Holland and Barrett / Jacob Hooy CBD Oil (Our Honest Review)


What makes this review so interesting is how big the Holland & Barrett CBD oil (by Jacob Hooy) range is, and how controversial it is. More often than not, it seems that most UK users started with these products, or still take them. But is the CBD oil at Holland and Barrett CBD oil any good? This review will hopefully answer that question.

So, let's dig into our Jacob Hooy CBD Oil review!

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CBD oil & Holland and Barrett

It could also be argued that Holland and Barrett is who started the mainstream CBD buzz way back in early 2017. At that point, CBD had only just become legal and had started making noise in underground or niche communities. There was lots of excitement about CBD but very few people (even those selling it) knew what it would do; it was just the fact that it was from Cannabis and it was good for you. Despite it being a growing industry, the providers were mainly smaller retailers who sold products from the EU or made in the bath (yes, in somebody's bath).

Holland & Barrett were really the first high-street retailer to make a fuss about CBD and smashed the industry with a massive marketing campaign and price drop using Jacob Hooy as their flagship. It set the industry alight and put CBD into the mainstream. Honestly, we have a lot to thanks Jacob Hooy and Holland & Barrett for that. If it wasn't for this time companies such as Provacan, Healthspan & Blessed CBD would not exist.

holland and barrett cbd oil

In Summary

In summary, if you're here to read about how bad the Jacob Hooy CBD oil is then you may be disappointed.

While the products may not be the first products that we would recommend, honestly, you could do so, so much worse! The main issues with the products is that they are inconsistent in their quality/ CBD/ THC content and have time, and time again been caught out for not containing what is advertised, but these HUGE companies seem to get away with it. To go over some of the more positive aspects, the oil is made using a whole plant extract and is actually has quite a good repertoire of positive reviews. For the price, you get a lot for your money- particularly during the 'penny sales'. 

In all honesty, we would say that if you want to try CBD and need a cheap oil that does the job, then this would be a great starting point. Read on for a more detailed Holland & Barrett CBD oil review!

BBC's Trust Me I am A Dr

The BBC strikes again- the Holland & Barrett CBD oil by Jacob Hooy was one of the products selected for testing by the BBC (along with Celtic Wind & Loveburgh). Quite interestingly, the Jacob Hooy 500mg CBD oil was found to only contain only 170-175mgs of CBD. Which is quite a bit off. It also hit the headlines recently that the oils also contain more than the legal limit of THC (the website actually states that the THC content is 0.5% which is higher than the UK limit!? Big company shield for you). Allegedly this is another independent lab testing.

To be honest, these results aren't that surprising these days. It is not the first time that the quality or consistency of the Jacob Hooy CBD Oil has come into question. In our opinion we genuinely do not believe that this has been done on purpose- we strongly think that this suggests a culture poor quality or consistency control, and Holland & Barrett as a company may be partly to blame.

The way in which huge companies like Holland & Barrett work is truly awful when it comes to a supplier. These companies must provide an extraordinary amount of product without payment upfront, then must provide x amount incase of wastage. Holland & Barrett's CBD oil is almost always on a 'penny sale' which once again cuts the revenue in half. That is to start trading with a company like HB. As a supplier, you then must keep up with the massive demand and if you make even a slight slip you're out. As a product that needs to be lab-tested a lot- it may be easier just to pump out as much as you can to meet the very high market demand. It is no excuse but it certainly goes to explain why the product is so inconsistent.

We think that Jacob Hooy can produce a good product- it's just a bit of Russian roulette.

Our Jacob Hooy Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review - is it good?


Jacob Hooy 2.75% CBD oil
the 2.75% CBD oil from Jacob Hooy was surprisingly good


So, now on to our own little Jacob Hooy review. We seem to find that there is a lot of hate out there for Holland & Barrett's CBD oil, and this goes for other brands they stock too. We seem to bump into two camps of people; those who bought the CBD without any expectations (and little understanding as to what it is) and quite like the product... and those who hate it and rubbish it yet, have never tried it. This is maybe why so many people ask: Is Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Any Good?

We certainly think that like all huge corporate businesses, the Holland & Barrett CBD oil range gets blasted on reputation alone, but there are a fair few people who try it and think it works fine. Even listening to Jeremy Vine on the radio a couple of years ago, streams of people would be on the phone saying that the products are great (for dogs & pets too)

With the full knowledge that the Jacob Hooy reviews that we have heard may not be accurate, we thought we would give the oils a try. In all honesty, we thought that they were pretty damn good- for a couple of reasons. The was clearly made using a hemp paste (which is stated too on the website) and contained all the natural plant matter that makes the Hemp plant special. We a really into whole plant oils and products, so for us this was a huge relief. The thinner, more refined oils just don't do the job as well.

The taste isn't the best- and is borderline the worst that we have tried but that is a small gripe. If you are buying CBD oil for the taste, then you should find another supplement.

What does Reddit think of Holland & Barrett CBD oil?

holland and barrett cbd oil reddit review

As you can see from the above thread, Reddit mostly has a negative attitude towards Jacob Hooy / Holland and Barrett CBD oil. The top comment on this thread is less than complimentary about the CBD oil, and there are various threads on the platform where people state that the Jacob Hooy Holland and Barrett CBD is no good at all. Reddit has a passionate and knowledgeable CBD community, so we always like to take a look at the reviews on there for no-nonsense advice.

What do Holland & Barrett customers think of the Jacob Hooy CBD oil?

Jacob Hooy CBD oil reviews

On the Holland & Barrett product pages they collect reviews from customers, and currently the 5% Jacob Hooy CBD oil is sitting with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 from over 800 reviews (see image above). Overall the reviews are pretty mixed, with many customers giving a 5 star rating but also many customers leaving a 1 star review. What's interesting is that the customers leaving 5 star reviews seem to think that the oil does a great job, whereas most of the 1 star reviews mention that the oil doesn't taste great and that it is too weak to help them in any way. Overall this is a very mixed rating for the Jacob Hooy Holland & Barrett CBD oil, and it's interesting to see how split people are on this.

In Conclusion

To round up our CBD oil review/ Holland & Barret CBD oil review we would like to ask you about your experiences. Feel free to add a comment to the page and have your say about the oils we are reviewing!

Is Holland and Barrett CBD Oil Any Good?


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