Blessed CBD (Our Honest Review)


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Updated September 22nd 2023

If you search online currently for a list of the best CBD oil brands in the UK, you'll likely find more than a few articles listing 'Blessed CBD' as their top pick.

We saw this so frequently that we wanted to make sure that Blessed CBD actually is one of the best CBD oil brands in the UK currently available, so we decided to put them to the test.

Blessed CBD is currently no.3 on our list of the Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) ... check out our post after reading this review.

In this review, we cover:

  • taste
  • quality
  • strength
  • brand
  • online reviews
  • and our overall impressions

Ready? Let's dive into the full review:


In Summary

In Summary, Blessed CBD provides some pretty good full-spectrum CBD oils that are definitely better than some other popular brands out there... BUT (huge but)... are they the best?

Their CBD is often sitting at the top of the 'Best CBD Oil UK' pages but we are sure that this is more 'pay-to-win' marketing strategies (pay per article deals) and affiliate schemes (see below for more information). In truth, while the oils are head and shoulders above Provacan or Holland & Barrett, we feel that the oils are priced way too high for what you'll be buying; you can get a very similar quality oil at a much more reasonable price.

The 'small batch exclusive CBD oil' angle is also a clever marketing trick to make you feel as though you are buying something 'special' and therefore the price can be increased. It is a common trick to put 'x in stock' to make you feel as though you need to get there quickly.

So in short- yes, we would 100% recommend Blessed CBD in terms of quality but its price tag is eye-watering, and there are alternatives of similar (if not better) quality at a much more reasonable price. 

Ignore all the hype that it is the 'best' because we see that as just prolific marketing...

First - who is Blessed CBD?

Blessed CBD are a company based in the UK and are now owned by Hightide but still led by a digital marketing entrepreneur called Vithurs. Their exact location is unknown, and they only operate online so there is no shop to visit.

The selection of CBD oils that they offer is pretty straightforward - they have 10ml bottles with CBD content between 500mg - 1800mg, which is ideal for anyone getting started with CBD. Is this the reason they're so popular? It could certainly be one of the factors, however, there are definitely other reasons why this company frequently top the "best" lists for CBD oils.

Is Blessed CBD the best CBD oil in the UK?

Blessed CBD is certainly popular but we're not completely convinced that they are the best.

The oil is great but many of the articles online are paid for and duplicated. We'd say the oils are great, but better value can be found elsewhere. We published favourites in a  list here.

If you visit the Blessed website, you'll see a prominent page on their top menu about their affiliate program (which is when you get paid when a mention results in a sale eg. FYI- we do not mention companies based on paid advertising, or affiliate links.. just the companies we like!).

Although there is nothing wrong with a company using affiliates to drive sales, it's crucial for any visitors to those websites/online articles/ magazines/ newspapers to realise that often the reason certain brands are repeatedly mentioned within 'best of' guides because they offer a lucrative commission through an affiliate offer; rather than the quality of their products.

This is why you'll see Blessed CBD at the top of CBD oil lists on sites like, Mirror Online and Manchester Evening Times; all of these pages are paid for and duplicated across a number of online news outlets. Be wary that you're reading a 'Best CBD Oil' page that may have been paid for.

Most of the time, the content is identical and the second brand on here is Vibes CBD - we strongly suspect the two are owned by the same corp.

Blessed taste and quality

We should make it clear that Blessed CBD are by no means a completely worthless company. Their oils are seemingly very good (if only just a little too expensive).

Often companies who claim to have the 'best' CBD oil in the country are not even close, Blessed in our estimations would certainly be close to the top for sure! They are mostly full-spectrum, meaning they offer a wide range of cannabinoids and other benefits outside of the CBD content. Plus, their customer service is good and attentive.

Often full-spectrum oils have a bit of natural bitterness which can be hard to take. While some taste completely synthetic, and others taste like a mouth full of plant, Blessed is somewhere in the middle. It tastes natural and how hemp should taste.

We do have a TINY gripe with the company and it is that they claim their 1800mg CBD oil is 'full-spectrum' when it seems as though it is a broad-spectrum oil. In all honesty, this issue is industry-wide and it doesn't seem to be a malicious mislabeling but more of an oversight. You can see this in their cannabinoid lab report: there is basically zero THC and very minimal amounts of CBG, and CBC. If you compare it with their full spectrum 1000mg CBD oil lab report and you will see the difference. Otherwise, really nice profile of cannabinoids and natural plant matter. Some of the best out there for sure.


Blessed CBD oil 500mg

We recently tried the 500mg CBD oil from Blessed CBD and found it to be not too bad at all, let's look at the positives and the negatives.

Firstly, let's start with the good - the product arrived in a nice box with lots of lovely messages on it. Things like 'Thank You!' and 'Welcome to the Blessed family!". We're not the soppy type and don't always expect companies to be our best friends, but we do have to admit this was quite a nice touch and made the experience of opening the package quite fun. The box was also full of information about CBD and the products (pictured), which was a nice touch too. However, there was a lot of "stuff" in the box, and if each box sent out by Blessed CBD contains this much paper and material then we imagine it creates a lot of waste.

As for the product itself, it's a low-strength isolate CBD oil so we didn't notice too much of an effect from it. Each bottle of the Blessed CBD 500mg oil contains 2.5mg of CBD and no other cannabinoids, so if you've gone from consuming full spectrum or broad spectrum products you'll definitely notice a difference in taste and effects. The report included in the box was from January 2021, we would have preferred to see a more recent report but it's still good to see one included.

Overall this was quite good for a low-strength CBD oil, but it's not something we'd want to rely on for daily usage.

Blessed CBD information pack
Blessed CBD oil 1000mg

What about the online reviews - Is Blessed CBD Oil Good?

Based on the Online reviews, the Blessed CBD oil is good.

For the most part, Blessed CBD has positive online reviews. We've already explained why so many blogs and news publications recommend them so frequently, but you'll also see lots of positive reviews for Blessed CBD in places where people don't include affiliate links (such as Trustpilot reviews). Lots of these reviews comment on the effectiveness of the oil for aches and pains in joints, which is what you would expect from most 'real' CBD oils. In honesty, the reviews are mostly positive across the board.

What does Reddit say about Blessed CBD?

Blessed CBD review on Reddit

The price of CBD oils is generally moaned about. The reasons behind the price is down to the careful cultivation of the hemp (which is usually in the EU or US which adds export prices), the extraction methods, and the rigorous testing that must be completed. It all adds up and means that the finished product (or at least the good ones) can be fairly expensive.

When we had a look at reviews for Blessed over on Reddit, we noticed that many of the users had similar thoughts to us. The user in the screenshot above noted that the products were very expensive considering the strength of the oils. We agreed with this, and have found that there are many other CBD companies providing oils at a much more reasonable price.

We don't know how the product is produced, however, the website claims that they are made in smaller batches to ensure quality. This may be true, but it is also a very common marketing tool to portray exclusivity and a reason to inflate the price.



Final thoughts on Blessed CBD Gummies and Oils

These guys are definitely good, but listing them as the best in the UK might be a bit of overkill. We'd certainly say they're great for anyone looking to get started with CBD, but there are better and more affordable options out there for anyone who has been using CBD for a while.


Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK