Reakiro review – we take a look at the CBD oils and the CBD capsules from this brand

Reakiro CBD review

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Updated February 22nd, 2024

We often review companies who are based outside the UK but who ship to the UK, like BioBloom and KannaSwiss, because often these companies are just as great as the ones you'll find anywhere in the UK.

Although the Reakiro team is based in Europe (Poland to be exact), you can buy the brand in Holland & Barrett, Sool, their broad-spectrum brand on Amazon & online. As they are becoming more known we thought that it would be a great idea to expand our review of their products and services. We'll be taking a look at the Reakiro CBD products and third-party reviews to see if they're worth your time. Let's get into the review:

Before even thinking about buying Reakiro, you should check out our list of the Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … or keep reading the review. 

Who is Reakiro?

Reakiro are a CBD company who are based out of Poland but do have quite a large UK presence. The company are one of the biggest producers of CBD in the EU and are rivalling some of the biggest CBD manufacturers from the UK. Reakiro (which translates to 'recovery') are pushing ahead to supply full-spectrum products across the globe using, what they say, is a superior and sophisticated product. There are a number of brands and services under the Reakiro umbrella: from a Golf brand, sports brand and business consultancy. It is a strange mixed bag honestly.

What are the Reakiro products like?

The first thing you'll notice about the Reakiro products is that they're listed as full spectrum - this is fantastic, as we believe that wherever possible you should always go for a full spectrum CBD product. You'll get a small but legal amount of THC along with all of the other plant goodness. Just a quick glance at the Lab reports it is clear that this product has a really nice range of cannabinoids.  While the brand sells a huge array of different kinds of CBD we decided to avoid the flavoured sprays and go for 3 products that we were interested in - the 500mg CBD oil, the 1500mg CBD capsules and the raw hemp extract RxPen. Let's take a look at each of these products individually:


500mg CBD oil by Reakiro

We picked up the 500mg CBD oil from Reakiro from our local Holland & Barrett. The guy behind the counter recommended them as soon as we took a look at the CBD section and clearly they'd been popular as there were only a few of them on the shelves. This CBD oil was in a sale too which was handy.

The 500mg CBD oil is listed as 'full spectrum' on the front of the packaging, which we were really interested to see. Clearly Reakiro has friends in high places because most CBD brands are reluctant to put that terminology on the front of their packaging at the moment. We checked the lab reports for this product and we're happy to report that the product is indeed full spectrum.

As for the product itself, it has the hempy taste that we enjoy and definitely hits the spot. Each drop has 2.5mg of CBD which is a nice dosage.

reakiro 500mg CBD oil
1500mg CBD capsules Reakiro

1500mg CBD capsules by Reakiro

Each capsule within the 1500mg CBD bottle sold by Reakiro contains 50mg. This is quite a hefty dose and most people would only really need one of these a day which makes them very convenient.

We're not typically fans of CBD capsules because we like to consume our CBD sublingually (which is easier with an oil or a paste), but these are pretty good.

Raw Hemp extract RxPen

The RxPen from Reakiro is essentially a CBD paste, but due to legislation changes they've listed the product as a hemp extract.

We definitely like this product and got it at a pretty good price in the sale, but longterm we'd probably rather use one of the brands on our CBD paste page.

RxPen Reakiro hemp extract

The CBD oils from Reakiro look tarry and smell like they should - just like cannabis! What's even better is that Reakiro have lab reports for all of their products, so you can see for yourself how much goodness they contain. The oil uses MCT oil as a carrier, which is a great choice for the absorption of cannabinoids.

We should also give a shoutout to the black branding and packaging which is really cool and well designed.

Overall this is a pretty solid CBD product range from Reakiro, check it out for yourself.

What does Reddit think of Reakiro?

Reakiro on Reddit


We like to check Reddit when reviewing CBD brands like Reakiro because there are loads of users on there who know a lot about CBD. We were surprised to find little conversation about the brand aside from the above screenshot where somebody mentions that they found them in Holland & Barrett. A few Reddit users replied to tell this user that Reakiro are a trusted CBD brand, we expect to see more chatter about them on Reddit in the future.

What are the Reakiro third-party reviews like?

Reakiro collect reviews on their website, within the 'Real Stories' section. If you read this you'll see positive reviews from a number of bloggers and publications, as well as members of the public. We watched a video by one of the reviewers and they seemed blown away by the quality of the Reakiro products.

We have also found the Trustpilot profile which is rammed with Reakiro reviews. Overall, they are glowing with the exception of one or two bad experiences. This is what you expect from any great CBD company.

Overall this is a great collection of reviews!

Reakiro CBD reviews Trustpilot

Is Reakiro CBD oil good?

Overall we'd have to say that Reakiro looks like a good choice if you're looking for a full spectrum CBD product. The products are stocked in Holland and Barrett and they have a good range including a paste.

If you're new to CBD then definitely give Reakiro a shot!

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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