Z Cube Strain

Strain | 60% Indica Hybrid

Cannabinoids | THC 30% | CBD (<1%)

Terpenes | Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene, Linaliool.


It is hard not to get excited about the Z Cube strain. It first came to light in the mainstream as a winner of the ‘best hybrid’ at the High Times 2019 cannabis cup. It joins some really popular heavy-weights such as Tangerine Dream, Zkittlez, Jack Herer & Northern Lights. It is a cross perfect between, the CBDbible favourite, Zkittlez and Eddy Leap OG (a phenotype of OG Kush which is strong with this strain).

Z Cube was one of the strains identified in 2018 during ‘phenohunt’ which is when a whole load of new strains are analysed to assess their benefits and quality. The whole point of a phenohunt is to find the best strains being produced by breeders. It took Caliva a whole year to ensure the strain was consistent enough to be enjoyed by consumers. It was a labour of love, care and dedication. Z Cube is heading for stardom and will surely win more awards along the way.

The strong Indica Hybrid won its fame from the brilliant bursting fruity flavours of berries, rose petals, and sweet grapefruit (from its Zkittlez parent) with a wonderful classic finish of hashish fuel from its OG parentage. The aroma is very pungent when you hold the strain in your hands. Its bright lime green colour and bursting orange hairs do not do the strain’s aroma justice. The buds are also very tightly packed in almost a perfect indica-cone and the thick layer of trichomes ensure the buds are sticky, and as if the leaves are glued together. 

The high is something quite powerful. It is uplifting and relaxing which makes it the perfect hybrid. Combined with the flavours, it is no wonder why this strain is up for becoming one of the most popular strains to come out of California. Keep an eye on Z Cube because you’re about to see a whole lot more about it.

Users are said to expect feeling euphoric, creative and happy while feeling relaxed. Let the feelings of anxiety, depression, pain and lethargy. If you want to get something done, but also want to feel relaxed then this is an ideal strain for you. This is perfect for a party, being social or exercising, as well as staying home to paint, watch a movie or listing to music.