Best CBD tea UK - what are the best CBD tea brands to buy from in the UK?

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Updated August 30th, 2021

And relax- it is time for a nice and relaxing warm cup of tea. CBD & Hemp Tea have started to become more and more popular here in the UK, due to their health and well-being benefits. Not only are CBD teas refreshing, sweet and relaxing but they are a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants and cannabinoids.

CBD teas can be a little hit and miss though- often what you may be buying is a hemp flower that is being mis-sold as tea. You may need to be careful not to order what you think is tea, and end up getting a full-blown cannabis bud. If you're not used to the buds then you may get a little bit of a heart attack.

The very best CBD teas in the UK are those that are 100% natural and not sprayed with harmful chemicals or pesticides. They also include some flower, some leaves and seeds. The whole cannabis tea experience!

We'll be covering as much as we can about CBD tea, let's get into it:


How to use CBD tea?
What are the benefits of CBD tea?
Is CBD tea expensive?
Where to buy CBD tea in the UK?

How to use CBD tea?

This is a very easy process- if you have ever used loose leaf hemp tea before, then you do not need to read any further. If you haven't got one at home, it may be worth investing in a loose leaf tea pot or a coffee strainer will do.

Add one or two spoonfuls of the tea into the pot and allow it to sit for at least 2 minutes. This will ensure the best brew time to unleash all of the cleansing nutrients, amino acids, terpenes and cannabinoids. Although this is a small amount of cannabinoids, you do feel great after a cup of this tea.

Ideally, this tea can be consumed as a caffeine-free alternative to breakfast tea, or coffee, during the day; or it is ideal for just before bed! After trying all of the loose leaf teas we think that the Turmeric & Hemp- and Hemp & Herbs are the best!

What are the benefits of CBD tea?

Hemp tea is full of goodness and can be really beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • it's relaxing - having a warm drink after a long day is the perfect way to unwind, and the small amount of CBD found in hemp tea will help to relax you and will stimulate your encdocannabinoid system making you feel great!
  • it's tastier than other CBD products - part of the issue with CBD products is that often they don't taste great! If you're not a fan of the strong taste of oils and pastes, then hemp tea can be a great tasting alternative.
  • It works in tandem with other CBD products (oils and pastes) - CBD works best when consumed alongside a mix of cannabinoids, and because hemp tea contains a good mix it's ideal for consuming alongside your other CBD products. This can help you benefit from the "entourage effect"
  • It helps digestion - warm drinks are excellent for digestion and hemp tea is no exception here, drink it after a meal to settle your stomach

Is CBD tea expensive?

Compared to other CBD products like oils or capsules, CBD tea is expensive. You typically spend more per mg of CBD than with any other CBD product.

If you were looking for a more inexpensive option, you could always make your own CBD tea by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your favourite tea.

Where to buy CBD tea in the UK?

Now onto our recommendations for where to buy CBD tea from in the UK. We've tried a number of brands and rounded up our top 3 picks for you to check out:

Hope CBD tea

Hope CBD tea

We're big fans of the Hope CBD tea, despite the bags being quite fragile (and often falling apart). The taste is good and it is best consumed in the evenings before you head off to bed. You can grab a bag for around £10 so it's quite expensive, but not outrageous. You get around 20 bags and each bag contains about 20mg of CBD.

Hope CBD has potentially the most popular CBD tea that you can buy in the UK, and for once this is down to the quality of the tea. If you want the very best, then Hope CBD is where you need to buy your tea.

Buddha Teas CBD with Green Matcha

Buddha Teas (CBD blends & infusions)

Buddha Teas is a popular brand of tea from the UK, typically producing classic teas like chamomile and peppermint. But recently they added a section to their website which includes a selection of CBD blends and infusions, and we're big fans of this range. Blends include chamomile with CBD, green matcha with CBD and Turmeric & Ginger with CBD (which is the most popular blend in their range based on reviews). Definitely explore the full range for yourself on the Buddha Teas website.

Euphoria Green Tea CBD

Euphoria Green Tea CBD

This is quite a unique CBD hemp tea because it hasn't been blended with anything else, it is simply a CBD tea. It'll cost you £10.95 for 20 bags but you'll only get 2.5mg of CBD per bag.

Buddha Teas CBD with Green Matcha

Doctor Herb hemp tea 

At the time of writing, all of the Doctor Herb hemp CBD teas have been put out of stock. So we're not totally sure if you'll be able to buy these, but we do know that they're a good brand and we might be able to buy them in the future. You get 4.4mg of CBD per serving and it'll cost you £34.95 per jar.

Rokit Pods CBD tea

Rokit CBD tea pods

If you've got a Nespresso machine then you probably normally use it for your CBD coffee pods, but the Rokit CBD tea pods are another great option. Made with matcha green tea, each pod contains 5mg of CBD and is totally THC free. You get 10 pods per pack for only £12.95 which is a pretty great price. Definitely give these a shot!

Equilibrium CBD tea bags

Equilibrium CBD Tea Bags

Equilibrium is a brand we haven't featured too many times on our blog, but they do have a great range of CBD tea bags. The gourmet tea comes in 3 different blends - English Breakfast, Sencha Green Tea and Turmeric and Ginger. Each bag of this tea contains 3.4mg of CBD which is a pretty nice dosage, and a pack containing 12 tea bags will cost you £13.95.

Amma Life CBD tea

Amma Life tea

Amma Life has a popular range of CBD tea, and they've even got a CBD & Mint option. For a box of 20 bags it'll cost you £11 roughly, so still pretty expensive. But what we really like about these is the taste. There are lab reports for these that you can check out too which is useful.

What makes Amma life tea stand out is the taste. The mint tea is naturally caffeine-free and compliments the sweet flavour of the hemp. Very nice!

Karma Coast CBD tea

Karma Coast

Karma Coast are best known for their vapes and oils, but they also have a great range of CBD tea that is well worth checking out. This is a little different from the other recommendations in this list because it is loose tea, so you'll need a teapot and strainer to make it work. But if you have the equipment it is totally worth it! Grab this CBD tea for only £10 for 30g, and enjoy the CBD as well as the terpenes.


Kaashi Wellness - Kashmiri Kawa Tea

Kaasshi Wellness is a luxury spa and wellness consulting brand based in India. They offer a range of services and products, and we're big fans of their Kashmiri Kawa Tea. As a non-CBD alternative to the tea we have mentioned so far in this guide it is ideal - made with spices like saffron, cloves and cinnamon, it can boost immunity and provides a calming sensation.

In Conclusion

CBD tea might not be the most effective way of consuming CBD, but it can be a great addition to any CBD routine. It's great for drinking in the evenings when you want to wind down. Definitely take a look at the brands we've mentioned!

This guide was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of guides every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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