Vitabiotics CBD oil review – The UK’s biggest vitamin company enter the CBD market

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Updated October 28th, 2021

Although we're always seeing new brands entering the CBD market, often we choose not to write a review of them because we know that, frankly, people just won't care. But when we saw a Vitabiotics CBD oil stocked on the Holland & Barrett website, it really made us sit up and take notice.

If you haven't heard of Vitabiotics before then you've probably been living under a rock. They're probably the biggest vitamin brand in the UK, and they're owned by Tej Lelvani, a regular face on the BBC show Dragon's Den. The fact that Vitabiotics are getting into the CBD game is definitely a significant moment and something we're delighted to see, as it will certainly expose even more people to the wonders of CBD.

At the moment Vitabiotics only stock 3 CBD oils and they've created a separate website to sell them, so we'll take a close look at these products and website to give you the lowdown. Let's get into it:

What are the Vitabiotics CBD oils like?

So to start with, we should mention that each of the CBD oils sold by Vitabiotics is an isolate product. This means they only contain CBD and no other plant compounds such as THC or any other cannabinoids. Now, regular readers will probably know that we're typically advocates of full spectrum or broad spectrum products because you get a wider spectrum of cannabinoids and plant goodness (such as terpenes etc.), and that is still definitely the case. However, we do appreciate that isolate CBD oils have their place in the market, and the price of these CBD oils from Vitabiotics does reflect the fact that they don't contain as many phytochemicals as full or broad spectrum CBD products.

At the moment you can choose from 3 different CBD oils on the Vitabiotics CBD website - 500mg, 1000mg and 500mg plus Vitamin D. These are good strengths and pretty standard with how most brands approach their strengths, however one difference here would be that the oils are sold in 30ml bottles. Some people will love this because it makes each drop taste weaker, and some people will dislike this because it means you'll have to take more drops of the oil (vs consuming drops from a 10ml bottle).

Interestingly, each of these CBD oils uses corn oil as the carrier. We're used to seeing the vast majority of brands in the UK using hemp seed oil or MCT, so this is a little bit of a curveball. We're not totally sure why this was chosen as the carrier oil, our instinct is that it gives the product a lighter taste (although this is also true for MCT).

One thing we're really happy to see is that batch numbers and lab tests are really easy to find on the website - there is a handy search bar which shows exactly where to find them (find them on the website here).

Overall we think that this is a good range of isolate CBD oils and for the price not a bad starting point at all.

Vitabiotics CBD oil 500mg

The box of the Vitabiotics 500mg CBD oil

Vitabiotics CBD oil 1000mg

What other Vitabiotics CBD products are there?

Aside from the CBD oil, you can also buy CBD tea from Vitabiotics. It's called Tea+ and you can buy a box of 7 from Holland and Barrett. Each tea bag is flavoured with Rooibos, Apple and Boabab and includes 3mg of bioavailable CBD. They're listed as full spectrum on the back of the pack but we couldn't find any lab reports to confirm this. Still, they taste good and we actually really liked these.

the CBD Tea Plus from Vitabiotics

What are the Vitabiotics CBD reviews like?

At the moment, these oils are so new that there are very few reviews of them. The product page for the Vitabiotics Brains 1000mg CBD oil on the Holland & Barrett currently has no reviews but we expect that to be updated very soon. Interestingly we did find a review for the CBD on the Vitabiotics Trustpilot profile but it was from early 2020 (pictured). We're not sure if this is real or not but we thought we'd include it anyway.

You can also check out the Vitabiotics Trustpilot profile, this includes reviews for all of their products but you can filter it to show reviews only of their CBD oils. Here is the profile -

Vitabiotics CBD oil reviews

In Conclusion - final thoughts

Whenever we see the really big names getting involved in CBD, it actually really excites us. It means more people will be exposed to the wonders of CBD and that means more innovation and better access to products. We're happy to see the Vitabiotics CBD range and we'd say definitely check it out if you're looking for a well-priced isolate oil.

This review was published by the CBD Bible team. We publish hundreds of reviews every month, feel free to explore our website for more reviews and CBD guides.

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