Paradise CBD (Our Honest Review)

Paradise CBD are a CBD company based in Manchester, England. We first heard about them totally by accident – we typed “paradise” into Google and saw “Paradise CBD” as a suggestion. When we searched for this term we thought we might find a CBD holiday resort, but it actually turned out to be a popular brand! If they’re popping up on Google they must be popular, so we thought we’d conduct a review of the brand. We’ll be taking a look at the products, reviews and customer service provided by Paradise CBD. Let’s get into the review:

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Paradise CBD overview

As we mentioned, Paradise CBD are based in the North-West of England. According to their site they’ve been around for a while, however, it doesn’t say what year they were founded. Paradise CBD also claims on their website that they are the UK’s biggest manufacturer and retailer of CBD products – Ok, big shoes to fill then considering the size of Canabidol, Hempura or Ciitech (Provocan, Hugg & Impact CBD) to mention a few.
The site is jam-packed products (including CBD pre-rolls which we love), as well as lab reports (we’ll talk about those in a second) and images of their clean-room (we really hope).
Also, we have to mention the CBD dosage calculator on the Paradise CBD website. What an awesome and helpful feature.

What are the Paradise CBD products like?

Oils, capsules and flower seem to be what the company specialises in.
The CBD oils sold by Paradise CBD are all claiming to be ‘full spectrum’ (which we’re big fans of). Yet at a closer look, their lab reports shown completely undermine this – they are broad-spectrum at very best – nearly an isolate CBD oil (if not for the tiny amount of CBDa). A full-spectrum oil is classed as oil which contains an active amount of other cannabinoids, including THC, which also contains other phytochemicals such as terpenes. Paradise CBD claims that the oil is ‘rich in CBD, CBC & CBG.
Not so great it turns out – We looked at all of the bit of the report here is the lab report of the 5% CBD Oil; as you can see the levels of the minor cannabinoids are almost non-existent- the level of THC is at 0.0021% which is even less than some certified ‘THC free CBD oils’ we have reviewed. There is even less CBG and no CBC on the lab report which suggests it will be N/D (not discovered). Not good for Pets or dogs we thing.
The true meaning of ‘full-spectrum’ can be stretched because it is nearly impossible to remove all traces of THC so we can understand the confusion- but let’s clarify 0.002% THC isn’t enough to make the oil ‘Full-Spectrum’. These oils are not full-spectrum and for them to be advertised as such is a little shocking, actually.
This is likely why the Paradise CBD oils are so cheap too.
To be completely fair, there is one huge positive. It’s interesting to see that Paradise CBD sell CBD flower pre-rolls, which are clearly very popular. This is something that we are really passionate about and sadly something that isn’t easy to sell these days – so we took the leap. There is a really nice range of different strains (with different terpene profiles) and CBD strengths. We’re genuinely really happy to see these.
Often CBD flower above 8% ish is either sprayed to boost the CBD content or has more THC than the advertised 0.2% – if you are being tested for work, then maybe avoid, but if not, get in there. We look forward to the day when more companies are able to sell flower online.
Paradise CBD actually have some great bundles which you can buy if you want a mix of CBD products. There is a bundle with some oil, capsules and balm which looks like a good buy.

What are the reviews like for Paradise CBD?

Paradise CBD trustpilot reviews

Paradise CBD post testimonials on their website, which are all very positive. But as you may know, we always prefer to find reviews on third-party platforms. Luckily Paradise CBD are on Trustpilot, where they’ve got a 4.9 rating from over 250 reviews! Seriously impressive.

Most of the users mention the great customer service provided by Paradise CBD, and how they are very quick to respond when messaged. Another thing which is mentioned by a few reviewers is that the prices are great.

In Conclusion

The company have fantastic reviews across the board would suggest that these guys are going places – we would like to see the oils have a wider spectrum of cannabinoids or to change the branding to ‘broad-spectrum’ as selling these oils as ‘full-spectrum’ may land them in hot water with trading standards or the FSA.



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