Uncle Herb (Our Honest Review)

Uncle Herb review

Uncle Herb are a CBD flower brand based in Kent. They've built up a real loyal following here in the UK due to their varied and interesting CBD flower range and CBD pre-rolls (this is our list of the best). There isn't much information on the website about the company background, but we do know that they've been around for a while.

As the laws around CBD flower are sketchy, it can be really difficult to find a supplier of CBD flower that is 1. Good quality, 2. Tastes Good 3. Won't get taken off their website within a week or so. There are a few big websites who sell CBD flower but we kept hearing about Uncle Herb.

For this reason, we thought it would be worth conducting a short review of the famous Uncle Herb. We tried out the CBD concentrate distillate vape pens (here is our list of our favourites) and some flower.

As always we'll be taking a look at their product range, reviews and customer service to see if they're worth your time and money. Let's get into the review:

Quick Summary

At any point when we find a CBD flower company, we get excited only to be disappointed. This was certainly not the case with Uncle Herb. Not only do they offer a great range of flower options but they are good as they look. The buds were decent sized (no branches), the flavours were natural and we are happy to report that it is some of the best CBD flowers we have tried.

We also adore the Vape pens/ distillate cartridges too. They were flavourful, of good quality and the pen itself produced a really nice smooth vape. This was a very nice experience for us and we appreciate all of the good work that Uncle Herb is doing, 

Who is Uncle Herb?

There is not a huge amount of background information about Uncle Herb on their website, but we do know that the brand was founded in 2018. Considering that they've only been around for less than 3 years, it's quite amazing to see how quickly Uncle Herb have grown - they're definitely the biggest CBD flower company in the UK. We'd like to see a bit more information about the brand but understand why the Uncle Herb team might prefer to stay somewhat anonymous!

What are the Uncle Herb products like?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Uncle Herb product range consists almost entirely of CBD flower (other than a few others like bath products and CBD vape pen Cartridges). This might sound quite limited, but the range of choices you have makes it one of the best CBD flower product ranges we've ever seen. Uncle Herb stock the usual suspects like Bruce Banner and Pineapple Express, but there are also some other lesser-known strains in there that you can check out. The other great thing about the Uncle Herb product pages is that they're packed with information about the products, including what cannabinoids you can expect to find.

We tried out both a vape cart and the Pineapple Express. Interestingly enough, the Pineapple Express wasn't quite how it was remembered but very enjoyable and had a really nice flavour. The buds we got were nice and full with few branches, and it had a really nice pungent note even when we opened up the little packet.  The vape oil was really nice and flavourful It was clearly packed with natural terpenes and lefts a nice CBD buzz behind it. Be careful when you're puffing on this vape because it smells very much like cannabis, which your neighbours or flatmates may not be attuned to. Very nice indeed! If flower isn't your thing, then Uncle Herb do have a few other products including CBD crumble and vape liquids. We don't often recommend crumble because it is for the more advanced cannabis users out there but actually this stuff looks really good. We've read that to dab it is smooth and doesn't burn your nose or eyes like some concentrates do. It's easy to vape or dab and although you need to prep it a bit before you can vape it, it's a nice alternative to a premade vape liquid. Overall it's not hard to see how these guys have established themselves as one of the largest CBD flower sites in the UK.

What are the Uncle Herb reviews like?

Uncle Herb are on Trustpilot which is great to see, but although they've got a perfect 5 star rating on there, it's only from 4 reviews. Clearly they're not pushing their Trustpilot profile which is a shame as it's a great place to find verified customers and real reviews. Luckily Uncle Herb do have a bunch of reviews on their product pages, and the overall consensus is that they're great. The highest-rated product we could find on their site was the Pineapple Express bud, which has a 5 star rating from almost 50 reviews. Impressive! If you want to look elsewhere for Uncle Herb reviews, there are actually a bunch of threads on Reddit about the brand. Again, these are mostly very positive.

Uncle Herb review

In Conclusion

Buying CBD flower in the UK is pretty complicated right now, and we can't outright recommend our readers to buy it online. But once the floodgates open and we can all enjoy CBD flower without hassle, I will be going straight to Uncle Herb!


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK