experts. They are among the very few companies that have managed to continue trading while many other companies were being raided and closed down. They have centred their business around flowers, stuck to their guns and in the process become one of the biggest and most respected cannabis retailers in the UK. If you like your smokables then Hemp Elf is a great place to head

Hemp Elf not only offer fantastic CBD flower options, but they also sell a very wide range of pre-rolls which are just as good as you may expect. They stuff their rolls with organic CBD flower which is flavoured by strain – from Zkittlez, Wedding Cake and Super Lemon Haze.

Seemingly, Hemp Elf no longer sell their range and have replaced them with The Goods above. It is why we have replaced Hemp Elf on the top of our list.


Paradise CBD

Although you may never have heard of Paradise CBD, they are quite well known from their native town of Manchester.

While most of their products have been a little less edgy (they sell oils, pastes, capsules and cosmetics) it seems that they have ventured into the world of CBD pre-rolls. The company have a good reputation online and seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to cannabis. What we like most about the roll-ups is the little tube/tube that the pre-roll comes in, and the labels are so much nicer than the Paradise CBD oils are.

Paradise CBD offers two pre-roll options at the moment -the Bubblegum Haze (a lesser-known cannabis strain), Paradise Punch (a famous cocktail) Mimosa and some more. They are said to be full-spectrum but we don’t see a lab report for the flower inside the roll-ups.

When we tried the Paradise CBD pre-rolls we enjoyed them, but there was a little bit of a grassy flavour which seemed a little bit artificial. This could just be the way the Hemp flowers are produced.

The only issues we have is that these products contain hemp so are technically illegal to sell and there is some chatter online which suggest that the paradise CBD reviews are fake.

You can check out Paradise CBD here!


Budmother pre-rolls

Before researching this post, we had not come across Budmother. More than anything, they are very well known for their range of CBD cannabis products. Budmother offer a range of CBD flower options but also a king-sized pre-roll for £9.50 and is advertised as containing 10%-20% CBD. To be fair, that is fairly pricey for a roll-up but it is king-sized, and Budmother have a fantastic reputation so you know the quality of the hemp will be good.

The company also have a small packet of cigarillos which are much smaller than the king-sized pre-roll for £55. They look super interesting and we are very interested in trying them out. This type of product is currently very popular in Europe and you’ll often find them in vending machines, or from corner shops.



Our List of the Best CBD Pre-Rolls

Well, that concludes our list of the best CBD pre-rolls that we have found online. They are in no particular order so either one of these options is worth looking into. CBD roll-ups are still a grey area in the law so if you’re not too keen on buying some bud, there are other completely legal options with just as much flavour as the real thing.