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CBD isolate, powders & crystals (can be found in terp sauce) (different to other CBD concentrates) are pure hemp compounds that have been extracted by CO2 extraction alongside other techniques, such as a process called ‘winterisation’, to extract the liquid to create the crystallized forms. The CBD Crystals that remain are pure extracts that contain an extremely high percentage of CBD (even compared to CBD Paste or the Strongest CBD Oil) and can be added to a variety of carrier oils to create your own products.

CBD powder is often used to produce homemade CBD oils (which you can actually do better with a hemp extract which you can purchase for wholesale – you can follow the tutorial of how to create your own CBD oil here).

What makes Isolate, and CBD Powder, different is the texture; the larger CBD Crystals have been crushed into a fine powder. In honesty, we do not rate isolate at all – it is cheap and ineffective compared to the full spectrum counterparts – if you are looking to infuse something with CBD, then we would recommend investing your time and money in a broad or full spectrum concentrate or distillate, rather than an isolate.

To add to this there are a few issues that are affecting isolated products, and that is poor imitations. These days the market is flooded with fake or ‘cut’ isolates that have been found to contain anything from washing powder or to be 100% plastic. Imagine consuming plastic or even worse, selling it to your customers. 

If you want to buy real CBD Isolate with and without strain terpenes (Like Tangerine Dream, the Mimosa strain and Zkittlez) – follow this link to CBD Life.

What is CBD islolate?

Usually, due to their high concentration of CBD in the powder, CBD isolate is a great way to infuse carrier oils with CBD. Although it will not be so effective if your looking to aid something like anxiety. It is a good way to make household oils, cosmetic products or foodstuffs supercharged with CBD. You can mix it into anything from Face Creams, shampoos and conditioners, to Olive Oils or Coconut Oils. With the CBD Crystals/ CBD Powders high concentration it is one of the most popular CBD products to start with or for those that make, and sell, their own products. CBD products made using Isolate may not be suitable for dogs, pets or cats – or humans for that matter. 

Isolate vs Full Spectrum

There is a hot debate: CBD isolate Vs Full spectrum CBD? Which is best, and why? This is actually an easy one. Very briefly, CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids, and is found in the cannabis plant with a range of terpenes, fatty acids and other undiscovered natural active ingredients. 
All of these active compounds work together and produce what is referred to as the entourage effect. This means that full spectrum CBD is significantly more effective than CBD alone. In fact, you need to take 5 times more isolated CBD to get the same effect as a full spectrum product. 
Although full spectrum is better, isolate is cheaper and is good for those who do not want other cannabinoids in their diet. 

How to Use CBD Crystals?


The questions: How to use CBD Crystals is actually easier than you think. Usually, CBD crystals are used to infuse a carrier oil or substance into a CBD product and isolate is a very useful product if you know how to use it. Make sure to choose your carrier oil depending on what you are wanting to use the CBD crystals for – for instance adding CBD to hemp oil is better for consumption than say Rosemary Oil, which is better for hair. 

Add to A Carrier Oil


Here are some basic instructions on how to infused your CBD crystals with a carrier oil:

  • “Place a carrier oil into a large beaker or bowl
  • Boil water in a large pan and place the beaker in the hot water
  • Keep slowly heating the water & stir the oil until it is just below 60 degrees
  • Add your required dosage of CBD powder once oil is just over 60 degrees
  • Keep stirring and monitoring the temperature until crystals/isolate has dissolved
  • Remove beaker carefully from the water and allow to cool before use”

How to Make Vape Juice from CBD Isolate 


  1. Add 8ml Propylene Glycol Liquid into a container.
  2. Then 500mg of CBD
  3. Stir so that they crystals are equally dispersed
  4. Place into bottle.
  5. Wait for CBD to dissolve (this could take a couple of hours)
  6. Add 2ml of Vegetable Glycerine.
  7. Add flavoured vape solution


Keep the isolate away from direct sunlight  in a cool dry place.

CBD Isolate UK