Best CBD Oil Scotland

CBD Oil from Scotland is generally known for its high quality. There are a few big players that are starting to make the market a very exciting landscape for the UK CBD industry.

The Cannabis industry is about to explode and it is really sad to see the hordes of little online shops opening up that are selling global CBD oils from Holland, Israel or the USA (Provican, FX, LoveCBD, Medtarra & Sunstate to mention a few).

We wanted to use all of our experience and put together our list of the best CBD oils from Edinburgh, Glasgow and the middle of nowhere, and put the question to bed.While the ‘best’ CBD oil is subjective, and everybody has a different opinion, this is our list based on Ethos (Do the company have an ethical standpoint or social cause), Customer Feedback and our own personal experiences with the products

You may disagree with us, and that is fine. Feel free to give us your list in the comments or join our forum. So here we go – our top 10 best CBD oils From Scotland.

What Is CBD

If you are new to CBD, let us cover the basics before we continue. CBD is one of 115+ known cannabinoids found in the Cannabis family of plants. It has been associated with a wide range of benefits and has been coined as a revolutionary product for natural health alternatives. Consider CBD as fuel for your Endocannabinoid system that keeps your body in tip top shape. 

The best CBD Oils from Fife, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen & Across Scotland!

1. CBDiablo (Edinburgh)

All Oils are cost effective & donates money to Mental Health

As the best CBD oil in Scotland, the top spot goes to CBDiablo‘s 10% CBD oil,  from Edinburgh. CBDiablo are competing with even the most established CBD companies in Scotland (now even the whole UK) right now and giving them a real run for their money.

Their oils are 100% natural, organic and fully lab-tested and are affordable/ value for money. Whats more, CBDiablo are more than a business, they are giving back by donating 20% of the company’s profits to support CALMzone, a UK based male suicide charity.

The tincture that we have chosen is the 10% full spectrum oil. The product itself is great- it is packed with a complete set of everything that makes the Hemp plant so effective. Although the oil has a strong hempy taste, it is much lighter than other similar products and tastes natural. It is very clearly produced with care and the little bag that you get is cute. The design is great and what is in the bottle is better.

CBDiablo now also have a range of THC free sprays, CBD gummies and capsules that we are yet to try. The company in general is getting really good reviews on Trustpilot


  • Value for money CBD oil from Edinburgh
  • Money goes to supporting mental health
  • Effective, organic, very high quality and potent.
  •  A brand you can trust: published lab-tests & a CTA member


  • Strong Hempy taste that some love, but others hate for the lower oils.
  • The design doesn’t seem to match a ‘well being’ supplement and some may get put off.

2. Loveburgh 420mg CBD Oil (Edinburgh)

420mg CBD, CBDa & CBG Tincture

loveburgh 420mg cbd oil product picture

The Loveburgh 420mg is up there as one of the leading CBD oils from Edinburgh, and most popular brands in Scotland. You can find Loveburgh products in a range of shops right across the UK and no matter where you go the oils have a fantastic reputation

The oil that is a very, very close second is the 420mg CBD, CBDa & CBG tincture. So many people this oil, and to be honest so do we! As effectiveness goes Loveburgh are up there – after taking just a drop of the oil I could really feel the oil getting to work. That rarely happens and I had a cool and happy feeling for the rest of the day. It was magical. There is one reason why this Loveburgh CBD oil is not further up the top of the list, and that is the taste. We have tasted quite a few hemp based oils in our time but this is strong stuff. It tasted like a mixture of burnt toast and a very strong hemp taste.

But, let’s be honest. We are not taking CBD oil in Scotland for the taste, but for effectiveness. A little bit of a bad taste is 100% worth the benefits you get from this product. We strongly strongly recommend the Loveburgh 420mg CBD Oil!


  • Raw, natural and a CBD oil that actually works!
  • Great Value For Money
  • Clearly produced with care in Scotland 
  • CTA Member and brand you can trust


  • Strong Taste
  • The bottle can get a little messy due to the consistency (only if you’re not careful)

3. Hemp Can Help (Edinburgh)

Scotlands First CBD Dedicated not for profit Social Enterprise

Second on the list is from the UK’s first not for profit CBD social enterprise. The HEMP community shop in Edinburgh does some fantastic work in the CBD world. The owner Dan is very, very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of those around him using the benefits of Cannabis. 

Hemp have sourced their own CBD oils from Edinburgh which are fully tested and organic. Dan knows his stuff – so if he has been happy enough to put his name on the oil, you know it must be as good as it gets. Not only that, but the oils comes in at a very competitive price tag and every cent of profit made from this product goes back into building something positive

At the end of the day, sometimes CBD oil is CBD oil no matter what bottle it is in. If you are going to buy a CBD hemp oil, get one with a cause and great people behind it!


  • 100% of profits go into building something positive
  • Fantastic quality oils at a great price
  • Clean and light taste


  • Only 5% & 10% available for this brand 🙁 

4. Hope CBD (Glasgow)

Hope CBD are a major heavyweight in Scotland. They are among the pioneers of CBD in Scotland, and used to call a football stadium their home. They have a fleet of vehicles and can be found a quite a few shops across the UK.  

First impressions is that the branding and look of the box/ bottle is exceptional. Although we are more interested in what is in the bottle, it is worth noting that the bottles look damn beautiful. We didn’t get the ‘wow’ factor that other oils give us, but a very sold oil and perfect for those who would like a light tasting and easy to use oil. 


  • Very light tasting product
  • Nice Branding
  • Good Quality Products


  • Lower concentrations are fairly low CBD content (good for beginners) 
  • Needs a really good shake before use!

5. Cannadonia

Golden 5% CBD Oil

Cannadonia is certainly one of the most popular CBD oils in Scotland, and has a big presence on the west coast of Scotland – particularly thanks to their recent TV advert. The CBD oils that Cannadonia supply have a brilliant brand & design. The 5% has been included on this list simply based on it’s popularity- compared to the other Cannadonia oils, it is this one that pulls in the most sales. We think the popularity is down to the price tag – for its strength it is quite reasonable. It is a perfect middle of the road CBD oil from Scotland. 

The only real gripe we have with this oil is that it is branded as ‘full-spectrum’ yet the lab report on the website suggest that it does not contain THC- and the cannabinoid graph is too hard to see what else is there, and at what level. While the term ‘full-spectrum’ is under debate, we can’t say for sure whether this oil is actually ‘full-spectrum’ or ‘broad-spectrum’. 


  • Great Branding
  • Light Tasting and Easy to Consume
  • Cost Effective


  • Seemingly quite standard. 
  • Maybe not ‘full spectrum’ as advertised.

6. Holistic Highland Hemp

Gold Tincture

Holistic Highland Hemp may seem like a new kid on the block, but the people behind this company have been working in the Scotland CBD industry since the very beginning. This maybe explains the attention to details and high quality of pastes, oils and waxes from this company! 

The Holistic Highland Hemp CBD oil from Scotland is a new one for the company- while they also stock an exceptional raw CBD oil, we have decided to feature their Gold oil as we have already included other raw CBD oils in this listing. From what we hear, Holistic Highland Hemp are good guys and know their stuff when it comes to cannabinoids/ cannabis. Truly, you could certainly do much, much worse. 


  • Organic & Chemical Free Hemp Picked By Hand


  • Strong Taste

7. Flora Fusion (CBD Oil Fife)

Bioactive CBD - The top rated CBD oil from Fife

This is based on an overwhelmingly positive customer response and popularity, its unique effectiveness and our experience with the product. The Bioactive CBD is a water soluble product which can be added to water, tea or veg juices, and while it isn’t technically a oil, it both resembles & feels like one until it is placed into water. 

This CBD oil from Fife contains:  Curcumin, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, CBD, CBC, CBN and CBG. When using the Bioactive CBD I felt notably lighter in my mood and body. I slept better and it was really easy to slip into my daily routine. For 400mg this product is quite expensive for many however, a lot of research has been put into this product and the bioavailability is exceptional – this means that your body absorbs the CBD much more effectively and therefore you get the full CBD benefit

There are two main gripes that we have about this product. Firstly, If you like the Flora Fusion Bio but want to up the dose of CBD, then you will have to find another product… and the fact is you can buy a 5% cbd oil from Fife for less, if not the same price as this one. There are also other companies offering a very similar product with a range of strengths.

Secondly, the cap gets messy really easily and it could easily stain your fingers/ clothes. It is a tiny gripe but we are trying to be balanced in our reviews!


  • Very Effective
  • Very Positive Customer Reviews
  • Easy and pleasurable to consume


  • £40 for 400mg may be quite expensive
  • The Cap always gets messy and you may get orange fingers.
  • Only 400mg – if you are looking for stronger you could get a 5% CBD oil for less, if not the same price.

8. Liv4 CBD (Aberdeen)

CBD Olive Oil from Aberdeen!

Live4 CBD are a brand new company from Aberdeen who are another company who have taken care and consideration when thinking about the impact that their company could have on the world around them. Not only do they give 5% of their company profits to charity, they also have taken great care to ensure their carbon footprint is minimal and their packaging is recyclable. 

The oils that Liv4 are offering are a fantastic range of olive oils that are organic and fully lab tested. 


  • Organic, fully lab tested and effective
  • A nice an smooth tincture that is easy to take


  • Only a range of Olive oils at the moment
  • Strong Taste that some love, but others hate

9. Holistic Hemp Scotland (Glasgow)

Alpine CBD Oil from Glasgow

Holistic Hemp Scotland is well deserving as one of the best Scottish CBD oils and has been included in lots of high profile blogs like the Marijuanabreaks’s Best CBD in the UK. The products which Holistic Hemp Scotland produce are produced using small artisan hemp farms in Europe which are tended by hand. The products are 100% organic and the hemp is grown without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. There are two CBD oils that Holistic Hemp sell, but our favorite of the two is the CBD & CBDa Tincture which includes a full range of cannabinods, terpenes and flavonoids.


  • Light Floral Taste
  • Effective Organic Product Made With Care



Which is your favorite CBD Oil From Scotland?

Which is your favourite CBD oil? Your opinion matters to us – we may have this very wrong, or you may completely agree with us. The floor is open to discussion so feel free to leave a comment with your opinion. Make your own Review and have your say!

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Harry is the primary writer at CBD Bible. He has been writing about CBD for more than 5 years and has had his writing featured on a number of high-profile publications. Find him on Twitter @CBDBibleUK