HighKind/Synergy Extracts- An Honest Review

Synergy Extracts/ High Kind CBD vape

Synergy Extracts (now High Kind) are a CBD oil / CBD concentrates company based in the UK. They have an impressive range of CBD products, with most of them being described as either premium or luxury.

However, despite the claims of Synergy Extracts / High Kind on their website, quite a few users on platforms like Reddit have claimed that Synergy Extracts are not a company to be trusted – so we set out to find out the truth and we’re conducting a full review of Synergy Extracts \ High Kind and all of their products.

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What are their main products?

The main range of products offered by Synergy Extracts would definitely be their CBD vaping range – they sell CBD vape kits (vape pens), refills, and a range of crumbles and sauce/diamonds. They sell your CBD oils too, but for the most part they are best known for their vaping products.

We have tried the products before and after they changed their name, and we use their vape cartridges fairly often. The products are very clearly excellent and we recommend Synergy Extracts / High Kind.

The only real issues are that the cartridges are only 0.5G and they do not last long at all. Also the pen itself is from AVG (which is a good thing) but it seems quite cheap and light. The charger is just like a wire and the battery doesn’t last that long. Compared to other pen kits out there, it is lacking in thought and consistency. It is cool that it has two strength settings to increase, or decrease the vape strength. 

What are the complaints about?

For the most part, the complaints seem to be about the customer service provided by the Synergy Extracts team, with many users on Reddit complaining that they were difficult to contact and the company was more concerned with promotion rather than looking after their existing customers.

A Reddit complaint about Synergy Extracts.

Our belief would be that it’s likely just a few instances where perhaps the customer service has been lacklustre and that for the most part High Kind / Synergy Extracts do a pretty good job with their customers. And of course, like most things on Reddit, there is always 2 sides to each story:

A compliment about Synergy Extracts on Reddit

We reached out to them through the live chat on their website with a pretty straightforward question and found the response to be about 2 minutes before it came through, so that’s very good timing in our opinion – although it was clear that the person we were chatting with wasn’t too familiar with the product range, and was perhaps working for a third party customer service company on behalf of Synergy Extracts:

using the live chat on the Synergy Extracts website.

Again, this is fine and we understand why many CBD companies choose to do this as there can be quite a lot of questions coming in from potential customers. However we always think it’s great when a company answers their own live chat, and if Synergy Extracts did that then maybe they’d have a better reception over on Reddit.

What’s the final verdict for our Synergy Extracts/HighKind Review?

Our final review would be that the products provided by Synergy Extracts are obviously excellent, however, the customer service is obviously lacking in certain areas. So if you’re planning to buy from them, it might be worth doing your own research instead of contacting the company directly if you have questions. Also, if you have any questions about the Synergy Extract products then you can always ask us too as we have used them extensively!


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