Blue Dream Strain

Strain | Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC (17%-25%) | CBD (1%) | CBN (1%)

Terpenes | Caryophyllene, Mycene, Pinene

Blue Dream Terpene Profile


Blue Dream Strain Information

The Blue Dream Strain has a massive reputation in the medical cannabis community. It is not only one of the most well known medical and recreational strains in Cannabis Culture, bit its effects make it one of the most sought after. The Blue dream is a sativa based hybrid and is from the west coast of the USA. Blue Dream is a cross between the Blueberry and European Haze strains which is why the Blue Dream is often referred to as the Asure Haze. Its flavours are of sweet berries or grapes which is very typical of popular strains from the west coast of the USA. The name perfectly identifies the experience from the strain but the real meaning and family line has been lost- so many say that Blue dream was invented during a dream.

First, the strain’s huge herbal and fruity aroma tickles your taste buds on a slow exhale. This is then followed by a ‘lucid’ yet full-body relaxation. This is partly why it is so popular as a medical strain as you the benefits are not outweighed by the sleepy, mind-fog that comes with being ‘medicated’. It is said that Blue Dream helps those who suffer from anxiety and pain while ensuring that they have a clear head to be able to function normally. We tried the stain with a Dynavap which may not be the best way to take it if you want to stay lucid. Compared to other strains it is certainly not as dizzy, and you have a nice body glow.

It is a good strain for those who wish to feel the benefits, but not feel high (just when taken in smaller doses).

Much likes its name, the Blue Dream Cannabis strain growns very tall and is a very high yielding flower which are brushy and long. The THC rich version (which is currently illegal in the UK) is covered in the milky layer of THC trichomes. The bug is light green with blue hues and orange hairs. 

Side Effects

The strains have high levels of THC (between 18% – 25%) and very low levels of CBD which means that this strain is particularly potent. You should be aware that there are potential negitive side effects which come with high THC strains- the list of noted effects are as below: 

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoid
  • Anxiety

Blue Dream Seeds UK

While the strain itself is still illegal in the UK, you can find Blue Dream Seeds in the UK fairly easily. The purchase of seeds is completely legal here, however, the cultivation and germination of those seeds is an offence. If you are buying seeds then it may be best to think of them as an investment for the future. They can last for years and can be added to a seedbank collection of rare and popular strains!

Blue Dream Strain UK