ZenBears CBD Gummies review (Our Honest Thoughts)

ZenBears CBD gummies review

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Updated September 15th, 2021

ZenBears are a CBD gummy company based in the UK. We first heard about these guys after seeing them featured in a "Best CBD gummies" post online, so we decided to check them out.We liked what we saw so decided that they would be worth a review. As always we'll be looking at their:

Who is ZenBears?

What are the ZenBears products like?

What are the third-party reviews like for ZenBears?


So let's get into it:

Who is ZenBears?

There isn't too much information about who is behind the ZenBears brand, but we can see that they are owned by a company called Holistic Wellness. We can also see that the team behind ZenBears care a lot about wellness and mindfulness, as they openly support the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. This is great to see and shows us the team have a genuine passion for what they do.

What are the ZenBears gummies like?

While there plenty of companies who sell CBD gummies (like Blessed CBD), The ZenBears CBD gummy range is nice and simple - you get one size of jar, which contains 30 bears each containing 20mg of CBD. The bears are covered in a CBD distillate, and looking at the lab reports (by the way it's great to see lab reports for a CBD edible), we can see that the gummies contain trace amounts of CBC, CBG and CBN, which means they are broad-spectrum CBD products (containing the plant goodness without the THC). This is awesome because often when we see CBD edibles we have no idea what's in them, so to see lab reports and to see that you're getting small amounts of other cannabinoids aside from CBD is great. You can check the lab reports out for yourself (they are clearly marked on the homepage of the site).

The bears come in a mix of different fruit flavours, and have a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Other noteworthy things to mention about the ZenBears CBD gummies is that they're vegan and they're made in the UK. All great stuff!

If you're interested in buying some ZenBears then as we mentioned, there is only one size of jar available. However, it's at a great price - only £39.95 (slightly cheaper if you subscribe to receive the jar monthly too).

What are the ZenBears third-party reviews like?

ZenBears Trustpilot reviews

ZenBears don't display reviews on their site, but we don't mind this at all as they have a Trustpilot profile. Trustpilot is a great third-party review platform that we recommend all CBD companies sign up for. Currently ZenBears are sitting with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, not a bad score at all. Overall customers seem really happy with the products, as well as the attentive customer service. What's even better is that a member of the ZenBears team has taken the time to reply to most reviews on Trustpilot personally. Overall this is a healthy-looking profile and we recommend you check it out if you want to find out more about ZenBears.

ZenBears CBD gummies review

In Conclusion

ZenBears only have 1 product but that's all they need - they're killing it. We're glad to see a CBD gummy company with lab reports and with a good team behind them. Check these guys out!


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