Kiki CBD Oil (Our Honest Review) | Kiki Health Review

It is clear to see that Kiki Health are one of the UK’s online well-being power-houses. While they are clearly very, very well known for their general natural supplements, we are more interested in their CBD oils. While Kiki Health is already an established brand, we have found that you cannot rely on a brand name when it comes to quality CBD oil (Holland & Barrett, Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy have all been caught up in a storm about poor quality CBD)

What is really interesting is that the oils seem to have been removed from the Kiki Health website. So we needed to get some from a retailer of the brands. We wonder whether this is a sign of the times, or whether (like many companies) they have struggled to get the products off the ground.

Let us dig into our Kiki CBD oil Review:

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Who is Kiki Health?

Kiki Health are a well-being brand who have been around for quite a while. They mainly specialise in natural supplements and beauty products which underpins the founder’s mission to provide the highest standard of well-being products. This means that the products are carefully selected to be sustainable, contain zero synthetic ingredients, non-GMO ingredients, and contain the active ingredients which make the natural supplements work.

Whether you are into Algae, multivitamins, neurotropic mushrooms or a deep cleanse, then you have found the right place. Kiki health stock a huge range of well-being products that can be purchased from their website or a fleet of reputable retailers.

But let us take about the Kiki CBD oil!

So, what about Kiki Health’s CBD products?

From what we can see, there are a few CBD oil products that Kiki offer: a 5% and a 10% CBD oil produced with Hemp seed oil, a water-soluble product and a ‘Gold’ edition oil that was 25%. We expected to find more, but seeing as though the company have taken the Kiki CBD oil off their website, they are not all in one place.

While we were interested in the Bioactive tincture we have tried this before with another company, and the gold edition was out of stock, so we went for the 10% oil.

As this is an honest review, we need to come clean. We genuinely do not have too much to say about this oil. It was perfectly fine – not the best we have ever tried but one that you will certainly be happy with. The oil itself was very nice: it clearly contains some plant matter which gave the oil a dark colour and a slightly bitter hemp taste. Overall, it is a great oil and clearly sourced with quality in mind. We really liked the oil.

If we are to find something to pick on, while the branding is quite nice it doesn’t stand out. It didn’t give us that feeling of warmth, or comfort that other brands do. We see little scope for brand loyalty, other than the quality of the oil.


What are people saying!?

We scour the internet looking for what people are saying about particular oils. We look for social media threads or for third party review platforms like Trustpilot which tend to give us a better idea and honest reviews. We found lots of reviews about Kiki health in general, but few about the Kiki health CBD oil. We needed to do some digging and found a few reviews on their retailer’s websites. While most of the reviews are positive, there are a few not so great ones (which is expected to be honest).

While most people love the oil, some comment on the taste of the oil and others say it did nothing at all. This is to be expected with CBD oils; they do not taste the best and don’t work for everybody.

In short, the reviews for the Kiki CBD oil are largely very positive.




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