CBDiablo Review

Review & CBDiablo Discount Codes | Updated March 2020

Since 2016 CBD has absolutely exploded and the industry is coming up to a 1 billion pound in the UK alone. There are lots of people learning, talking and trying CBD for the first time.

It isn’t only consumers of CBD that are growing – businesses are sprouting up everywhere and new and exciting products are hitting the shelves everywhere we look; so what makes one company better, or more worthy than the other?

Well, CBDiablo is a perfect example of a company that seems to be standing out for all the right reasons (recently featured in The Extract). The company has been built around the negative perceptions of Cannabis/ Hemp and is using them to support people who are suffering from mental health- they are officially supporting CALMzone, a Mental Health charity from the UK.

Before even thinking about buying CBDiablo, you should out our list of the Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried)

In Summary

It is clear that a lot of thought and time has been put into building what is behind the company; from ethos, branding and all-round quality of everything they do. This is one of those companies that give you that warm feeling.

Their 10% Diablo has taken the top spot on our ‘Best CBD oil reviews’ in Scotland & The UK beating competitors such as Hempura, Holland & Barrett, Provacan & Blessed CBD.

Their products are pure, organic, lab tested and affordable and have a great reputation online. Their oils (and now paste) are fairly priced and 20% of their profits is going to CALMzome. 

Don’t take it from us, check out their trustpilot reviews.


As far as products go, CBDiablo’s products are exceptional for their price. These days there is no excuse for a CBD oil not to be organic, natural or lab-tested and CBDiablo make a point of this – the lab tests are clear to see. The products are bottled in the UK and are competitively priced- they stand out among the crowd where their branding is concerned. Clearly, as much time, love and care has gone into the branding and ideas behind the products as has gone into ensuring what is in the bottle is spot on.

What is most interesting thing about these products is the stories and ethos behind them. There are 4 strengths – 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. Each have been given their own identities, symbols and ethos. For instance, the weakest 5% oils has been named Dina who is the angel of learning, the 15% is named after Dian, the Celtic god of healing and vitality and 20% I called Deity for obvious reasons. Their 10% is named after the company itself: Diablo.

We also managed to try the CBD Paste and we love it. It is priced well and has a floral note to it rather than the bitterness that you can get from a paste- it is still fairly bitter. The only issue we have is that the paste comes in a plastic tub, but that is the same for all pastes these days.

Honestly, it blows away the competition in many respects. This has character, identity and there is a meaning behind everything. Well thought out.

CBDiablo have come in slightly below the norm and are actually very fair and competitive- especially for a company giving 20% of their profits to charity. As standard, their entry level 5% CBD oil is £38 and their highest 20% is £92. Their paste is £52 – all of which are fairly middle of the road.

Compared with some of the biggest names in the industry, the 1000mg oil is currently being sold for £58-  Hempura offers 1000mgs for £64 and BlessedCBD for £74.95.

CBDiablo Discount Codes

CBDiablo have a few discount codes that they give to new users, long time users and at random. Here are some of the ones we know.

No guarantee that these codes work as they are changed a lot

  • diablodiablo
  • knowledgeispower
  • cbdbibleuk
  • pelicula19 
  • CBDeity

In Conclusion

Great brand, great products, great ideas and 20% to charity. Should we say anymore?