Cherry Pie Strain

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 16-18% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Pinene, Humulene, Linalool.

Cherry Pie Information

More About Cherry Pie

Who doesn’t love a long toke from the Cherry Pie Strain? Especially when you know that it is the love child of Granddaddy Purple and the classic Durban Poison. A match made in cannabis heaven.

While Cherry Pie is well known in its own right, you may not expect that Cherry Pie is also the parent of Birthday Cake and the ultra-heavy weight Wedding Cake. It is safe to say that Cherry Pie has passed its flavourful genes and giggly euphoric high down the line. 

What Does it Look Like? 

To look at the bud (like its Indica Granddaddy) dense with a slight tint of purple. The buds are not quite as round as those of the Granddaddy but they are close enough to know they are related. The green leaves and orange hairs are derived from the Durban Poison lineage which is where you may find Cherry Pie’s district aromas origin.

Flavours & Aroma

The smell of the Cherry pie strain is sweet and slightly sour. It is almost exactly as what you may expect given the strain’s name. The buds are said to smell similar to a freshly basked Cherry pie with a low laying dankness that may be surprising. Much like its Poison heritage, the aroma is funky and sticky which means that it will hang around for a while- the sweetness overhangs the deep earthy spiciness you may come to expect from a classic strain.

Although the Cherry Pie cannabis strain smells sweet, the flavour is much different; you are immediately hit with a skunky, piney flavour which is then followed by an understandably smokey sweet cherry. Imagine is slightly toasted cherry pie- a harsh outer crust which crumbles into a sweeter middle.

Not so bad for a midnight pre-roll!

The Cherry Pie High

Interestingly, Cherry Pie has inherited the best of both worlds – a soft and slow head high with accompanied by an easy body. Given that the strain has been tested between 16% and 18%, it is not quite as potent as its parents. Most users experience a clear-headed rush which comes with an improvement in mood and the potential for the munchies. The body high is relaxing and can reduce the feeling of aches and pains, and aiding those who may suffer from insomnia. The strain isn’t too powerful so can be enjoyed by a newcomer or a hardened stoner; both will enjoy what Cherry Pie has to offer.

Cherry Pie UK & Seeds

Although the famous Cherry Pie strain sounds amazing, sadly it is still illegal to purchase in the UK as it is THC dominant strain. That is not to say that you can’t enjoy the flavours. There are a range of Cherry Pie inspired vapes and CBD flower ranges available that are almost always legal.

You can also buy Cherry Pie seeds in the UK completely legally. It is still an offence to cultivate the seeds so it is best to keep them as a keepsake or heirloom

Cherry Pie Strain UK