CBD Life UK are a CBD company based in London. They’ve built up a big reputation over the last few months, and we’re seeing their name pop up everywhere. While it seems they are mainly known for their vape oil and vape pen options, they also offer a range of other CBD oils, edibles and concentrates.

We thought it would be a good idea to review CBD Life UK to see if they’re worth the hype. We’ll be taking a look at their products, customer service and reviews to see if they’re worth your time. So let’s get into the review:

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CBD Life UK overview

Highly recommended!

What we know is that the company is a member of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) and seems to be the retail front for an established biotech company. This is very quite reassuring because it means that they are a manufacturer of the CBD they sell – it really shows that they have a lot of heart in what they do.

While the company sit at a lower than average price point, their products stand out as some of the better quality oils, vapes and gummies we have reviewed. We received excellent customer service, a quick deliver with DPD and a really nice experience. If you choose CBD life, then you will not be disappointed.  We particularly love the vape products produced by CBD life – they are our top pick for the best CBD vape pen in the UK. Although their branding may not be as classy as say Synergy Extracts/ High Kind, the prices are more affordable, customer service is much better, you get a cover case with your pen battery and the products themselves are great. We choose CBD life every time.  There is genuine love and care behind CBD life which we really like to see.

What are the CBD Life UK products like?

It seems like the main reason for the success which CBD Life UK have seen is their commitment to quality products. Their oils are extracted using C02 extraction to ensure purity. Interestingly all of their products are all listed as broad-spectrum, which means they are THC free. We don’t mind broad spectrum CBD products and they seem like good ones at that. CBD Life UK have lab reports on their to show the various cannabinoids which their oils contain which is once again a very good sign.

If you compare the CBD life products with their competition, you can feel the difference in terms of customer care. When you buy a pen battery it comes in a nice little cover case with a charging point, and a little space for the cartridge itself. The pen feels solid and the printing is quality. Plus, it has a nice little glowing end which is super cool in the dark.  Compared to other brands that we have tried, the quality is there.  The cartridges come in a range of strain flavour profiles, we tried Blue Dream but you can also choose from Tangerine Dream, Raspberry Cookies, Pineapple Express, Banana Kush (parent of Banana Mac), Super Lemon Haze and Granddaddy Purple. If you’re a dabber then there are also CBD isolate and concentrate options too.  Aside from oils, CBD Life UK also sell capsules, edibles, e-liquids and sprays. The capsules and sprays are listed as full spectrum, which is great to see (plus they’ve got the lab reports to prove the THC content). It looks like the capsules are often on sale, so that could be a great purchase if you’re looking for bang for your buck.

What are the reviews like for CBD Life UK?

CBD Life UK Trustpilot reviews

CBD Life UK use Trustpilot to collect reviews, our preferred platform for this. They currently have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from over 100 reviews. This is a very solid score and gives them the ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot. Many of the reviewers mention the quality of the CBD products, particularly the capsules and the vape pens. It’s great to see that many of the reviews are really well thought out and go into detail about the aspects of the company they found to be good.

In Conclusion

Whenever we see a company selling full spectrum CBD products, we always get a bit excited. But even if you’re not into full spectrum CBD products, CBD Life UK have a great selection of products for you to choose from. Check them out!