CBDistillery Review

CBDistillery review

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Updated June 15th, 2021

The CBDistillery is a US based company from the heart of the 'Original' cannabis circle triangle in Colorado. Usually, companies from Colorado are known for supplying quality and effective CBD products, and while there are plenty of 5 star reviews on the website, looking a little deeper there are quite a few unhappy customers that are making their voices heard. After reading a couple of damning online comments, we thought we would do a little bit of research and order some products to try. So here is our CBDistillery review:

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In Summary

In summary, we didn't think that the products themselves were too bad at all. The only real bone we would pick is related to the branding- which is awful in our opinion. It is cheesy, clinical and quite forced -- the #cbdmovement is over done on all media platforms-  and we feel that it is very corporate cringe. Even the products are branded like a million other phudo-medical pharma products that cure acne or hemorrhoids. It looks horrendous. We also noticed a disparity between the reviews found on all platforms, and the comments on social media.

What are the CBDistillery products like?

The general consensus on the product are positive. They offer a wide variety of products including CBD oils, CBD Isolates, Edibles and Merch. We ordered a selection of different oils because generally, those products are the bread and butter of a company. We were temped by all the great-looking vape pens, but based on almost all of the reviews, it was something we should avoid. Retailers and customers offered the same feedback. We didn't want to waste our money.


What are the CBDistillery third-party reviews like?

Like most companies, CBDistillery are very proud of their positive reviews... and why not showcase the best your company has to offer. What you also need is a couple of bad reviews to even things out. Some people put bad reviews for the most stupid reasons, even for amazing companies, so it is suspicious when a bad review is hard to find. Hordes of 5 star reviews is unrealistic.

The company have addressed this and said that they do not hide bad reviews, but by the fact that the company vets the reviews before they are published, and the overwhelming number of good reviews suggest that the company are not overly open with the negative reviews. Certainly while they admit they have issues with their service and certain services - they're bound to have a couple of bad reviews. In fairness, it is only natural to try and protect your brand.

We looked a little further into it and found a load of comments from unhappy customers all over the place. Even good reviews suggested that the company make a lot of mistakes when it comes to deliveries, damaged products, wrong order fulfillment etc... This is however, seemingly down to issues with their scaling process. Obviously, their products are good, they are in demand and that demand is pushing them over the edge.

FireShot Capture 1221 - CBDistillery - Pure CBD Oil - TheDrug.Store - UK - thedrug.store

Is CBDistillery a good company?

Overall we think that CBDistillery is a good company, especially if you're looking for CBD tinctures. The CBD gummies are also a good option for beginners.

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