7 of the best CBD gummies you can buy in the UK (2024)

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Published by Harry Blackstone

Updated January 8th, 2024

A common complaint from our readers is that the CBD gummies we recommend simply aren't strong enough (i.e they don't contain enough CBD). With most people consuming anywhere from 10mg to 70mg of CBD per day, and the average CBD gummy containing only around 10mg of CBD, you could potentially be eating up to 7 CBD gummies per day just to hit your daily dose. That is a lot even for someone with a sweet tooth.

But if you really insist on consuming only CBD gummies because you can't stand the taste of other CBD products, then you simply need to choose the best CBD gummies that you can buy. Here is a list of the best CBD gummies you can buy right now in the UK:

CBDiablo 10mg gummies
Orange County CBD (16mg gummies)
ZenBears 20mg gummies
Reakiro 25mg CBD gummies
The Long Leaf Neon Rings
Blessed CBD gummies
Love Hemp Jelly Domes

CBDiablo 10mg gummies

There are other products at 10mg per gummy, but for some reason, the CBDiablo gummies hit differently. Other than being delicious and having a lovely consistency, these gummies are quite potent. You can feel them working after 2 or 3.

We highly rate this brand as they also give money to charity, so they are well worth spending the money on. They are one of the best CBD brands in the UK and that is a fact.

See our review here. 

CBDiablo CBD gummies 2 sizes

Orange County CBD (16mg of CBD per gummy)

Orange County is one of the most popular CBD gummies brands in the UK, and part of what has made the brand so popular is the strength of the gummies. Each of these CBD gummies contains 16mg of CBD, which is quite high. The gummies comes in mixed fruit flavour and we really enjoy the taste of them. Learn more and buy them here - orangecounty-cbd.com

Orange County CBD gummies 200mg

ZenBears (20mg of CBD per gummy bear)

ZenBears are a popular UK-based CBD gummy brand that you'll frequently find listed at the top of 'Best CBD' lists. Their gummies are 100% vegan and pack 20mg of CBD per bear, a pretty great dosage. They're quite expensive but generally with CBD, you get what you pay for.

Zenbears are often noted as one of the best CBD gummies UK.

Check out the product here: https://zenbears.co.uk/


ZenBears CBD gummies

Reakiro 25mg CBD Gummies

Reakiro sell some of the best CBD gummies that you'll put your hands on. Not only are they delicious and have a satisfying texture, each of these gummies contains 25mgs of CBD. Which is a lot for CBD gummies.

As they go, we really rate the gummies from Reakiro and the 25mgs are the strongest on their list. We also highly rate their other products so they are a good brand for a first time or experienced user of CBD.

To find out more about the Reakiro gummies, grab some on Amazon.co.uk

Reakiro Gummies

The Long Leaf Neon Rings (25mg of CBD per Ring)

The Long Leaf sell one of the (best &) strongest CBD Gummies that we found in the UK, and they contain a whopping at 25mg of CBD. The packets that we got from the Longleaf contained 20 CBD Gummies which means this full bag is 500 mg of scenery in total, and it sold for a very reasonable £30. Each company is batch tested and flavoured with mixed fruits.

These are some of our favourite CBD gummies on the market because of their flavour and their potency.

Check out the product here: https://thelongleaf.co.uk/


CBD Gummy bears The Long Leaf

Blessed CBD (25mg per gummy)

The Blessed CBD gummies contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, which is again a pretty nice strength. You could consume 1 or 2 of these gummies per day and be totally sorted. They are made with CBD isolate though, so again no additional plant goodness to be had here. They're available in 1 flavour and are pretty affordable too.

You can buy these gummies on Amazon.

Blessed CBD gummies

Love Hemp CBD jelly domes (10mg per CBD gummy)

Love Hemp is a popular brand which has Anthony Joshua as an ambassador, and although the brand is probably best known for its oils, the CBD gummies from Love Hemp are also excellent. Each of these CBD jelly domes contains 10mg each which is a great dosage. Learn more and buy them here - ocado.com

Love Hemp CBD jelly domes

Hopefully, this guide helps you find some great CBD gummies! Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us to try.

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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