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cannagars uk guide

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Updated October 11th, 2021

If you enjoy smoking cannabis, but you are also after something of the highest tier quality, that screams luxury, success, and fortune, then a Cannagar (or Cannarillo) may be your best friend.

Although Cannabis & CBD Pre-rolls are already widely available, they do not represent the same quality or status as a cannabis cigar.

We thought we would write a little bit about the highest end of smokable cannabis to ensure that you are in safe hands. Afterall, you could pay up to $1000 per roll.

It is fairly difficult to find a cannagar producer in the UK currently, but you can make your own at home using the Purple Rose Cannagar maker. Could be an option for you and it is available on Amazon too.

What is a Cannagar? (Weed Cigar)

Well, as a Cigar is traditionally a thick bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves which are smoked. They come in numerous sizes and are formed in three district components: a filter, binder leaf and a wrapper leaf (the best leaves are used here). Cigars are part of a long tradition of quality, flavour, exclusivity and outright luxury.

Cannagars feature the same three components yet the ingredients are the finest cured and dried cannabis, and cannabis leaves. It not only combines the plethora of cannabis flavours but the effects too. If you are a cannabis smoker and you're searching for the highest quality of ingredients, and the best of flavours, then a Cannagar will be what you need.

The objective is to have a clean, slow burn which allows you to enjoy the flavours, and savour every moment and make an event out of smoking. There is nothing more high-end.

Cannarilloes (Cigarilloes for tobacco) are much smaller and thinner than Cannagars. What makes them different to a roll-up is that rather than using hemp papers, the roll is made using the dry-cured hemp leaf.

While these items are not yet for sale in the UK, they are growing in demand in the USA. Whether that is a CBD flower, or fully-fledged THC version.



Popular (& the Best) Cannagar Brands

Lobo Hemp

Lobo Hemp are widely considered one of the best brands to come out of the USA, more excitingly they are the first cannagar company to start trading in the UK too.

The Lobo Presidente paper blunt offers affordable modern luxury without the eye-watering price tag of other brands. They offer a premium ground flower blunt for maximum flavour and a burn time that would keep a monk happy. The full hand-rolled hemp wrap is finished with a reusable glass tip which is a very nice touch.

What we love so much about these Cannagars is that they are understated - while many will have branding on their side, Lobo has quality and value for money. Way more bang with your buck here.

Check them our here



Seen as the gold standard, a Leira Cannabis Cigar is potentially the most well known of high-end smoking cannabis. They offer unbeatable quality and attention to detail that is hard to find anywhere. Looking past the amazing packaging and 24k Gold Cigar, the quality of the product is second to none. From Paper rolled, to hand cured hemp leaves, you got it all.

Mike Tyson is a fan of the Leira Cannabis Cigar: now that says a fair bit about how good this brand is.

As you may expect though, A Leira Cannagar will set you back significantly and is quite a pricey bit of smoke. It is worth it!


Artisan Canna Cigars

Alongside premium cannabis cigars, Artisan offer a range of unique range of luxury smoking cannabis. The one that takes our eye is the Thai Stick which is more of a Cannarillo with a hemp paper string to ensure the burn is slow and even. It looks like a really nice addition to any line-up and

How to make a Cannagar at home?

There are two ways to do this- the easy way or the hard way. The easy way includes using an empty Cannagar shell (like the Wolfskins from Lobo) and filling it with your own herbs. The second way is almost a ritual.

To start with, you need a few things: Cannabis leaves (Indica leaves work better as they are broad, either flushed/ cannibalized leaves or cured will be best), Cannabis flower (make sure your items are removed and the flower is really sticky; the more resin in the flower, the better they stick together. We suggest sticking to one strain, but a mixture can work too) a cannabis oil/ concentrate (A thinner extract like Distillate or Rosin is better, as it will glue the leaves together and may affect the burn speed), and finally a mould (plus some accessories - we recommend checking our Purple Rose for this).

Step 1: Make the Core

Start by latching your mould, and placing a skewer through the device via the hole at the bottom. Grind your chosen flower down very finely (have an undertray to catch all that kief) and pack the mould using the packaging tool provided by Purple Rose. As long as you pack the flower tightly, you will enjoy a longer burn.

Once packed leave it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight so that the flower can set. It is best to leave the flower as long as 2 or 3 days but the minimum should be an hour or so.

Step 2: Wrap the Core

You can roll your homemade cannabis cigar in either hemp leaf papers, or in real cured hemp leaves. Whichever you prefer/ can get a better result with.

Remove the core from the mould, and it should be a nice iced lolly shaped rod of flower. Like a mini-milk for those British people out there. You should now coat the core gently with you distillate: as long a the concentrate is soft and spreadable, it will be perfect. The idea is to use the concentrate as a glue to hold the leaves/ papers on the core. Be very gentle here and evenly cover as much of the core as you can. Remember if you use Rosin or a high THC concentrate, the more you use, the more potent the Cannagar.

Once the core has an even covering, attach your filter to the bottom (with some oil for the overlap), and use this as a guide to slowly wrap the leaves/ paper. Make sure the wrapping is nice and tight, but also even. Use some extra distillate to seal the overlap too.

Step 3: Cure & Enjoy

The last step is the hardest; do not be tempted to smoke the cannagar all at once. Now, you need to allow the cigar to cure in a cool dark place for up to a week. This will dry out the cigar, and remove the chlorophyll from the leaves, allowing a much more enjoyable and easy smoking experience.

 Where to buy cannagars / weed cigar in the UK?

At the moment, you can buy Lobo Hemp cannagars in the UK as well as a few other brands. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

cannagars uk guide

Cannagars are a great way to consume cannabis and we're interested to see how they grow in popularity here in the UK.

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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