Strongest CBD gummies (in the UK)

strongest CBD gummies

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Updated June 1st, 2021

We have a popular guide about what we think the best CBD gummies are, where we recommend a few UK-based brands that you can buy CBD gummies from. But a common complaint from our readers is that the gummies we recommend simply aren't strong enough (i.e they don't contain enough CBD). With most people consuming anywhere from 10mg to 70mg of CBD per day, and the average CBD gummy containing only around 10mg of CBD, you could potentially be eating up to 7 CBD gummies per day just to hit your daily dose. That is a lot even for someone with a sweet tooth.

So what is the solution? It's simple really - consume a product other than CBD gummies. Pastes, oils and capsules will almost always have more CBD, and will be better value too.

But if you really insist on consuming only CBD gummies because you can't stand the taste of other CBD products, then you simply need to choose CBD gummies that have a stronger concentration of CBD than average. Here is a list of brands with the strongest CBD gummies you can buy right now:

If you'd like to know what we think are the best CBD gummies in the UK, click the link.

What are the strongest CBD gummies in the UK?

Let's get into it:

ZenBears (20mg of CBD per gummy bear)

ZenBears are a popular UK-based CBD gummy brand that you'll frequently find listed at the top of 'Best CBD' lists. Their gummies are 100% vegan and pack 20mg of CBD per bear, a pretty great dosage. They're quite expensive but generally with CBD, you get what you pay for.


ZenBears CBD gummies

Vibes CBD (25mg of CBD per gummy)

These gummies were listed as having 30mg per gummy in an article on Observer, but sadly they only contain 25mg of CBD - still quite a lot though. We've already got a review of Vibes CBD that you can check out, but we'll just quickly mention that these are CBD isolate. So although strong in terms of CBD, there is no other plant goodness in these that you can benefit from.

Vbes CBD gummies

Blessed CBD (25mg per gummy)

The Blessed CBD gummies contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, which is again a pretty nice strength. You could consume 1 or 2 of these gummies per day and be totally sorted. They are made with CBD isolate though, so again no additional plant goodness to be had here. They're available in 1 flavour and are pretty affordable too.

Blessed CBD gummies

Patch Adam (20 mg per gummy)

Now the main reason we're including the Patch Adam gummies in this guide is because they're listed as being 'full spectrum' (i.e having a full spectrum of cannabinoids and plant goodness). If this is the case then this is great, but sadly we couldn't find a lab report to confirm this. Even still, we think 20mg of CBD per gummy is still a strong dosage, and if they are full spectrum then even better.

Patch Adam CBD gummies

In Conclusion

We don't typically think of CBD gummies as being strong products, but hopefully this guide proves that some brands in the UK are trying and succeeding in creating strong CBD gummies.

This article was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of articles every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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