Banana Mac Strain

Strain | Hybrid (Indica)

Cannabinoids | THC (22%)

Terpenes | Pinene, Limonene,

Banana Mac Terpene Profile


More about Banana Mac

NB: High THC Cannabis is still illegal in the UK – this page is for informational purposes only. Check out our other strain information pages!

We’re now dipping into a hidden gem territory with the Banana MAC strain. It was surprising that we had not written about this strain earlier. It is an indica dominant Hybrid from a combination of the very, very lovely Banana Kush and MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies). The flavour is so amazing that it one of our favourite vape cartridge flavours. 

What Does Banana Mac Look Like? 

To look at, the buds should be symmetrical, round and coloured in a light lime and dark forest green, with a milky covering of THC trichomes. The bud is a classic indica where the buds are dense, bushy and quite sticky. It is best that you use a grinder to break apart the buds because it can be fairly hard to do so by and, and you get to catch all the goodness at the bottom of the grinder.

Flavours & Aromas

As you my expect from the name, Banana MAC has a strangely fruity and sweet flavour which is very identifiable as Banana, but there are other tropical fruits hiding in the profile. There is a herbal, smooth finish to the aroma which is sweet, minty and earthy. While it is a lesser known strain, and not quite as enjoyable as Banana Kush, the flavour is still great. If you are looking for something with a really nice sweet banana flavour with a flora herbal finish, then the Banana Mac’s parent is where to go. If you like the MAC strain then carry on reading…

The Banana Mac High

The effects of this hybrid are quite complex and you experience something both in body, and mind. The linage of the Banana MAC strain combines the effects of a number of heavy-weight indicas and sativas (Including OG Kush, Afgani and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies).

Much like many Indica Hybrids, the effects from Banana MAC are fairly strong and can be overwhelming for new users. This is a couch-lock that hits hard and fast – within seconds you can feel the strong sedation taking over yet there is a relaxing euphoric head that pokes through the haze. This strain will be great if you are looking for something to set yourself off to sleep.

Although it is illegal to cultivate them, you can buy Banana Mac Seeds very easily online. According to experiences the yield indoors is roughly 600grams while outdoor can be up to 700. The grow time of the plant is between 8 and 9 weeks with a fairly low maintenance grow.

CBD Banana Mac

Until the real deal is legal in the UK, CBD Banana Mac is all we have. There are a few who do provide a range of Banana Mac concentrates and vape cartridges.

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