Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil 10% by CBDiablo

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2 reviews for Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD Oil 10% by CBDiablo

  1. CBDbible

    CBD Bible Top Pick!

  2. Johnny

    Tried the 10% oil from CBDiablo for the first time and am pretty impressed with the effects. I’ve been using CBD oils for a few years now (Provacan) and know what to expect but For a 1000mg cbd oil at this price you can’t go wrong. It’s pretty viscous compared to other brands and you can tell it’s a potent oil just by the look of it. The taste in strong but if you want a good oil that’s what you need to deal with in my opinion, it’s the effects I’m after!! Gave it to my girlfriend who was feeling anxious and within 20 min she was feeling great, also great deep sleep and feeling refreshed. Customer care is 1st class also and answer any queries promptly. In a confusing world of cbd these guys know what there doing

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