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hope cbd review

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Updated September 10th, 2021

Hope CBD is one of the 'old guard' of CBD companies from Scotland - they have been around for quite a while and are a very well established fixture in the CBD world in Scotland. In the very beginning of the Scottish CBD industry- there was the tardis, then came the big guns: Flora Fusion, Cannadonia, Hope CBD & Loveburgh.

We have known about Hope for a fair few years and have only gotten around to trying out some of the most well know CBD products in Scotland. As with all of our reviews we'll be taking a look at:

Who is Hope CBD?

What are the Hope CBD products like?

What are the third-party reviews like for Hope CBD?


Let us get right into it:

Before even thinking about buying Hope CBD, you should check out our list of the Best CBD Oil Products from the UK (<— this is our list of the best we have tried) … or keep reading the review.

Who is Hope CBD?

With their headquarters in the 'Hope Stadium' which is home to Hamilton Football Club. The company's origins start near Glasgow in 2017 when the CBD industry really started taking off.

They became very well known, seemingly very quickly and were one of the first CBD companies to have a TV advert on STV.  Although they claim to have humble beginnings, their office is now in a football stadium, and it seems that now the company have a fleet of vehicles, multiple shops around Scotland and over 470 (and growing) reviews on Trustpilot. Not too bad at all.

We remember the very beginning of 2016 when CBD was being openly sold and seeing Hope CBD as one of the industry leaders, and it seems as though everybody was trying to emulate their success: these days, there is so much more competition so how does Hope CBD compare to some of the newer kids on the block?

In Summary

If you are looking for CBD tea, then Hope CBD is where you need to buy it from. It is fresh, quality and really enjoyable. What we love about Hope CBD is their fresh branding and they do offer a nice wide range of products which actually look great and are certainly of great quality. You will not go wrong by choosing Hope!

The only negative we must mention is that the company's online presence is a little tired. For instance, the lab-reports published on the website are from 2018, the blogposts are particularly random (they are not useful to a customer and weirdly off-topic in places) and our experience of their service wasn't the best.

Overall, we'd like to share the love with Hope CBD, but the company (from the website and social media platforms) really need to shift back into gear.


What are the Hope CBD products like?

For us, the standout products have got to be the CBD teas. They are so immensely popular that they are often out of stock on just about every retailer we can find. The Hope CBD tea is certainly their major success story. The tea comes in two forms: morning and evening teas. The flavour is fresh, sweet and relaxing with just a hint of hemp- the evening teas specifically are wonderful for a relaxing last minute tea before bed.

The only gripe we have is that the bags often split. It was on our 3rd bag (actual big bag of tea bags) that an annoyingly high amount of the bags do not hold up well in your cup. The contents spill out to leave a soggy hempy-mess at the bottom of the cup. There are more than a few reviews which say the same, so I am sure that we are not the only ones who have noticed this. Our experience was a number of years ago so we really hope this problem has been fixed.

Hope CBD tea

The most popular product within the Hope CBD product range is probably their CBD tea. We have been drinking this for quite a while and have to admit that we do really like the taste and finding the aromas relaxing. However, we definitely don't feel the same benefit from this tea as we would from a CBD product such as an oil or paste. There is apparently 20mg of CBD per bag, but we're not so sure about that to be honest. What we will say is that taken in conjunction with other CBD products, this tea certainly seems to amplify the effects. We'd still happily drink this every day but wouldn't rely on this CBD tea from Hope CBD for our daily CBD fix.

Hope CBD tea

Hope CBD oils & capsules

Hope CBD seem to offer a nice range of individually high-quality oils. We have tried something extremely similar to the spray before, so we opted for something we never do: we chose the flavoured oil. In fairness, it tasted minty. Much nicer than hempy CBD. It is fairly low in strength and would be a great place to start for casual users/newcomers to CBD.

The structure of the oil offering seems somewhat confusing. Usually, a company will jump in equal increments but for whatever reason, the range of Hope CBD oils jump around a little bit. From flavoured oils, to a random 2000mg hemp oil to a MCT oil spray. It just makes the decision making for newcomers a little difficult.

We also enjoyed the CBD capsules from Hope CBD, with 10mg of CBD per capsule.


Hope CBD capsule 10mg

What are the third-party reviews like for Hope CBD?

Hope CBD use Trustpilot to collect their reviews, our preferred review platform. They're currently sitting with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from almost 600 reviews. This is a great rating and definitely one of the highest in the UK. Most of the reviews mention the good customer service offered by Hope CBD, as well as the quality of the hemp tea. It would be good to see someone from the Hope CBD team replying to some of the reviews which include questions, but other than that this is a great review profile. This is definitely at odds with the service we have experienced - perhaps 2020 has been a slow year for them.


We don't always include a section about customer service, however, when a CBD company has a live chat option on their website we like to test it out. We messaged the Hope CBD team asking to see the lab reports for their 2000mg RAW CBD oil, which is listed as full spectrum. It's almost 24 hours later and we still haven't heard anything from the Hope CBD team, but if we hear anything we'll update the post.

Their service generally, in our experience, was pretty poor. We even called to ask a couple of questions but they didn't pick up at all; even after the 5th try of calling over an hour. It became a meme where we all took bets on how many times would it take to get to speak to somebody!? That time didn't come. We completely understand that there is almost zero need for phone service in 2020 but when the company phone number is in huge numbers across the website, then we suggest that the phone is answered. Failing the number, we sent an email which didn't get a response either.


Hope CBD trustpilot
hope cbd review

In Conclusion

Hope CBD are hugely popular in Glasgow and across the UK, and as we mentioned their teas are really fantastic. We can't be so sure about the oils and other products until we see more up to date lab reports.

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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