Wedding Cake Strain

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (20%-22%) | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Limonene, Mycene, Caryophyllene

Wedding Cake Terpene Profile


Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. Also commonly referred to as Pink Cookies, it’s a phenotype of Triangle Mints. Wedding Cake is a particularly popular strain due to it’s high THC content. Unsurprisingly, some people like to purchase it to bring to weddings. Some people describe it a cross between the sour hybrid Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies and was first seeded by Barney’s Farm in the Netherlands.

What is Wedding Cake Strain like?

The flavours you should expect from wedding cake strain would include citrus and pepper, with a herb aftertaste. You should expect a bit of a tingle at the back of your throat (especially if you’re using a pipe / dynavap) due to the strength of the strain, however, it eventually becomes very smooth and will leave a great taste. The citrus definitely comes through for a sour taste, but there is definitely a creaminess there too. Whether it actually tastes like a wedding cake is up for debate but non- the -less, this is a beautiful and enjoyable strain. Mourish and sweet. Although Wedding cake is not quite as fruity as a strain like zkittlez, it is well known for its fruitiness. 

The experience is very heady – it provides a wonderful euphoric rush of giddiness that makes the user more tuned in to your surroundings. The heady rush can cause an intense racing of thoughts – in the right setting this can inspire creativity and excitement. After a while, the strains indica character starts to show and your head high moves into your body. The sleepy heaviness gives you a deep feeling of warmth while still focused on your intensified surroundings. 

In general, the high gives you a level headedness that is not common with other strains. This can create a nice relaxation that isn’t too sedative yet can relieve a whole host of ailments.

Who is the Cannabis strain for?

Wedding cake strain is most useful for those who simply want to unwind after a long day, however, it has been used for medicinal purposes too. If you’re looking for a strain that will help your anxiety or depression, you’ll need to look elsewhere. The reason for this is that Wedding Cake has a very high THC content, testing up to 25% in some cases! When you consume wedding cake strain you should feel relaxed, but you should also feel a boost in your mood.

What does the strain look like?

Big, colourful flowers are what you should immediately recognize when you see Wedding Cake, along with brown/green leaves covered in tiny orange flecks. When you handle Wedding Cake you’ll feel the stickiness, due to the high concentration of trichomes. The citrus flavour will also come through when you smell the buds, however, expect a damp moss-like smell too. In the same way that Wedding Cake will tingle your throat, you should feel a slight tingle in your nostrils when you inhale the smell of the buds.

Is there anything else I should know about Wedding Cake?

As with all strains, there are a few downsides to be aware of. For example, wedding cake strain can often give the user a slightly dry mouth, so keep some water at the ready if you plan to use this strain. Plus, the high THC content makes Wedding Cake unusable for many people who aren’t as seasoned with their cannabis habits. The strong smells and flavors of the buds can actually hurt some people’s throats when inhaled, but you can use a bong to try and reduce the sting.  Also, be prepared to spend a bit more if you want to purchase Wedding Cake strain, as typically it will be quite expensive.

When you consume Wedding Cake, you should notice a very quick impact. The high will start right at the top of your head, and may initially surface as slightly frantic talking or fidgeting. However you should be feeling pretty giddy almost immediately, and as you consume more and get settled into the high you’ll feel a warmth envelop you. This “body high” could eventually leave you feeling stuck to the couch. Keep some snacks handy as it’s likely you’ll soon start to feel hungry.

If you want to get your hands on Wedding Cake, it’s very difficult to buy it from a shop. It’s also difficult to grow it yourself, so if you’re a novice you might want to start with a different strain. If you’re comfortable growing your own then like most hybrid strains it is best suited to an indoor environment at around the 70-degree Fahrenheit range.

CBD Wedding Cake Vape

Although the full THC version of the strain is still illegal in the UK, you can actually find CBD flower and Wedding Cake vape options online to satisfy your craving without the negative side effects of THC. While there are CBD flower options available, most of the time the strains are nothing like you expect and can be poor quality. We would suggest looking into CBD concentrates and vape pens that use the wedding cake terpenes. You get a good dose of CBD and a much cleaner flavour. 

Where to Buy Seeds? 

While this strain is illegal in the UK you can very easily find and buy seeds from a number of popular strains: including wedding cake seeds. There are a few online retailers of seeds who have a great reputation. We must make you aware that it is still a criminal offence to cultivate the seeds, but they do serve as a great investment for the future.