The Dynavap ‘M’ Review

Dynavap M review

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Updated March 20th

Long ago, when we first started to write about CBD, we started to try just about every form of CBD there was. At the time, CBD flower was all the rage in vape shops, corner shops and head-shops because it was technically 'legal cannabis'. We had not had too much experience with smoking CBD and to us, we were taking CBD for our health so smoking seemed counterproductive.

This is where the Dynavap came to our attention: one of our friends who was a regular cannabis smoker mentioned that there is a clean, easy to use and discrete way to smoke cannabis. So we head down to the local head shop but they were out of stock - we moved to another - yet again it was out of stock. It was not until we ventured online did we realise that the Dynavap was one of the most in-demand portable dry herb vapes and getting our hands on one took some patience. Why are they so popular we thought, well, we now know.

We have been reminded of our Dynavap love recently and decided to write a little review about the magnificent Dynavap 'M' and share our experience, and give you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your vape!

Who is Dynavap?

Dynavap is a band of designers and engineers (seemingly based in the US) who produce a range of metal vaporisers designed for dry herbs (particularly cannabis/hemp flower). Their offering is pretty small - they only produce three main items at the moment: the Dynavap M, The Omni and the Hydra Von G. What this tells us is that they are so focused on getting their products right that they do not need to have hundreds of options- the three are more than enough.

The M itself is the first of the range and comes with the smallest price tag. It is full steel and comes in a number of parts (which all can be replaced with some custom bling/ alternative pieces). Each year the M changes and improves. We currently have the 2018 and 2019 editions but the 2020 edition is currently in stock and seemingly flying off the shelves. The great thing about the Dynavap products is that they can also be used with other products such as glass bowls, rigs and can be used for a whole load of things!

They are at the top of their game and for sure the top of the metal vapouriser industry.

How the Dynavap Works

The Dynavap is unlike most vapes out there- it requires dry botanicals and a heat source (butane lighter). The idea is not to burn the botanical but vapourise the essential phytochemicals which leave behind the plant matter. It results in a cleaner, more potent, more flavourful and healthier smoking experience. When smoking, you burn and destroy a lot of the essential phytochemicals and inhale a large amount of burned plant matter which can irritate your throat or chest. The idea is to reduce this as much as possible and produce a clear white vapour, rather than a thick harsh smoke.

Our Dynavap M Review (2018 & 2019 editions)

We managed to purchase our Dynavaps online: the 2018 edition and a 2019 edition. At the time, it was the start of the year, so 2019 was just out. The two were similar with slightly different features which are supposed to increase airflow and grip - to be fair, it was much easier to draw through the 2019 than the 2018.

The vape comes in three main parts: a cap, a bowl/chamber and the neck with a small hole just above the mouthpiece. The whole unit itself is fairly heavy and is very robust which is ideal for a portable vape (it also came with a plastic green case but you can purchase glass, and metal ones online). First impressions were great!

A word of warning: if you do not do enough research, you may be a little confused as to how the thing works. There are instructions but we needed to take to youtube to properly understand how to use it, and how to get the most out of it. In fairness, it really helped us to immerse in the product and want to understand it more but we can see how some people may feel a little disappointed when first trying it out. It took us a while to work out how to get a nice, clean vape.

You do have a lot of control so you can play around with getting your techniques to your tastes. We'd recommend getting the starter kit as it comes with everything you need (including a butane lighter). Once you're over the hurdle, your in. And this thing is amazing.

You heat the end of the pen for roughly thirty seconds until you hear a loud click. At this point, you draw in the vapourised cannabinoids, terpenes and other essential chemicals.

The draw was nice and long, and we could really taste the sour diesel of the OG Kush CBD flower we had purchased online (once again, back in the days it was openly sold). Upon breathing out, we got a small bloom of white vapour which disappeared within a couple of seconds. Right away, we could feel a warm calm rush of CBD warmth that you cannot get with a tincture (often known as a CBD high).

Compared to smoking, there is no burn or harsh bitter taste or burny chest. You get the full flavour of the herb, a much cleaner draw and the smell (we feel) is much richer. The hit was way more powerful than smoking which meant that you only needed a tiny amount of CBD flower to feel the calming benefits. We have eaten, drunk (in tea), smoked and rubbed (in a blam) CBD flower, but this is by far the most enjoyable and powerful way to enjoy a herb.

We have owned our Dynovaps for a number of years now and they are still in very good working condition. The cap is now discoloured but it has not warped and works just as well as it did the day we purchased it. Really, really durable and impressive. Even if you lose, or damage any part of the vap, you can purchase a replacement without needing to buy a whole pen again.

Dynavap M open

Tips and tricks for using the Dynavap M

The way we found worked best for us was as follows:

First, fill the champer only 3/4 so that there is some space around for the air to flow. A fine grind may be needed. Do not place the cap all the way down, and make sure that you can see at least a mm of the chamber - this will mean that is more room at the top of the cap for air to flow.

When applying heat - do not apply it so directly or close to the cap. You should hold it just at the end of the flame, pointing at the lower part of the cap, and rotating the pen so the heat is evenly distributed. This will stop any hot-spots forming which may burn the herb or result in the cap clicking too soon. It will take much longer for the cap to click.

Once you hear the first click - move the chamber closer to the heat source and keep rotating. Once you hear the second click continue applying the heat for another 3-5 seconds and stop. Cover the hole with your finger and start to draw in, about 1/4 of a full breath later take your finger off and continue your whole draw.

This should give you a big hit and a big flavourful ploom of white smoke! Give the pen some time to cool before repeating again.


Dynavap M review

In Conclusion

If you're a casual bud enthusiast then the Dynavap M is a great bit of kit to add to your collection. Check it out!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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