Love Hemp (Our Honest Review)

Love Hemp review

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Updated June 21st, 2021

Love Hemp is a brand that we've featured across our site many times, but have never actually gotten round to conducting a full review of. They're also one of the largest brands in the UK, so it's a surprise that we haven't reviewed them before. They also recently announced Anthony Joshua as a key shareholder, which really piqued our interest. As always we'll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they're worthy of their title as one of the best CBD companies in the UK. Let's get into it:

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Who is Love Hemp?
What are the Love Hemp products like?
What are the Love Hemp reviews like?
Is Love Hemp CBD any good?


In Summary

We don't need to go too much into detail in our Love Hemp Review, because they are potentially one of the most well known brands in the CBD industry.

Who is Love Hemp?

The first thing to mention about Love Hemp is that they have a great 'About' section on their site. There are a bunch of smaller CBD companies in the UK who don't even include any information like this on their site, so it's pretty amazing to see one of the biggest UK brands with lots of background information. The company was founded by 2 people (Tony and Thomas) in 2015, and started in London. In terms of CBD businesses, this is actually pretty early, considering CBD has only really started to become mainstream over the last few years. They spotted a gap in the market and went for it - good on them.

We're really happy to see such a detailed insight into the backstory of Love Hemp on their website, and we think it really adds an important element to this review.

What Love Hemp also include on their about page are their inclusions in certain news publications and other signals of trust. You often find that a lot of these inclusions are either paid for, or the company use a clever turn of phrase- 'CBD has been included in" rather than the brand itself. We had a look at some of the Love Hemp inclusions and while there are a few marketing ones, most of them are genuine and are all of great quality. It shows that they are certainly a trusted brand across a range of publications.

The Love Hemp CBD brand has become so widespread that they have become official partners with the UFC. This could potentially make their brand one of the most well known CBD retailers across the globe. Not only are they dominating the UK market, but they are also overtaking some of the biggest and best in the US. Well done to them!


What are the Love Hemp products like?

Love Hemp are interesting because perhaps their most popular product is their CBD water. This is a fantastic tasting product which we really love. I would often buy 1 bottle a day from Holland and Barrett when I was passing by my local shop in town. Now, to be clear here there is very little CBD in each bottle - only 2mg. So for someone like me who takes CBD very regularly, drinking this water on it's own is unlikely to provide you with too much relief. However, I was drinking this to wash down my oil/paste, and honestly, I think it helped to make those products even more effective. Plus, I loved the taste and at £1 per bottle, it was a better choice than a bottle of Coke.

Aside from the water, you might recognise the Love Hemp CBD oils from the shelves of Holland and Barrett. These are broad-spectrum oils that are great for people who are tested regularly (like athletes). Lab reports are available to view online for each of the oils, and you can get the oils in a few flavours (including peppermint and orange).

Love Hemp also provide everything from Edibles (the Love Hemp CBD Gummies are on our top ten list), CBD cosmetics and some capsules. It seems from the reviews, and our testing, that the quality is perfect, and there is a lot of care taken in the production and branding of this brand. As one of the first CBD companies that started in the UK, Love Hemp have stuck around and retained their popularity for a reason!!

What are the Love Hemp reviews like?

Love Hemp use Trustpilot to collect their CBD reviews, our preferred review platform. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 1500 reviews - easily one of the biggest CBD companies in the UK on Trustpilot (possibly the biggest). Many of the reviewers mention that the products and customer service are fantastic, and what's even greater to see is that members of the Love Hemp team are actually replying to reviews personally. But interestingly there are some more recent reviews that are pretty negative - some people seem less than impressed by the products offered by Love Hemp. But you can see overwhelmingly that Love Hemp are a really popular brand and have a massive following.

Love Hemp Trustpilot reviews

Is Love Hemp CBD any good?

We have to admit, the Love Hemp CBD products are pretty good. They're all lab tested and safe to use, and we love how many products they stock.

We'd recommend giving Love Hemp a shot, especially if you're a newcomer to CBD.

Love Hemp review

In Conclusion

You had probably already heard about Love Hemp before you landed on this Love Hemp review, but hopefully, if you had any doubts about them beforehand those have now been eradicated. They're a great brand and have managed to grow to a level that few other brands can ever hope to reach. Definitely check them out!