Durban Poison

Strain | Sativa

Cannabinoids | THC 15%-25%+) | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Fruity, Herbal, Minty

Durban Posion

It seems that the Durban Poison strain has a long history, which as you may expect, seeded in Southern Africa. Durban Poison is the keystone strain for many popular strains such as Cherry Pie (therefore Wedding Cake) and Girl Scout Cookies.

Don’t let the name put you off though because this strain is a powerful psychoactive experience like no other; worth a try at least once. Cannabis has been cultivated on the African continent for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. It’s popularity grew through nomadic Bantu tribes and migrations, but spread much further during the country’s period of colonial occupation. The drug was already widely known and accepted among the local population.

In the late 1970’s, a bag of African seeds found its’s way to legend Ed Rosenthal, Mel Frank and eventually Sam the Skunkman (all famous cannabis breeders). Who cultivated and refined the genetics of the strains to improve flowering times, resin production and yield. The Durban Poison was born.

To look at, the buds of the Durban Poison strain are quite big compared to others. They are dense but long and tall which is typical of a Sativa and buds in green leaves, and classic orange pistils. The strain is rather unassuming and can quite easily be overlooked as ‘plain-jane’. The high is certainly not. Given the strain’s high THC content you can assume, rightly so, that the buds are sticky (like an OG Kush) and have an aroma described as ‘classically dank’ with a top note of sweet liquorice on the exhale followed by damp tree sap. While it may not sound quite as appealing as Gelato or Blue Dream, the is unexpectedly mourish.

The high hits you hard, quickly with a clear and focused buzz. The stain may feel a little disorientating, to begin with, but if you’re in the right setting then it is easy to find the strain gives you a very active head high. Like many pure Sativa genetics, the strain makes you feel light, energetic and creative so is a perfect strain to wake up to. The user will feel energetic, chatty and focused – perfect for a morning walk listening to an obscure Pink Floyd album. 

Many who use this strain for medical purposes find that they are distracted from depression or anxiety, and feel a sense of mindfulness which locks you into enjoying the moment. The Durban Poison strain can, however, come with some negative side effects which are common with potent Sativa strains. The high may accelerate into a disorientating ‘mindrace’ which can leave the user paranoid, anxious and irritable. It can be a fairly unpleasant experience if you hit this stain to hard, so use with caution. Take it nice and slow, and respect that fact that this strain is a hard beast to control. 

Durban Poison Seeds UK

Interestingly, while the strain itself is illegal currently in the UK, you can purchase seeds from a number of suppliers with a great reputation. It is also a criminal offence to cultivate the seeds, so they should only be purchased to look at on your mantlepiece or keep as an investment for the future.